Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cairo Says: Babies Have "Wants" Too, You Know?!

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 2nd May, 2006 on Multiply)

Last weekend delivered another small yet eye opening lesson to all the adults in our household.

It started like this. As usual, I woke up very early on Saturday. Slightly before 11am. Should I be ashamed to admit I sleep til way past noon on weekdays? I don't think so. You'd all be doing the same, given half the chance. Anyway, this early baby rooster is ready to catch some fat worms! Oh, what wonderful games or adventure would this long weekend bring, I wondered.

Well, as usual, Grandma Foon (which I always call Mar Mar in Cantonese but alas, in writing its just plain confusing for my dear readers), dropped by (that's why I woke up early hehehe!) and played with me to my little heart's content! One observation: my 3 grandmas are way more energetic compared to Daddy and Mommy. My brilliant conclusion: We are all born useless and only come into our power / energy / force when we are OLD!

Sunday came and went rather uneventfully but I can understand, Daddy having to work and Mommy busy with a new hobby and all (editing my photos, why else do you think I'm so forgiving?), so I persevered. At least I had my 2 Grandmas to practise twirling around my little fingers with.

Then Monday (Labour Day) Or should I say the 'straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back' day came. It was way past noon and everybody was still in rags! Come on! These people obviously needed a nudge. So during my lunch time, I spat out my Heinz's 'carrot-parsnip-dragonmeat-dunnowatelse for all i care' puree and refused my beloved cereal and milk. And still they had no clue! Then I started to wail at the top of my lungs. Added some screams for good measure too. And I refused to nap! Strike! Strike! Strike!

Ah-ha! The grandmas sensed something a miss. Surely these tantrums, so far removed from my usual charming, obedient self, served as a big enough hint?

And then, like music to my ears, I heard Mommy saying ' more HL milk, meat, detergent, oil, (not yet, wait, wait...the list went on for 15 minutes, at least)....quickly dress Cairo up...'
Dress Cairo up. Three magical words. You see, I only get to wear my cute little outfits when we go out!!! Usually, my grandmas would dress me in boy shorts and perforated tees. I hate those, they make me look like a boy. One with absolutely no sense of fashion while we're at it, but we shall save that topic for another day. That's cos they deem my pretty dresses frivolous, not practical and too hot for our weather that is, the spaghetti strapped ones are not practical and the jackets too hot lor :p

Anyway, after the usual whirlwind of packing activities (Grandma: Cairo's jacket and 2 thousand bibs packed already? or Mommy: Cairo's diapers need so many meh? Daddy (20 minutes INTO all that flurry of caos): We're bringing Cairo along ah? and so on...) we reached the main door. I literally DIVED into my stroller / pram. Everybody stopped and stared at me. And they started to hoot with laughter while shaking their heads. Finally it dawned on them that I had been asking to go out! They're a slow bunch but not entirely beyond salvation.

As for me, finally, a breathe of fresh air! Scent of flowers (the lallang's) blooming. Smells of freshly cut grass (somebody must have complained to the town council again). The main rubbish bulkbin being emptied into the rubbish truck. Hehehe....Oh well, I've never been brought up to look through rose-tinted lenses. I know about the smellies and the uglies. And the truck's main purpose is to bring them to rubbish heaven so that we have room to create more rubbish! Makes perfect sense!

Anyway, back to me. Before you pin the label of spoilt brat on me, walk a mile in my shoes (don't worry, they're new, I can't walk yet hehe). I stay in my cot and playpen 6 days a week. All I ask for is a few hours out of the house, where I can see the big fluffy clouds overhead, hear the birdies singing and grab a toy or two hundred. Is that too much to ask for? The neighbour's dog has got more freedom than I do! At least it gets to go out for daily walks and poo on the streets. I have to poo in my own bed. You try that!

And, by the way, if you are the tiniest bit curious as to our destination (not the FINAL one, the Monday outing one, you doink!).... GIANT SUPERMARKET! In SEMBAWANG! A stone's throw away from where we live! Definately worth waiting a whole week for if you ask me! For the uninitiated, this is where I put on my sarcastic smile and roll my eyes. Duh!

Oh well, us babies sure got it tough, man!

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