Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cairo is 2!

We celebrated Cairo's birthday last sunday with a Winnie the Pooh themed party.
She loves them though she can't exactly say the characters' names yet cos I've never actually showed her a pooh DVD or book. She fell in love with them after seeing the wall stick-ons at my toilet (her toilet has Strawberry Shortcake ones but alas.... no attraction yet). She refers to them as "Bear Bear (Pooh), Piggie/Chu-chu (Piglet), Taiiiiger (Tigger), Hoarsssss (Eeyore the donkey)" No amount of coaxing will get her to call them by their names, duh!

I ordered some cupcakes from cupcakemomma (super hot cupcake purveyor who has been featured on TV & magazines lots of times, I can understand why cos she is super creative) a month earlier.
It was my first time trying em out actually and luckily the cupcakes were not sweet (my main worry), and when coupled with icing, just nice! Could be a little more moist though....
Now comes the tough part. I decided to DIY the stand myself after seeing the whopping price tags at several stores. I must say that I am sorta proud of the foliage hehehe. It is about the only original idea coming from me at that party.... everything else I sorta derived, innovated, frankensteined, mix n matched from various party websites.

The cupcake toppers (the ones sticking out of the cupcake, be it the characters' heads or a sign) were all hand made by moi a month earlier, while watching TV. I would not recommend any last minute attempts as they are crazy-time consuming!!! Material is cheap - stickers, wrapping paper cut-outs, construction papers, toothpicks, double sided tapes - but like my family pointed out, my time isn't :p
What? A baker mommy mentioned on her blog that "Happiness is Homemade" and that line has stuck in my head ever since. Well I can't bake 80 cupcakes by myself, so I felt that I should at least do SOMETHING.....

The best part about having cupcakes? All the kids were so much more excited at getting to choose what they get! Some even came back for 2nd and 3rd helpings! I ordered 2 sizes - regular 5.5cm diameter & mini 3cm diameter - and the mix were just right for guests who were a) on diet hence only taking a smaller portion or b) would like to have more than one / taste the other flavour (chocolate or vanilla) without feeling too guilty about the calories later :D Best of all... no cutting, easy distribution and every piece reached the guests' hands nicely.

I am lucky that the cupcake lady agreed to cater to my whims and fancies (I must've changed my orders 5 times in all! All via email, of course) and agreed to all sorts of different colours (to represent each character). She didn't even charge me more for that. Come to think of it.... looks sorta like harlequin xmas hor? :p

The kids came from different age groups (between 2 to 7) so it was tough to come up with games. In the end, they did some colouring and balloon fishing (they made the game up themselves... sorta like trying to stick escaped helium balloons from the ceiling using otehr balloons n sticky tapes :s)

I must remember to scan the coloured pieces... I added a short message to the colour pages like "Happy Birthday Cairo! Love, from ______" and it was like a personalised, handmade card from the kids to Cairo! So heart warming....

Friends would remember this from Cairo's earlier days. Her inflatable pool. I decided to fill it up with ice and packet drinks and have the guests "fish" for what they wanted! A real hit with the kids! Especially since it is so much like ice fishing.... good thing an adult is always standing by it... or else it would be like the old Heineken advertisement hehehe.

This is supposed to be the table laden with kid's food. But due to time constraint, I had to scrap some of my more wacky garnishing ideas :(

We love these fried bear stuff.

The star ones too!!!

Other than the finger food, we also had cold chicken pasta (Aunty Cheryl's recipe), fruit n vege salad, jellies, mixed fruit cups for the kids, fried spicy meehoon, curry chicken and braised seafood noodle. I was told that the latter 3 - cooked by my ex-chef of a mom, were the fav of the crowd, but too bad we didnt get a snap of the food. My bad.... I forgot to bring my camera! Whatever pics you're seeing here was taken by Aunty Cheryl (muaks, muaks!!)

Cairo had a wonderful time chasing balloons. I had about 30 of em on the floor for the kids to play with. Not many survived the party though, the older boys were kinda keen on "hunt & destroy". Oh well, so long as they're happy....

Hmm.... I have been teaching Cairo how to sing the Happy Birthday song and blowing the candle for days before the big day. My effort didn't go to waste :D

Now, let me express my heartfelt thanks to the following people:
Daddy - for playing driver throughout the day
Cairo's very pregnant Aunty Karen & Uncle Marcus - for helping to collect the cupcakes from an address nobody knew how to go to..... and for buying the ice :p
Cairo's Aunty Alex & Uncle Jordan - you 2 are the best helium/ normal balloon blower I have ever seen
Grandma Foon - for the help in the kitchen since 9am in the morning (party only started at 1.30pm)
Cairo's Aunty Cheryl - for coming all the way from KL and helping in so many ways to make the party a success: the food prep, deco, photo taking etc etc etc
My Mom, Ah Mi Por Por - for being such a good chef
And last but not least, all my poor relatives who had to help tidy up the hall at the end, hahaha!
Oh, and Cairo loves her gifts too folks.... thanks a bunch! :D

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Meanwhile, a little teaser (yeah, still struggling with my datelines, no time to scrap) ...

Happy Halloween, everybody :D

The best thing about having a Mommy who works in Orchard Road? Lunch time impulsive buys hahahaha! Its considered so cos we don't even celebrate the holiday, hahaha!
Anyway, I chanced upon this at Toys R Us a month ago... (it maybe super common in the west but good halloween costumes cost a hand n a foot in these parts..... well, apparently not anymore! Cute little pumpkin costume - $24.90. Photo opportunity for snappy happy mommy - priceless!

Cairo likes the hat so much she refused to let me take it out :p

Yeah, she sure has grown much in the last two months!
(costume's meant for 3 to 4 year olds :s)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

End of Blog Break!

Wow, we have been gone for more than 2 months... now that's what I call a break :p
During the time which we've stayed away from the blogosphere (yup, not even blog reading, sadly), this is what we've been up to:
  • Acquired enough vocabulary to carry out decent canto conversations with us
  • Discovered her true calling in life: graffiti artist (lucky we've managed to confine her masterpieces on paper now... and even luckier that she picked our one and only blue wall - out of all the other surrounding whites - for her first artistic venture!) She has also developed a habit of scribbling nonsense on her papers and declaring them Bunny! Mew-mew! Fishhhh! Car car! (Delusional or what? :p)
  • Fell in love with Barney (well, better Barner than some never dying dude from Days of Our Lives) and is officially a TV addict now (I'm frowning, yes I am)
  • Gotten her first taste of peer pressure: started to recite jumbled-up alphabets and even counting 1 to 10 (but always without 6 and 7) - well, after all, everyone in Barney knows their ABCs & 123s
  • She's always liked prancing around as though she's doing a ballet recital but now she has graduated to making us - as in sit still and cannot move away - listen to her out of tune kiddy songs as well, and provide the words to fill in her blanks to prevent embarrassment!
  • Recognises images of herself in mirrors, computer monitors, photos etc - even her baby photos - and goes around exclaiming in a loud voice: Neh Cairo! Cute ah!!! (That's Cairo! So cute!) *rolling my eyes*
  • Loves talking on the phone - whether there is anyone on the other line or not is never a matter worthy of her concern - but only on cell phones and never the dummy ones!
  • Shadows Mommy EVERYWHERE whenever Mommy is home - Mommy 1 Grandma 0, hah! - and will display sudden affection towards Daddy only when he is opening the main door and holding his car keys - Mommy 1 Daddy out of the game!!! LOL


  • Has started nite class for 2 months now and is busy preparing for assignment projects and exam in Dec :(
  • Rushing to complete a photobook, a present to someone special (see below for reason of said rush & dateline)
  • Preparing for a certain little one's 2nd Birthday Party :p

Ok folks, after I submit my photobook softcopy to the printers (hopefully tonight or tomorrow) I will upload more recent photos of Cairo... promise :p

And thanks for coming back to visit me, even after so long :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blog Break

Sorry for the delayed announcement folks. Seems that my home computer will be spending somemore time in ICU :(

Sunday, August 05, 2007

We Got Cairo A Doggie!!!

Every kid must have a dog. I was lucky enough to have had four while growing up. A daschund, a silky terrier, a pug (which died young, from pneumonia) and a pengkingese cross chi-huahua. Three of them survived to a ripe old age and has gone on to doggie heaven years ago.

Unfortunately, I can't really get one for Cairo at the moment due to the following reasons:
  • We have a non-dog friendly living arrangement (read: small apartment, with no yard for the dog to run around in)
  • We're tired from having to wash Cairo up after she passes motion, let alone add a dog into the routine (I like my dogs clean, geddit?)!!!
  • The older folks insist in soft but persistent voices that we don't keep any furry pets as it is bad for kids' health (so if - touchwood - anything bad happens to Cairo, the pet buyer will be stoned to death by them)
  • We don't even have time to walk Cairo to the park, let alone the poor dog

Then there are the other questions that I need to consider... What if the dog gets too big? What if it bites Cairo? What if it barks non stop and our neighbours call the police and we can't keep it anymore (welcome to Singapore, folks, where everybody loves to complain)?

Now I am a firm believer that pets are for life.

Worst come to worst, it's still humanely ok to chuck it to your cousin twice removed if you no longer want the pet (and surprisingly he does).

It's NOT to just drive it to some remote forest and leave it, a la Hansel and Gretel! Shame on you if you have done it before!!!

So what to do? And Cairo is too young to have a Tamagotchi pet, darn!

My solution? Ta-dah! Everyone, please meet Cairo's first doggie, whom she christened Woow-Woow, 2 seconds upon laying her eyes on it:

She even insists on bringing it out for walks and to the nearby shopping mall!

Her SGD 12.90 pet sleeps in a corner of my room at night and is awaiting the next dose of helium injection (SGD 2.00 every 5 days) to keep it in it's healthy doggie state.
Actually, The dog is as much for Cairo as it is for the whole family, come to think of it. Everyone took turns to marvel at the dog (and what a brilliant mother I am for getting it, hehehe). And you know what? All good things come to those who wait; I have waited years before I lay my hands on the dog as it was darn expensive back then.

Ahh, bless the Japanese for their cute & quirky inventions *wink*

Additional note on 10th August 2007:
5 days later.
Dog is now flopping in the corner cos I am feeling stingy and wanna drag the days in between injection longer, but I can only tell Cairo that doggie is visiting Grandma's house so many times before she smells a rat. She actually called my bluff the other day when she came in to my room to hunt for her Woow-Woow, and saw its now lifeless body!
Lucky for me, she is still too young to shoot me the accusatory look. Or maybe she's just too happy to have found it to bother to make me feel guilty. Anyway, she proceeded to tell me that Woow-Woow is sick and needs to apply ointment (In her own words: Mommy, Woow-Woow yor yor, char yau ah)! *LOL*
So grudgingly, I have bundled the dog to work this morning and will be reinstating it to 80% of its formal glory after work (there is a shop providing helium refill service nearby my office).
Why 80% you ask. Cos in the past week, Cairo has managed to satisfy her curiosity by peeling out 2 of the dog's feet. Her clumsiness has also ensured that the remaining two were also ripped off when she stepped on them while pulling the dog at the same time.
I am pleased to announce that I have managed to recover all the parts and after nursing it back to health with scotch tape, the dog is on its feet again. There you go, a mother's atonement on behalf of her young. So all you PETA people, leave my daughter out of your hate list, please :p

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cairo's 1st Taste of Japanese Meal

"Mumm-mumm eh?" (translation: where's food?)

Cairo's very own kiddy set meal :D

Must eat faster, or Mommy would finish everything for me :s

We brought Cairo to the new AMK Hub on Saturday. Had Japanese food for dinner. I think the restaurant's name was "Ichiban" or something. The food was decent but the temperature was quite bad. Actually it was just our row of tables near the edge of the restaurant that was freezing. We had no other choice as it was the only table big enough to accommodate 6 adults and a toddler.

After seeing most of our entourage turning to human Popsicle (luckily Cairo had her jacket with her), I called the manager on duty to tell her that if they can't do anything about the central aircon blowing mercilessly on their clients, they should at least offer them some shawls (one Chinese restaurant I went to 2 months ago did just that). Well obviously I wasn't expecting them to run out and buy us some, but at least my suggestion would benefit others in the future... She looked blur. Then said, "Oh, OK, sure. Thanks." Sigh....

As for Cairo's first Japanese meal, her personal censor board actually removed the fish roe sushi, the popcorn, the candy, half of the fried stuff and half of her bowl of udon, hahaha! She's a small eater what! And prior to that, Grandma already fed her some rice and omelette-something (I'd hoped it wasn't Unagi but....) :p

Friday, July 27, 2007

My First Blogging Award!!! *Big Stupid Grin*

Somebody actually thinks I rock! Thank you so much to Lian for passing this badge to me, I love it, I love it!!!

I must record this moment down in black & white, before somebody protests and pesters her to take it back! *clutching virtual badge tighter*

There are so many bloggers out there which I would like to pass this award to, but I guess they have all been nominated by others for at least 2 dozen times each already :p

So, I would like to give the award to only her.

The reason? She writes mushy, public declaration of love to her hubby (who works in Doha while she stays back in Malaysia, sob sob... stay strong girl) and makes them more palatable to others by dressing them up in the form of gorgeous scraps, hahaha!

Says who the romance goes out of the window after one says "I do" eh? And if you wanna learn a thing or two on long distance relationship maintenance, check out her site!

By the way, when is she gonna do some guest scrapping for Cairo, I wonder? *ahem, ahem * :p

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chef In The Making?

For the past one week, I've observed that Cairo has almost played her tea cup set (which I got from the Flea Market at 5 bucks) to death.

Yeah, she liked it so much she was operating a mini "Mamak Stall" from our living room. She would pretend to pour us tea and coffee (served to us in a tray that comes with the set, no less!) and then proceed to drink from the jug herself, hahaha! So cute....

It just so happened that I needed to go to the our neighbourhood kiddy shop after work just now to get Cairo her bottle teat replacements when I spied the cutest value-for-money kitchenette toy set sitting at the top of the self, beckoning to me. How could I resist, right?

I was barely 3 steps into the house when she swarmed all over me, asking me to "Hoi, hoi" (translation: open up) the box! See, I knew she'd like it :p So darn cute to see her pottering about pretending and mimicking grandma. Click, click, snap snap. I got what I needed in the camera.

That was 3 hours ago. Seeing that it's been long enough since I've finished assembling it for her and she was still busy cooking and cutting at the counter, I decided to call it a night at 11pm.

Her reaction when I said in Cantonese,"Cairo, come, enough of cooking already. Mommy read you a bedtime story ok..."? A curt and sharp,"Moi! Go 'way!!" (yeah, despite my policy of canto infusion, she'd still picked up some English, shish!)

So there I have it. Prove that toys could lure kids away from books, regardless of how much they liked it before (she refused to let me go to sleep if I don't read to her).

To put a stop to her playing I tried to carry her kitchenette into my room (yeah, I was that naive) and she ran screaming and crying after me!

When I took away her toy...

So now she's cooking in my room while I gave up and blog instead. I can hear her daddy placing random orders to the new chef and I know that he is reading Harry Potter at the same time.

Needless to say, daddy is too absorbed in the plot to realize that her daughter just said no to reading and the magnitude of my blunder for buying the toy in the first place *horrified look on my face* Oh well, whatever he doesn't know won't hurt him... It would just gnaw at me the whole night instead :(

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Battled to Breast Feed Cairo

I have not done any breast feeding for slightly more than a year now. I stopped giving my milk to Cairo when she turned 7 months old. Now why do I feel the need to write this post?

That's because I've just watched a most touching and inspiring programme on the topic. Information I gleamed from my 20 minutes' exposure:

  • formula companies are legally bound not to advertise milk powder for newborns to 6 months old babies in the 100+ countries which signed some agreement in the 80s.
  • thereafter, some milk powder companies have resorted to misinforming and scaring parents that it is not healthy to breastfeed without supplementing with formula beyond the 6 months' term.
  • although breast feeding is getting popular, majority of the mothers are not getting tangible encouragement to breast feed their babies beyond the first 6 months and would even get rude remarks if they happen to be breast feeding their 2 year olds!
  • the rampant problem of health care officials consorting with milk powder companies (for personal gain, what else?) to brainwash new parents to accept milk powder instead of promoting the benefits of breast milk and the continuous feeding beyond 6 months.
  • breast feeding campaign pales in comparison to advertisement campaigns by milk powder companies as about half the cost of the formula actually went into advertising!
  • the Philippines' health care ministry, which proposed the 6 months no-ads law to be extended to 2 years, is being sued by the big boys from the west, for trying to limit freedom of trade.
  • some breast feeding mothers in the Philippines took to the streets and bared their breasts (painted over with slogans and graphics) to fight back!

Now, I have not the guts of these ladies, but I did my fair share when it comes to acts of defiance to fight for what I believe is the right of my baby. I know that a lot of breast feeding mothers have been discriminated at work to some extend and have been keeping mum about it. That is why I must tell you my story now. I hope to inspire fellow victims to fight back so that more babies would get mother's milk longer....

I was working in a small company then. When I came back from my maternity leave 5 weeks earlier than the 12 weeks (which was my entitlement according to the new law), I got the permission of my 2nd boss and started to use the smaller meeting room (which consisted of a desk and 3 chairs) to pump milk during my one hour long lunch time at noon and at 5 pm before I go home.

I knew that my big boss was a calculative person and didn't want to push my luck by doing it during my working hours, even though I had to endure slight engorgement sometimes.

All was well until several weeks later, in a not so subtle act to stop me from breast feeding beyond my maternity leave (which I happened to cut short on his demand!!!), the big boss decided to lock up the room whenever we had no meetings to conduct.

My brain immediately ran through all alternatives.
  • Pumping in the toilet was out of the question as we had only one unisex toilet which fits one at a time.
  • There was no door in our rat infested store room which I am sure housed drawings and smaller construction instruments older than me.
  • I could beg my next door neighbours for help since they have got 2 toilets but..... nah!

Knowing that I had no other choice, I went to plead my case with the person tasked to hold the key instead. A more power-obsessed, boot-licking, obnoxious HR cum Accounts Clerk cum Spy for the Boss, I have never seen. As expected, she turned me down (almost gleefully) and told me that if I wanted to give my kid the best start in life by providing mother's milk, I should have stayed at home as a full time mother instead. And oh, please don't mind her for saying that, as she was only repeating the big boss' words.

That was my big boss, dear readers. Father of 3 grown children, one of which actually gave birth to his grandchild a year before me and did breast feeding too! Did I mention that she worked full time?

I am not a goverment-bashing person and I believe that Singapore is already a very lovely country to live in. They even went as far as paying us to procreate for the country! But hey, where were they when I had to live in fear of losing my job while pregnant (cos who'd wanna employ a pregnant woman?) and where were they when my boss told me that mothers have got no right to work?

Never mind.... I've fought my own battles since young and I am well equipped.


I immediately bought myself a breast feeding aid after work that day. Imagine a half poncho kind of contraption. It velcroed at one side of my neck like a bib and has a thin, perforated section on top which is big enough for me to peer in to see what I was doing. With this, I braved myself to start pumping away in my partition-less seat, the side of which happened to be facing the main glass door of our tiny open-planned-concept-office.

My big boss, not knowing what I was doing at first, walked over to discuss work, even though it was lunch time. Upon discovering that I was actually pumping right there in the open and as we talked, he hastily wrapped up the discussion and retreated back to his room. That very same day, the spare room was unlocked again.

I WON!!!!

Sigh, that was only one of the many unpleasant encounters I faced throughout my pregnancy and even after I gave birth (more to be detailed in another post, some other time).

I decided that I no longer wanted to play games with the management anymore. Even though I won most of the time, my methods left me tired, grudging, and distracted from work. I had to be on my toes and be equally, if not more scheming than the management, a trait which I felt had somewhat tainted the pure bliss and happiness which comes with every new baby.

I moved on to a much bigger and way more civilized company not long after that.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Finally...

I woke up an hour earlier than usual. This is the day I have been waiting for since I pre-ordered my book sometime ago. I only hope that it would go according to plan. I cursed myself for choosing last Saturday as my off-day instead of today! Regret comes to late, I guess... sigh...

The Q in front of me, outside the bookstore at 6.55am in the morning

When I reached the bookstore, I was thrilled to discover that I was no 7 in line for the collection of my Harry Potter 7, what a coincidence, hahaha!

Great, no big mob which camped overnight for it, phew! "That means, it would just be a matter of minutes after the shop opens at 7am sharp before I could start reading!!!" was what I said to myself.

And read was what I did!

In the train, while I walk on the pavement (I lifted up my eyes briefly enough to check out the group of students outside borders - no doubt studying at international schools - wearing robes, hogwart ties, and witch pointy hats), while I ate my McDonald's big breakfast set, and even while I grudgingly take the lift up to my office and finally put the book back into it's orangy paper bag before I started work at 8.30am.

I felt like I was being "cruciated" as the book was so near yet it was a full 4 hours away before I could officially lift up the cover again.

My Harry Potter Book 7, finally!!!

Ah.... finally, my book and I will never be separated again til I reach the last page! Not!

Due to the fact that I had to work half day, bumped into an ex colleague on the train on the way home, mother in law dropped by unannounced again AND that I had to play host to a good friend from KL (again :D) which means we chatted on and on while playing with Cairo, I only managed to finish the book very late into the nite (2am plus actually).

I must admit that I am pleased with the ending as after all, it is a children's book! OK, no more spoilers :p

Thursday, July 19, 2007

She Said That In The Bath

I just got home from work when I spied the following through the semi opened bathroom door:

Grandma was preparing the bath water while Cairo tried to squeeze toothpaste onto her brush (albeit not very successfully). Grandma tried to help but Cairo screamed at her, "Chi kei, chi kei ahhhHHH!" (translation: do it by own self) so Grandma let her be. The "ahhhh" part could've rivaled that of any soprano opera singer's, I swear! After several attempts, Cairo finally got what she wanted out of the tube and proceeded to brush her teeth, unaided and "undisturbed".

~ My feisty little Chilli Padi likes to be independent eh? I must try to nib the screaming in the bud though.... can't stand kids doing that....

Grandma was undressing Cairo and the little one actually said, "Chui Sam/chui foo" (translation: remove the shirt / pants) while Grandma was removing said garments

~ Grandma has a very good habit of running a commentary of what she is doing or about to do to Cairo, so I guessed that's how Cairo picked up her words. *grinning*

Grandma asked Cairo to step into her mini bathtub after undressing her. Cairo climbed in gingerly then shouted dramatically, "Yit ah, yit ah!" (translation: too hot ah, too hot ah!) before hopping out!

~ My small fry can express that?! Wow! I found out later from a somewhat smug looking Grandma that HER Cairo has been trained to bathe in water much cooler than what her "lousy , sickly, youngster parents" are used to! O....kay.... good... for.... her....

After insisting that Grandma add more cold water to her bathtub, Cairo climbed in again. This time round she bossily asked for "Fan gan eh?" (translation: soap, soap?)

~ She actually noted that Grandma hadn't added the bath gel into the tub and reminded her of it!!! Aww.... so observant right?

Grandma sponged Cairo all over while Cairo played a sorta body part guessing game with her. She'd name them while Grandma was sponging her parts..."sai tau, sai min, sai sau, sai geok... sai pet pet, sai pok pok!" (translation: washing hair, washing face, washing hands, washing legs.... washing private parts!)

~ Dear God, why must Grandma teach her to call her private part that la? But so darn farneeee right? Hahaha! So that's what it's gonna be, eh? Pet pet for the back and pok pok for the front! *slap head*

Actually, Grandma saw me standing at the door quite early but decided not to let Cairo know and let me witness for myself what the small one has been up to lately :p

Well, seems that Cairo has picked up quite a lot of words lately though she does hesitate to string them together to form longer sentences. She also tends to say her words in pairs of repetitions....

Her favourite sentence at the moment?

"Mommy eh? Daddy eh?" (translation: where's mommy? where's daddy?) She'll then answer her own question if neither me nor her Daddy shows up in front of her within the next 2 seconds; "Mommy jou gung.... Daddy gui, Daddy oh oi!" (translation: mommy working, daddy tired, daddy sleeping!) all the while nodding her head like she's figured out what's E=MC2 hahaha!

That's cos she's always seeing her Daddy in bed (he can out sleep anyone of us in the family) and I'm always at the computer (Grandma would tell her I'm working, instead of blogging, so she wouldn't disturb me so much) *laugh out loud*

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

PPP: Fantasy Football League

This is a sponsored post.

What exactly is competitive American fantasy football? I have no idea.

This is the info provided by the advertiser, which I gotta admit, did not answer my question, but managed to pique my interests enough to check out their website:

''If you're looking for a place to form a fantasy football team and compete for huge pay-out prizes, look no further than The American Fantasy Football League is an elite, high-class venue in which to showcase your skills for a chance to win huge prizes. Check out the prizes for the 2007 season at''

And check out the prizes I did. Just wanna let you know that even though I am still struggling to understand how we can actually play fantasy football, I do have no problem comprehending that their Championship Playoff Grand Prize is worth a cool $100,000.00!!!

Now let me get back to the rules and regulations again.... or perhaps I should check out the FAQ....

Tag: If I Have A Million...

I usually sit on my tags for a couple of days (or weeks if it's really tough :p) but this one I can do just like that.

The reason? I've been making this list whenever I get worked up and needed some daydreaming to cool down my temper, so I can now rattle it off in under a minute, no further thinking required! Only problem is, I always have $5M worth of stuff in my list.... now I gotta spend time whittling that down, and it sucks big time!

Ok, here's what I'll get or do if I have $1 Million :
  • 65% to build up my portfolio / feed my insurance addiction (strange eh how people who get a windfall usually end up with some weird sickness / accidents in the family and all those money would be poured back into treating the problem, *choi choi* so must buy more insurance to safe guard my mini fortune from dwindling away just like that :p)
  • 15% to buy a modest house in Johor (but must come with kickass security system), for those times when my moms need to feel Malaysian soil under their feet but doesn't wanna travel all the way back to KL, and for Cairo to actually know what a lawn is (no way are we gonna buy landed property in Singapore!!!)
  • 5% for current home's renovation & knick knacks for the family
  • 5% for further education (mine) and cool trips (for Daddy, Me, Cairo & 3 grandmas)
  • 5% money in hand
  • 5% for fixed deposit, all proceeds to be contributed to charity on interim basis, whole chunk to be transfered over when I'm dead.
Actually, I can't even stop working and retire with that amount of money.... not in Singapore anyway.... now it's getting depressing.....

Anyway, let's see what you're gonna do with your million:

1) Jazzmint
2) Cheryl

Can't tag too many people now cos I have several more tags to go hahaha!

Instructions :

**Start Copy**

Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00…………………………………

Requirements: continue above sentences

Tag Mode: 5 blogger
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

What They Do With Their $1 Million
1. SYH will spend for Family.
2. Miche will give to the needy.
3. Montessorimum will keepsake
4. Chin Nee will Spend on Everything

5. Mom of Cairo will spend mostly on Retirement Nest Building

Monday, July 16, 2007

Cairo's Going to Two Schools Next Year!

A most hectic 2 days for Cairo.

We attended a birthday luncheon, a baby full-month party and a birthday dinner, all on Sunday!
Today, which is the day I expected Cairo to recharge a little, turned out to be equally eventful, if not more so for her. Why?

It's a jungle out there, Mommy... I'm scared!

Because the principal from her "school" finally called me up (I was left biting my finger nails for a few days when her assistant wasn't sure if there're anymore vacancies left for NEXT July's intake!!!!)

Yay, there is a vacancy. No, we must come down for registration during working hours only, like today or tomorrow. Right, I'll just cancel my pedicure & facial, no problem. I must sound like a wealthy Tai-Tai to her on the phone. Duh! Like I can ask my new boss for an urgent leave 2 weeks after I start my new job!

Luckily, my mom and mother-in-law (I called her up after I finished panicking) came to my rescue. Together, and with me on the phone doing remote coordination, they helped to extract the proper documentations from my many cabinets at home, and successfully registered Cairo for not just one but 2 playgroups. One to commence in Jan 08 and the other, in July 08.

Why 2 u ask? Cos after finding out the first one is only starting a year away, the grands think Cairo is very pitiable (to only be able to go to school when she turns 30 months old, which is the minimum for the government-run centre). You see, "everyone else" they have heard of has started school at or before 18 months old.

To rid myself of the label "child-education-denier" (like there is even such a phrase), I gave in. Thanks to internet and mobile phones, I managed to direct them to another centre (which I must admit, I have also been eyeing for quite sometime now, and that I do know for a fact they will admit Cairo in a full 6 months earlier). It just so happens that they do have vacancy for D group which starts at the least popular 1 pm. Whatever, beggars can't be choosers! To think that I called in just 3 weeks ago and the registration hasn't even opened yet! Welcome to Kiasu Singapore, folks!

Now I know I'm not supposed to swap Cairo's schools so often. The reason I don't just let her stay there for good (the one which starts class earlier) is because we all think the government-run centre is better (more equipped, cleaner, newer, better staffed, 2 hour lesson instead of 90 minutes etc) and waaaay nearer for grandma to drop off and pick Cairo up after class. It's like 4 minutes' walk away from our lift lobby! Did I mention Cairo would also get to stay there for the next 4.5 years (which is all the way to kindergarten)?

I must go to school. Need to learn to fish for myself!

Anyway, don't worry about the captions. I'm just being my usual dramatic self. According to the grandmas, Cairo loved it at both schools!

Well, she'd better. Her parents and their $400 are already parted (deposits!!!) And we've not even purchased the uniforms, her school bag (very important for school going morale, according to the grands) and stuff (cardigans cos the aircon's super cold, according to the grands, again)!!!

Erm, increment please, boss?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fully Recovered!

Yeah, but only applicable to Cairo.

Anyway, I took this photo last week when Cairo went for her last immunization jab. That was her reaction when I told her that the "Ang-ker Dok-ter" would be giving her some medicine to eat for her mild cough (she calls her cough "cutt-cutt" in cantonese) :p

Know why that pose? Cos I'd pinched her nose a little whenever she refused to open her mouth to take her medicine (not often, but apparently enough to leave an impression on that little mind of hers... shucks!)