Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blog Migration

This is not my first blog but being a first time mommy cum newbie blogger back then, I had my reservations about sharing my little darling's photos and info on the big, scary world of www. So I chose good ol' reliable Multiply. Friends and family were bombarded with invitations to join it before they could view my posts. Very safe. Very selective. Very troublesome!

Let's face it, how many people would actually be bothered to go through all the registration and new site orientation just so they could check out a distant relative's baby's progress on cutting her 9th teeth? That coupled with the fact that some are still not conveniently broad-banded (really, I kid you not, dial-ups are still alive and kicking!), and it got me thinking about migration. My very own website on the other hand..... brings everyone one big step closer to my bragging domain, hahahaha! Since I've eliminated all the signing in and password remembering process, no more excuseses now.....

I also found that parents with kids of the same age group tend to follow similar interest blogs more closely as compared to great-grand aunt twice-removed. Since I have been getting so many great tips from them all these while, I decided to come out into the open and be a REAL blogger and contribute my eccentric opinions to society as my way of saying thanks.

So there you have it, welcome, one and all, to my very own tokkok website. Be warned, however, that this site will contain the following ravings....

I will chronicle and crow about my girl's progress and antics. Boasting rights reserved.

I might bitch about my long working hours and demanding boss. If you're my boss and you happen to be reading this (or any future bitching sessions), please be informed that I blogged them under duress.

And whenever a licensed-to-pigging-out season is ending and I find my already-plus-sized jeans unzippable, I would also write about my diet attempts. The key word here being "attempts" cos it ain't no diet til I have actually stuck to it for more than 3 days and God knows I need more than a dozen false starts to get it right!

So, folks.... once again, welcome.....