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Cairo Says: Cairo is 6 Months Old!

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 13th of May, 2006 on Multiply)

Dear folks, I am officially 6 months old on 11th of May 2006. While it is a tad too early for me to publish a memoir (tomorrow however, is no longer too early, hehe. Are you guys from those big publishing houses reading this? :p), I would like to summarize the highlights of my journey so far.

Before that, allow me to brag a little about my coming of age party. Any more bragging than what I'm about to do would be considered distasteful and 6 months old IS an age :p. Mommy bought me six beautiful little baby cakes and sang ‘Happy Halfway-Til-Your-1st Birthday’ to me. Daddy rushed home to take photos with me and Grandmas didn’t have to cook anything special for that day cos Aunt Caster bought duck. Yep, we had duck, one big aloe vera n lime cake (to celebrate Mother’s Day) and 6 small cakes for dinner hehehe! The party was so impromptu that I didn’t even have time to pick an outfit or do my hair. Surely not dolling up the star is a sin, hm-ph! Anyway, me being my usual forgiving self, shall pardon them one more time.

Back to my milestones. I've learnt to roll over so fast now I gave Mommy a fright a week ago when I nearly rolled off her King size bed (which she tried to build into a fortress by using many bolsters, reinforced with pillows) while she left me for 4 seconds to wash her hands (supposedly soaked with the combo of my milk spit and saliva.... pah! Excuses!). Hello people, what did you think my meaty thighs were for if not to kick away bolsters? Art deco? Duh!

And a week before that I was sitting with my back against her tummy. I tipped over, did a semi somersault and landed at the edge of that very same bed again. *Shake head* Grandma nagged at her for more than an hour on both occasions, serves her right

Sad to say, I sort of lost my freedom after that little episode. I am watched like a convict now! Especially more so cos lately I have taken a liking to playing in my little Cairo Island and sitting unsupported, biting all the island's inhabitants (3 butterflies and 3 ladybugs) to death. The tire-like ring around it is the island’s boundary demarcation, not a support for my spine, ok? Sour grapes! They are super vigilant and hawk-eyed (the Grandmas, not the insects)! God forbids should I lose my balance and hit my head on the alphabet mat BELOW the ex-cushioned floor of my island (Daddy punctured the ‘Island’s’ base while pumping in more air so now it’s thin and not cushy anymore, sad sad).

I am also sort of crawling now. I have this trick which I absolutely must perform for everybody! I would lie on my tummy and raise both my hands and hold for as long as possible, ta-dah! At first Mommy and Daddy and the Grandmas would clap hands and proclaim me Clever Girl, every time. A few weeks into that, they have lost some of that zeal. I even heard Mommy whispering to Daddy not to encourage me anymore in-case I 'waste' all my time trying to impress and don't learn to crawl properly instead! Come on, I do know how to crawl. Just because I go backwards does not mean I am not moving from point A to B! Luckily I still have the support of my TRUE fans, my 3 Grandmas

Diet wise, my calories consists of 60% milk (some formula, some Mommy's), 20% cereal and 20% porridge with carrot and meat soup now. I do snack on bread sticks when they THINK I drool excessively & canned baby food (when Grandma’s not free to cook porridge or when Mommy came home after a frenzy baby food shopping spree and she can’t fit everything into the fridge, the latter being the more frequent and usual cause). Canned food, I love pumpkin and sweet corn, but hate fruits juices and carrots! I don’t understand why won’t they try feeding me those same stuff but handmade. The canned ones are absolutely sour and tasteless, yuck!

I don't have any teeth yet so my food has to be cooked with a crock pot and mashed and sieved. Grandmas don’t believe in blender, much to Mommy’s dismay. She is so looking forward to the day when she can just pour everything (including green vegetables) into the blender and make green, gooey and as one blogger Mommy puts it, Goblin Food for her photo collection! Awesome, you rock Mommy! I love you. Now let’s eat those stuff together! Everyday, every meal!

Did I mention that I can exterminate a whole colony of ants with my drool alone? Hehehe… My favourite pastime now is to salivate all over Daddy and Mommy’s bed. That activity however, is only fun when carried out AFTER they have done their weekly bed sheets changing. I love the smell of freshly pressed, clean bed sheets, hehehe. Dunno why they get so upset when I tried adding my own scents by drooling into it…..

To wrap it up, I think my progress to date is not too disappointing. It’s sad that my parents gotta work long hours and sleep like bears in hibernation when they get the chance. But I am grateful that I have many people who dote on me and spend so much time taking care of me, helping me to learn or to just have fun. Thank you. From the bottom of my little heart.

Cairo hopes it was as good for you as it was for me

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