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Cairo Says: Poetry vs Nursery Rhymes

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 13th Jul, 2006 on Multiply)
Dear all,

Having spent one month's absence from this blog to comtemplate on the important matters in life, I am back with a Bang! What have I been busy on, some of you may ask. Well let's see...mainly i reflected on the meaning of existence and the importance of " and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings, and whether pigs have wings".

Why? You ask. Everybody knows that babies are like the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. No, not the goofy and idiotic part. The high absorbency part! Yep, so what the good folks at home exposed me with, I take and store in my brain for future regurgitation.

Just so happens that of late, Mommy has been reciting poetry to me. Not your ol' Jack n Jill or Humpty Dumpty....oh no, not HER. Her old school's poetry culture would better suit my palate, said dear Mommy, what with me being the 3rd generation BBGS girl and all. Actually, I would've been one save for the mere fact that BBGS is not around anymore (but that's a whole other topic altogether)! So most nites, this annointed torch carrier (me!) gets a dose of Mommy's 'Walrus and the Carpenter' recital, Choral Speaking style! Mommy said she would go easy on me for now....whatever that means!

Naturally, I complied since all I had to do was sit around and pretend to look interested. It is only challenging to do so when Daddy whip out the big book of nursery ryhme with all the cute and colourful pictures in it. That's when Mommy gives him the Evil Eye for luring her customer away, hehehe.

My Daddy knows me well. He knows that I love the picture book most. What he doesn't know however, is that I like it for its high bite-ability quotient! And it is oh so new and cushiony! So glossy the vibrant hue of its coloured contents, pages after thick pages, perfect for my pudgy little fingers to turn. Trust me, no one in his right (or left :p) mind would wanna bite Mommy's dinasaur 'Junior Anthropology Book of Poems', yuck!

Moral of the story? The parents, they think they know us, and with luck, they do stumble on the answers from time to time but for all the wrong reasons *shake head*......

NOTE FROM MOMMY (In hereafter, 'I' would refer to Mommy, not me, ok!):

Honestly speaking, why would I wanna sing the traditional rhymes to my Baby? Pay attention to the words and you'll discover that you are foolishly exposing and brainwashing the leaders of our future to negative elements:
"Rock a bye Baby" = when the bough breaks, what happens next? the baby crashes from the tree to the ground and........

"Hush Little Baby don't you cry....Mommy will buy you a diamond ring..." = cry and we will shower you with gifts! Each one more exciting and expensive than the other!
"Old woman who lives in a shoe" = she whacks her kids and send them to bed w/o food.... hello people, are you telling the kids that child abuse is all right?
"Three blind mice" = not only are we laughing at others' misfortune (the blindness), we are encouraging animal cruelty (the farmer's wife cuts off the mice' tails!)?
I guess you guys see what i mean....

On the other hand, Walrus and The Carpenter, by Lewis Carroll (for the not so avid readers, HE wrote Alice In Wonderland, duh!) happens to be a highly suitable piece for babies, toddlers and naive adults. It teaches us the following:

Go anywhere without a trusted, loved one and you'd get eaten. Those that appears to care will eat us up all the more faster, while shedding huge crocodile tears! :p

Next I will teach Cairo the poem 'Matilda'. It is about a naughty girl who keeps crying wolf to the fire brigade and end up as charcoal one day. Now that's what I call educational. With a touch of class :p

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