Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cairo Says: Skip the Greens and Gimme Aircon Instead!

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 15th May, 2006 on Multiply)

Dear people, today Cairo shall write about my very first encounter with the great outdoor. Strangely, any grass or trees or flower which I have seen so far (on the way to shopping centres or Grandma Foon’s house) have been discounted from that category! Mommy said its cos they are ‘man-made’, that they grew from seeds / turfs / saplings transplanted from the nursery.

Personally, I think we should not look down on them just because their Mommy is not Mother Nature but some landscape contractor with the lowest bid. I mean, even the so called legitimate offsprings, the big wild trees, are so often transplanted or trimmed in the park planning and construction phase. These well manicured parks are practically rampant with surgically enhanced specimens (a nip here, a tuck there), with an alien (to the original habitat) smuggled in and sandwiched between two or three locals, duh!

I say we cherish and appreciate what we have! People, whip out your camera today and say cheese standing right next to that nondescript bush downstairs! Have picnics next to your neighbour’s potted aloe vera plant. Inhale deeply the fragrance from that pot of pandan leaves planted by the Malay family, whose house you always walk pass but never took the time to stop by and say hello.

Anyway, back to my encounter with the great nature. My first trip to Sembawang Park last Friday.

The trip itself was rather uneventful. We had breakfast at Mc Donald’s, stuck on a Mozzie Patch each, put on the sunglasses, then adjourned to the park. Due to the fact that we are a family of late wakers, we only managed to reach the park at noon, way past the recommended hour of 10am for babies to be exposed to rays of the sun! Their solution? Let’s just say that many park goers that day saw a weird couple pushing a baby’s pram slowly while they were in the shades, followed by a sudden burst of speed to run to the next shady spot hahaha! No sunscreen lotion for moi, thank you. My delicate skin could not take it!

The short and crowded strip of sand was such a lame excuse for a beach that I was spared the ordeal of having to walk on the dirty sand, under blazing hot sun. Phew!

I had my lunch milk in a hut by the beach, watching skimpily cladded couples play pool while my parents sip cold drinks. Sounds good yah? In truth, the hut was so far in, instead of a beach view it has a sea view of an old liner ferrying containers, the skimpily clad folks were skinny children completely killing the old pool table, and my folks were drinking $1.20 a glass Sprite. There, go imagine what the hut looked like with drinks priced at that range, hehehe.

After that, we dutifully walked round the park, took some more shots of some big old trees to prove that I have indeed been to a park (no, I went to Mars, duh!), and then hopped into a cab to a mall nearby, hahaha. Let’s face it, with my sensitive skin, I thrive in man-made, air-conditioned environment. Gimme a potted orchid plant anytime but schedule the nature outings far and apart, thank you very much!

Ah, something else need mentioning too. I am proud to announce that my Mommy managed to delete all the photos we spent 2 hours taking under said hot and merciless sun. She was on the verge of tears and getting a bit hysterical. Don’t interrupt me, that’s not the proud part I was talking about :p (getting there)

Mommy: Why, why, why must I have such trigger happy fingers?…. Why must you all distract me while I am editing my photos *eyes shooting daggers aimed at all but herself*.

Grandma and Daddy both rolled their eyes and sighed with relieve neither one was vaguely responsible for this catastrophe cos they were miles away from the Study Room computer then hehehe.

Mommy: By the time another holiday comes Cairo would be HUGE already… even if I bring her back and snap at all the same spots, it’s just not the same anymore….sob sob… its all your fault Daddy, you SHOULD have reminded me to save em on the hard disk first BEFORE editing…. You SHOULD have known that I am not in a fit condition to handle such precious data after such a tiring day…. (the tirade when on and on and on…..)

Blame others for that also can ah?

Anyway, voila, (here comes the proud part); she managed to recover some of them with the help of a few ‘undelete’ software she found on the internet! That is, AFTER an hour or so of scolding herself (she ran out of excuses to pin the blame on anyone) and kicking Daddy’s legs and butt (exercise helps to release endorphins which in turn makes one happy). Daddy, on top of being a human punch bag, also managed a few nice but totally unconstructive nor consoling phrases. I guess he was hoping Mommy could vent her frustration through the mini physical abuse session ….which Cairo do not endorse and shall never pick up. Bad Mommy! Bad Mommy! Now Cairo loves Daddy more!

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