Monday, March 12, 2007

Cairo Says: Of Birthdays and Toilets

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 15th June, 2006 on Multiply)
Dear all, it was my Mommy's birthday yesterday. She took leave BUT sprained her ankle at work the day before that.

That's the good news. For Cairo.
You see, Mommy and Daddy would have sneaked out to watch Pixar's Cars followed by Silent Hill had she not gotten herself 'grounded'. So you see, Mommy broke a leg, Cairo got lucky, hehehe! Mommy and Daddy spent the whole day at home with me instead!

I got to show off my newly acquired 'walking' skills to many people too. OK, so I was in my playpen, clutching on to the top for dear life while everyone tried to lure me to the other side by clapping their hands, whistling and doing god knows what other antics... but you know me, I'm always sooooo accommodating.

Oh, our house was super happening yesterday too. You see, on top of the family, we had some guys over to prettify our toilet. Let's see, the tiler, the plumbers, the inspectors.... not to mention the waterproofer, and the guys who did the screeding and demolition 2 days earlier. Yep, Mommy got a 'new' toilet for her 28th birthday! For that, we had to wash all the curtains and sofa covers and bed sheets, you name it, they've wiped/ cleaned/ sterilised it! Even the 'Limping One' managed to help out after 'Queening' around for more than half a day. That's cos Ah Ma Por Por finally snapped at her; 'Birthday no need to move a muscle ah?!' hehehe....

Me, I was mostly in my Playpen (cot too near to the toilet under renovation.... hazardous!) or being carried around and adored by my troop of Grandmas aka fans. I hated the dust and noise, but absolutely loooove my new toilet!
(After thought: Oh, Mommy's ankle recovered nicely with no permanent damage to it... So, to all you injured folks out there, get up and start moving furnitures around! Grandma does know best!!!)

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