Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cairo Says: Dont Forget To Wear Protection

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 7th May, 2006 on Multiply)

Dear folks, today I would like to share with you all the the importance of EYE protection. It all started with Mommy, of course, as always.

She got me a cool pair of sunglasses last Saturday while we were out celebrating Daddy's Mommy's Day (Happy Grandma's Day, Mar Mar! ) with the Foons. Its fastened by a band round my head which makes it possible for babies likes me to wear them without the danger of the usual spectacles legs poking into our eyes.

You know how singers like to throw their sunglasses into the crowd during concerts? Or how Tom Cruise threw his away at the top of the mountain at the beginning of Mission Impossible 2? (Hei, so I was still an egg then, big deal. I watched it with Mommy, OK?! Now get off my case already!) Well I tried to re-enact that but alas, the band gave my sunnies such a snug fit that I turned my attention to pinching Daddy instead. Trust me, it's way less challenging.

But I do so love it when they put it on for me cos everybody in the streets, on the train and in the malls are just so thrilled to see a baby in sunnies! Cuteness being a prerequisite for the wearer is of course, needless to say.

My admirers come in many categories: They rude ones would just point and exclaim ('Look, baby wearing sunglasses! Ah Kong / Ah Ma / dear dear come n see, quick!) Hello, I'm an exhibitionist, not an exhibit!

Then we have the very 'Ang Moh Pai' ones (that means like the westerners) who would come over for proper, up close admiration . To the handsome fella in the suit and tie (on a Sunday afternoon?!) who kept smiling at me in the train, I'll marry you in 21 years' time. You just wait, ok? Meanwhile, go strike yourself a lottery or two!

And last but not least the typical Kiasu parents who just wanna grab my gorgeous sunnies for their brats :p Forget it! (By the way Mommy, I like that mini skirt on that ang moh baby in Robinsons, go ask her mommy where they got it from!)

We also have sales people asking if its real. Erm, Mommy interpreted that question as 'Is it for show only?' and proceeded to list the importance of proper eye protection while frolicking in the sun. I hate to make my Mommy lose face so I kept quiet and did not point out that I'm the only one in our entourage wearing sunnies hehehe....
Daddy wanted to get me the pink rimmed ones but Mommy vetoed against it. Pink ones are not as easy to match, classy or transferable wor (transfer to whom???).

Actually, I do have a sneaking suspicion that they bought me the sunnies more as a deliberate act to boost my cool factor (it needs boosting meh? ) than for its ray-banning qualities. Now that I have a snow cap and sunglasses, its ok to not have hair hahaha. Next Mommy might just enrol me for a rap or hip hop music class, aiks! Yo, yo, yo dude! Cairo's in da house!

But honestly speaking, the brochure did mention these:

Baby Banz ~ Baby SunglassesBaby Banz sunglasses have a fully adjustable neoprene band that allows the product to grow as your child grows. Fully tested by an independent optometry laboratory to AS1067-2003, Baby Banz can gives you confidence that your child eyes are being fully protected from harsh UV rays.
The baby sunglasses come in 2 sizes:~Baby Banz ~ 0-2 years~Kidz Banz ~ 2-5 yrs
Baby Banz & Kidz Banz ~ 100% protection for your childs eyes.

Moral of the story? End of the day, what's good for me must look good on me too, hahaha!

Or is it the other way round......?

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