Monday, February 12, 2007

Cairo Says: I'm Addicted

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 28th April, 2006 on Multiply)

Dear all, I am proud to announce that I am Daddy’s little girl in every single way .

The proof? Me being labeled as 2nd Generation TV Addict by Mommy, who voiced with much conviction her doubts that this disease is ever curable. Miraculously, all lamentation stopped the minute my Ah Mi Por Por pointed out that Mommy is a partially reformed TV addict herself!

Anyway, let's go back to me. 5 1/2 months old and I have picked up a neat trick even my Daddy, the Original Addict himself could not do (well, I have never seen him do it, so one must make certain assumptions, yes?) I ….am ….able… detect the tiniest little sound coming from the TV within an 8 metre range and instantaniously lock my eyes to the screen. Ta-da!!!

Not so special you may argue. True. But try maintaining eye contact while a Mommy is trying her best to block the view with cushions, magazines and what nots. Doesn’t help that my Grandmas would also try turning me around with all their might, squirm as I may, so that my back’ll face the TV instead. I said try cos they rarely succeed hehehe. I would do the Bollywood (head goes left, and right, and left ....) or tilt my head way back (forming a mini arch) so that once again, me and my wonderful friend the screen would be reunited again!

I love my Daddy best cos when I’m with him, we’d both be stretched out on the long sofa (me on top of his stomach) and remote control in hand, Daddy and I rule all over TV Land, yeah!

At one point, Mommy got so upset with my inclination towards this ‘terrible, future wrecking habit’ (her opinion, not mind), that she up and bought a whole handful (her hand, mine are too small) of EDUCATIONAL VCDs! Slowly but steadily they came, one after another, until they conquered one whole section of our TV shelf!

Mommy quoted from some book (once again to no one in particular, everyone busy watching TV, remember?) that watching TV shows would cause babies to grow up to be hyperactive kids! Video programmes however, are controlled medium and with a proper selection, would even be beneficial in the long run!

From then on, I have her permission and blessing to sit in my little chair, watching TV for 20 to 45 minutes, twice everyday. Not that I am complaining really. I love the one where they feature cool educational toys (which Mommy deem too expensive to buy otherwise). Colourful objects coupled with upbeat classical music, I like.

Mommy came back from a Seminar organized by the good folks at Pediaoptix 2 Saturdays ago and gleefully announced that so long as I remain 2 metres away and don't watch TV continuously, my eyes would be fine. I marvel at my Mommy’s ability to go through brainwashing selectively ie hearing lots but only retaining what she wants to hear, hahaha! Apparently, the docs said “no TV would be best but if you absolutely must……”

I guess it’s a happy ending for this little episode after all; Mommy’s conscience is no longer pricking her now that Cairo is putting the ‘ex idiot box’ to good use, Grandmas get to pick up an extra English word or two everyday and Cairo has a license to view!

The casualty of this revolution is obviously Daddy, the true blue TV Addict. Daddy, you’re still my hero, don’t give up! We can still creep up in the middle of the night and watch B-grade, low budget flicks where the actors’ monster costumes look so fake it makes us laugh! Yay!

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