Monday, February 05, 2007

Cairo Says: Being Threatened

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 24th April, 2006 on Multiply)

Five and a half months into this strange new world (compared to Mommy's womb, where everything made sense) and I have gotten my first REAL THREAT! From none other than Mommy too!!! It started like this, during one of my feeds....

Mommy: Ouch! Pain! Cairo you latched on wrongly....Pain!! Pain!!!... open your mouth big, big! Big, big! Arck!!!!!

Me (thinking): Huh? Mouth too big not pretty, Mommy! Dun want! Anyway, Cairo is not very hungry yet, can play with Mommy. Treat Mommy as Pacifier. Cairo likes.

Mommy: Open mouth big big Cairo. Pain! Pain! (Unlatched, pried open the tiny little mouth, then repeat whole process about 5 times)

Me: (Show Mommy a toothless grin, then continue to suckle.... wrongly)

Mommy: Cairo! You've forgotten how to latch on again ah!? Continue doing this and tonite you get strawberry coloured milk! And I thought I've said good-bye to all that skin peeling and bleeding, arck! Naughty girl!!!!

Me (thinking): Mommy dont disturb me. Its not fun anymore.... I am going to cry....

Mommy Aiks! Injured Mommy and dare to sulk! That's it, 3 more weeks and you can say bye bye to Mommy's milk!! Go drink your soy milk and cow's milk! Daddy make formula for her! (Proceeded to dump Cairo rather unceremoniously on Daddy's lap). And tell your precious little 'Sakai' what a mean thing she is!

Daddy: Oh...right....ya, erm Cairo good girl (stroking Cairo's head). Mommy changed your diaper already huh? Good Mommy....(All this while Daddy's eyes NEVER left the TV's screen. He carried me with one hand and his free hand went on auto pilot mode to prevent me from snatching his spectacles).

Me (thinking): Daddy's very clever, can multi task!!! And he never scolds Cairo even when I bite bite his fingers....(Proceeded to grin adoringly up at Daddy and laughed gleefully, then gummed his fingers somemore)

At the other end of the sofa, Mommy rolled her eyes and glared at Daddy with her Evil Eye. He had no idea what just happened, hahaha! Daddy, who elevated compromised TV watching into an art form, was of course thoroughly blocking all that mumbo jumbo and negative vibe out, hahaha.

What is compromised TV watching, you ask me? It is the ability to be 200% interested in WHATEVER that is being shown on TV, regardless of its storyline or even language. Daddy said the TV programmes could not suit his timing so he must tailor his interest to suit them . Mommy left specific instructions to EVERYBODY who would listen to please physically drag Daddy out of the house should there be fire, war or any other of those stuff which calls for speedy evacuation and Daddy happens to be right in front of the TV at that time!

Anyway, Mommy proceeded to grumble somemore but to no one in particular (Daddy wasn't listening remember?). Meanwhile, my little stomach started to make grumbling noises too.... time for milk milk again!


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