Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cairo Says: Naked!

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 29th May, 2006 on Multiply)

Honestly, I have absolutely no idea why my Mommy is so obsessed with taking photos of me in the nude! What is wrong with her anyway?!

She will sneak up on me when I am sleeping, strip me bare and the camera's bulb will start flashing. She will tip toe into the bathroom while I am bonding with my bath buddies (fishy, starfishy, crabby, and octopussy) and start clicking away! I have recurring nightmares of her making me eat my porridge puree in the buff, so that she can add that 'scene' to her collection!

Then again, I do look so adorable in my little birthday suit, don't you think so? Maybe there is justification to her madness after all! :p

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