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Sunday, April 22, 2007

My First Tag

I think its a little nonsensical that I am responding to a TAG on my second "fresh" post (as opposed to all my other second hand, migrated posts), but nonetheless, the fella who tagged me (yeah, you, Cheryl!) meant well.... so here goes, an introduction about myself:

Layer 1: On the outside
- you all may call me Cairo's Mom, thank you very much
Date of Birth:
- 14th of June, year of the Horsie
Eye colour:
- Brown (regrettably, no angmoh ancestors in the family tree, hence gotta waste money on coloured lenses when i feel like being "hiau")
Hair colour:
- Naturally black / brownish but am a bottle-aubergine now
Righty or Leftie:
- Righty, my babysitter would beat the life out of me if I so much as dared to poke a pencil with my left hand, get it?!

Layer 2: On the inside
Your Heritage:
- Chinese Cantonese, and not your average banana cos my canto rocks, baby!
- got mushed by a falling brick pallet / bag of cement / excavator (paranoid I know but I bet they're from all those scary safety orientation courses they made me attend)
Your Weakness:
- Not quite tough enough on them baddies when I am not in my MADDDD mode
Your Perfect Pizza:
- cheeeeese.... everything else just makes it complicated.

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first thing when you wake up:
- Why can't I get a 9 to 5 job (I gotta reach office by 8 now) and why must I work so darn far from home every project (1 hour of travelling time)?
Your bedtime:
- erm.... no later than midnite. If I can leave my office by 10pm. And if my nocturnal creature of a baby is not demanding to play. And if my hubby doesn't decide on a little tete-a-tete on Friday nites (cos HE doesn't have to work on saturdays but I do!) oh.... almost forgot, and if I'm not blogging, hehehe
Your most missed moment:
- mamak sessions with the girls back when everyone was in THE SAME country

Layer 4: Your pick
Pepsi or Coke:
- Pepsi Max
McD or BK:
- BK, duh!
Single or Group dates:
- Single. Hello, if it's a group, it's not dating, its an outing oredi!
Adidas or Nike:
- Nike. Always.
Tea or nestea:
- Milo can ah?
Chocolate or Vanilla:
- Chocolate. More chocholate. Most chocolate!!!
Cappucino or coffee:
- Did I also mention that my babysitter smacks me whenever a coffee cup is within 3 metres of my reach? Now that I'm all grown up, I force myself a cup of mocha or so, but only if they're ice blended n preferably paid by others hahaha

Layer 5: Do you
- never
- only when my subcons act real stoopid but always in classy Shakespearean english, thank you very much
Take a shower:
- Erm, I work in a construction environment... can you imagine me not bathing at least 2 times a day?
Have a crush:
- Yes... I like to think of my hubby as my crush still...
Think that you’ve been in love:
- Yes and still very much in love ..... with my family
Go to school:
- Toying with the idea of starting in Dec...
Want to get married:
- Redundant question. Already married
Believe in yourself:
- Depends.... when it comes to work, always. Other matters... can be persuaded to try alternative ideas offered
Think you’re a health freak:
- Hahahaha, if only!

Layer Six: In the past month
Drank alcohol:
- Yes, but preferably foc ones please
Gone to the mall:
- Another stooopid question. Hello, even mountain side settlements have got malls now, how can I not have been in one for a month?!
Been on stage:
- Yeah, building one
Eaten sushi:
- Just this afternoon hehe
Dyed your hair:
- Not required yet

Layer Seven: Have you ever
Played a stripping game:
- Whatever for?
Changed who you were to fit in:
- Yeah and not ashamed of it one bit. We live in a society where everyone has a set mentality of "rights" and "wrongs"... even the most hardened of non-conformists would have to bend a little at times...

Layer Eight: Age
You are hoping to be married:
- isn't every girl secretly hoping to marry just before they turn 30? Anything below is unchic (that would be me, I guess, hahaha) and anything above would invite too many brainless, repetitive questions from well meaning but gossipy relatives & friends

Layer Nine: In a Guy
Best Eye Colour:
- duh, wasn't thinking of marrying "ang moh" so have to be brown la!
Hair Colour:
- so long as not more eye-cathing or more colours than my hair, I am fine with it
Short Hair or Long Hair:
- hahaha, got hair ok lor :p

Layer Ten: What were you doing
1 Min ago:
- ridiculing some questions above
1 Hour ago:
- building my website + chatting online
1 Month ago:
- erm its either working or sleeping
1 Year ago: :
- siau long ago still remember, must be the "eat oredi nothing better to do" kind :p

Layer Eleven: Finish the sentence
I Love:
- be paid (other than by my hubby, duh!) to be a SAHM
I Hate:
- it when I have to work when my hubby is not (eg Saturdays)
I Feel:
- tired cos its 2.30am in the morning oredi (I must be crazy to be blogging still)
I Hide:
- my feelings at work cos I have to be professional even though I deal with thugs sometimes
I Need:
- a revamp

Layer Twelve: Tag 5 people
- no one I know has not been tagged for this oredi LOL

Friday, April 20, 2007

Cairo Says: 15th Month Milestones

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 13th Feb, 2007 on Multiply)
Unlike other blogger mommies, mine is pretty slack in updating my blog. However, seeing that I have finally turned 15 months old, she's left with not much choice but to grudgingly give up her lunch time to document the following:

Vital statistics:
- weight = 9.2kg (last measured at Doc's on 8th Feb during my 1st Pneumococcal Jab)
- height = 75cm (i am sure i am taller than that but never argue with the guy with a needle in his hands)
- teeth = 4 on top, 4 below (massive drooling started again so another one might be just on the way)
- mumm mumm = food
- nen nen = milk
- bau bau (as in min bau) = bread
- ai ( and nod head vigorously) = want, yes
- nmoi-nmoi-nmoi (accompanied but shaking of head) = dont want
- mow (turn palms up and down) = no more
- neng-neng (accompanied by finger pointing repeatedly to self) = pretty :s
- yai yai, yai yai = naughty
- dahh! = beat
- hiee = hello
- byeee / buy buy (wave hand too) = goodbye
- taann-dih! = thank you (dunno why cant pronouce still)
- beh beh = bear
- oh-anch = orange
- yue = fish (depends on mood, might not say sometimes)
- a'peh = apple (but still very releuctant to say unless got real thing in front of her)
- dad-dy = daddy
- mama / mahmi = mommy
- mar-mar = daddy's mother
- poh-poh = mommy's mothers
- koo koo / khu-jehh (sounds like got phlegm inthroat) = daddy's sisters
- bak bak = daddy's big bro (must have bribe then call)
- yeh-yeh = daddy's father's tablet at altar
- jeh-jeh = little girl next door (or whomever we tell her to call that)
- mei-mei = pretty or another little girl next door (ditto)
- baybee = anyone smaller than her
- kor-kor = Froggy & Junior (officially her 2 brothers in frog toy incarnation)
Can comprehend:
- chow chow = her smelly bolsters
- naughty! = see yai yai above
- pou = carry
- oi oi = go to sleep
- kai kai = going out
- poo poo = poo poo
- bom bom = bath time
- bei = give
- yor yor = pain pain
- bunny bunny = her fav toy bunny
- chong jai = her bed
- loong jai = her playpen (dunno why become mini jail oredi)
- chor chor = sit
- tiu mou = dance
- will point to her body parts when asked (ngan, yee jai, bei koh, hou, nga jai, tau fatt)
- XXX jo kung = XXX at work, not at home
- lei! or come = will stretch out her hands if wants to be carried, or will run away
- Bring book to XXX = will bring the specified book now (toilet book, duck book, etc)
- Bring xxx to XXX = will usually courier the item over unless its food (then kena tax lor)
Dexterity / Emotions:
- can climb up and down from beds and sofas, and from sofa one to another if adjoining
- climbs up to own chair and dining chairs with ease and will proceed immediately to dining table top. latest update: climbs into the baby high chair, using the normal dining chair as a stepping stone
- able to step over large kerbs (while holding onto side walls herself)
- can climb stairs but need people to stand beside her for confidence
- still shaky on sloping surfaces like steep ramps at baby obstacle course but will eventually reach top
- will run into rooms and carefully close doors if adults cant catch up on time
- loves to dance at every opportunity, even when eating
- loves to clap hands after accomplishing even the smallest of tasks
- waves bye bye and gives flying kisses
- drink from bottle and strawed-covered cups w/o helpand with no spillage unless intentionally creating "rain"
- will hug her toys tightly and sway from side to side to express her love for them
- cries if parents are in pain (once daddy stepped on mommy's toes and she rushed in between the two and started crying for no reason after hearing mommy's exaggerated howling)
- will not share with outsiders stuff which she likes but will provide alternative
- moody when parents are not around after normal working hours (according to grandmas)
- out of the blue sits very near to mommy to have unintelligible conversations
- will bring books to adults to be read to (generally preferring mommy)
- drag adults to stroller or door if have not been out of house for a long period of time
- started to drag out the potty when feels like doing IT
- likes to eat all sorts of vegetables, pizza, mash potato, nuggets, diluted vitagen n not so cold iced milo
- not shy when brought to new environment, but will generally act demure
Some of you will note that my vocabulary tends to slant towards the Cantonese dialect or even baby talk. Well, after many months of discussion (started while I was still in the womb), they've all sort of agreed that its better I pick up the correct version fo Cantonese rather then "Air, B, C" and distorted Mandarin from the grands (whom we're all eternally grateful to for looking after me 24/7, much to the envy other parents hahaha).
As to the baby talk part, well, Mommy insists that I talk like one... she got freaked out watching Child's Play where the doll with an innocent baby face talks and plots like some murdering gangster!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cairo Says: Potty Training? Give This Donkey Her Carrot

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 12th Feb, 2006 on Multiply)
At my tender age of just 15 months old, I observed 3 kinds of people.

There are those who cares not and does nought. There are those who are just doin it for themselves, heck care what the whole world thinks of it. Then there is the 3rd type, the ones who thrives on acknowledgement and encouragement. Much to Mommy's dismay, I belong to this last category and therefore, according to her, very much lacking in personality and character :(

Take for example the new things that I learn. Close family members will not hesitate to point out that a clap of hands n a round of praise will get me going to the ends of the world for you, let alone a mini dance recital or learning of simple tricks. What can I say, this prima donna must have her fans!

Maybe I can consider a career in performing arts or something... I mean its courtesy to clap at the end of every performance, right? Maybe not so enthusiasticcally if the show sucks but you're bound to clap nontheless. However, I have yet to see people giving a standing ovation to the accountant who just saved them millions of tax money or even the gynae who literally brought their firstborn into this world! Ok, maybe at the poor guy's promotion or retirement party lah....

Anyway, lets talk about one very good example of how I can be motivated through the sheer force of my grandmas' encouragement. I can now add this to my list of accomplishments for boasting purposes:
I am partially potty trained. Ta-dah!!! After I found out that my Grandmas get all excited and generous with their praises, that is hehehe :D

Well actually, it goes like this. Whenever I feel the urge to "do-it" and we happen to be at home, I will rush to the common bathroon as fast as my stubby little legs can carry me, where my red potty is kept (the bathroom, not my stubby little legs). I will then drag it out to the living room and gesture to whoever that's around of my intention to be divested of pants and diaper (no particular actions fixed for this but then again I dont live with idiots either, lucky me, so normally I get reactions from them pretty fast).

Unfortunately, our toilet is not exactly very near to the living room so a little "it" will always end up on my diaper. Mommy is not happy that I'm still too slow in dragging the potty so everytime, 19 cents (the cost of each piece of diaper, which we got during sales) are hence wasted. Born-impressor and proactive baby that I am, I've tried telling them to just put a darn potty in every room to cut down on my travelling time, but is anybody listening to me? Nooo....

Then there is the other problem of what I am going to do when the applause and the hoo ha dies down. Shall I go back to shitting in my pants then?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cairo Says: Skool Hunting

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 26th Jan, 2006 on Multiply)
Lately my "cari pasal" (translation: looking for trouble) of a mommy has been devoting all her energy towards finding me a skool. No spelling mistake.

A school, according to Mommy, is where I learn to make the millions she didn't make (I dare not ask if she attended the wrong kind, hence no million earned yet). A skool is where i pass time by making merry while waiting for school to start. Its main purpose is of course to prevent my parents from blaming themselves if i dont turn out well (at least they did all they could wor :s)

Anyway, Aunt Karen, who is a pre-school (spelt with a "c" here cos she thinks her students move on to make millions and its all thanks to good fundamentals aka preschool) teacher, told my Mommy that starting skool at 30 months old would be a tad too late. Chinese saying has it that "One's character is fixed at 3 all the way til 80 (they are either assuming that all people die at 80 or those beyond are characterless, hehe)". Would I be beyond salvation?? Oh the horrors! No wonder the education sector is earning big money, just look at the scary stories they churn out! Even customers as little as 18mths old aren't able to escape their clutches!!!

So Mommy and Daddy went skool hunting on 28th Jan 2007 (yup, another belated post). After 45 minutes of trial lesson at My Gym, (basically a childproofed place where kids can play with sets of stuff no normal-incomed, small-housed parents would buy. Kids are also taught to perform some nifty acrobatic tricks guaranteed to impress even the most jaded, jet-setting Mommies or Billion-dollar-deal-closing Daddies, all under the hawked eye supervision of trained instructors, of course) we sorta decided that it would be a more interesting start for me.
After all, I have many many years of ABCs, 123s and doctored history regurgitation ahead, surely some swinging good fun would do me good now. That and the fact that I have amassed an impressive library of educational DVDs and VCDs good enough to give most medium sized preschools a run for their money. U name it, we have it :pMommy (being her usual eccentric self) concluded that my future would not be impaired if I missed another 6 months of Chinese and English lessons.
So after Chinese New Year, off i go to My Gym! Formal schooling will just have to wait til next Jan though Mommy has her eyes set on Apple Tree (they have a branch just opposite our MRT hehehe) already....
Note from Mommy:
Cairo is nearly 18 mths old soon and we've STILL not enrolled her at the Gym yet. We like to tell people its cos we are giving her Grandma more time to adjust and to lessen any withdrawal symptom that she might develop (Grandma, not Cairo) but truth is... THE FEES ARE NOT CHEAP!!! We shall wait for the government's handout to pay for it hehehe :p

Monday, April 09, 2007

Cairo Says: 1 Country, 2 Policies?

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 21st Dec, 2006 on Multiply)
"Cairo, share, share. You must share, share. Come, good girl, share, share with (whomever that happens to be present at the conversation)!" I shall go crazy if Mommy/Daddy/Grandmas don't stop saying those words to me soon!

What is it with you adults that you make it your life's work to instill goodness in us babies? Impractical and unrealistic ones, while we're at that! Are you not supposed to teach us values that would see us through life? Or are we adopting the China-HK 1 country 2 policy stance, eh? One set of rules for you... one set of rules for me til I am old enough to learn to be bad like you, hahaha!

Donating food to the starving and sheltering the homeless, I can understand.

But would you really give away your PS3 (NOT PS2 hor!) to the kid down the block cos he asked for it? Just when you've faught 300 people in the black market and laid down hard earn money (think OTs way past midnite, think smiling while saying yes to that unreasonable customer who just called your whole clan unreapetable names) for the idiot box (Mommy thinks its even more idiotic than the TV but in this case the PS3 makes a very good example)? I don't think so! That kiddo won't die if he doesnt lay his paws on the game would he?

Or how about letting your youngest cousin twice removed on your great grand uncle side drive your new Porche to his prom nite (he just got his driving license 3 days ago) just so he can look cool? I don't think so!

Or letting your colleague copy that proposal which you've worked day and nite on for the past 3 months and which you know will be used as a yardstick for that promotion which you've both been eyeing? I doubt it!

Then why am I forced to share my beloved bolster / my F&P piggy / my banana puffs with you guys? They may mean naught to you people but right now, they are my only worldly possession, to me they are no less than a Porche, a promotion, a PS3!

I love the smell of my saliva which lingers on my bolster (aka Mr Smelly). Why would I risk it being polluted with another kid's smell? Besides... its really unhygienic.... you go share your pillows and bolster but leave mine out of it!

You guys may touch my F&P piggy but why must I give it up IMMEDIATELY when you ask for it? Is that how it works in the adult world? Dont you guys have to queue or something? Why bother asking if I'm not even given the option to say no? Why say its mine when I have no control over it? Besides, at least I bothered to offer a substitute, though obviously not my favourite or what you asked for, but its the though that counts, no?

And don't get me started on my banana puffs... do you have any idea what I have to do just to get that few small pieces of snack? I think a monkey in the zoo has more access to it than I do! I have to smile and act cute, I have to say "Mumm Mumm", I have to call "Mommy".... and repeat the whole process for every little puff! Would you give away something that is so hard earned and so precious easily? Why am I termed selfish when I hesitate to hand them over when I know perfectly well that you adults dont really like them anyway and the visiting kids will get them w/o having to do all that is required from me?

You guys must be deranged or something... any sane person would not derive so much pleasure from denying someone something so dear to them, just for fun! OR is it just so that you guys can tell society that you've done your part in raising the next generation in the APPROPRIATE and EXPECTED manner? Pah!

Show me a starving baby, and I welcome him to partake in my meals anytime.

Until then, dont bombard me with all your high and mighty moral values anymore and go ponder what I've said!
And leave my goodies alone!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cairo Says: Meaning of My Name

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 7th Dec, 2006 on Multiply)
Let's talk about my name today! I am known by different names to different people. This is usually the symptom of greedy parents who cannot make up their minds. Among my many monikers are: Yau Yau, Smelly, Cairo, Princess, Piggy, Darling, Wa-wa etc... but today, we shall concentrate on the MAIN one only, else, it'll take forever.

My birth certificate dictates that I am known as DYLIS FOON CAIRO in the eyes of law.

DYLIS is Welsh for "dependable, can be relied on". I am guessing that the parents are afraid I would dump them at some posh hi tech retirement village next time. So my name would always be my reminder cum conscience? So not subtle!!! Or maybe, my Mommy is just hoping that she can rely on me to do all the housework while she movie marathons with Daddy after I turn 4?! Surely she did not intend for my future boss to be fully dependant on me? Oh the horrors! :s Lets just move on to my Chinese name... before that, please gimme a Panadol.
Additional note: It's pronouced as DEE-LEASE, not DIE-LEASE ok?!

My parents, who are pure Cantonese, picked my name because it has a kinda pseudo exotic-Japanese lilt to it. So, if I were born in KL, my Chinese name would be spelt as POON HOI YAU instead.

For 5 months, my parents did nothing but flip through Chinese baby name book & counting characters' strokes. I am proud to announce that my banana of a mother came up with that combo :D That's right... she pestered colleague (singular, only one), office neighbours and friends and relatives regarding Chinese characters and strokes, day and nite!!!

CAIRO means "to achieve triumphant victory while maintaining a gentle disposition". In layman term, that would roughly translate to "winning every battle without having to bang tables" hahaha! So all I need to do is act like a demure gentle lady and victory would be mine to claim hahaha. Duh! My future classmates would tease me for 2 decades, I just know!

In Mandarin, CAIRO should read as PAN KAI ROU. However, the ang moh version of my Chinese name does not look like that. Let me explain why. Additional note: Our surname became FOON instead of POON during my grandpa's generation cos his daddy had bad handwriting hahaha. That or they kena a big one from some lousy clerk at the birth registry dept! Mommy says its a blessing in disguise cos F comes before P, will sit in front few rows at school wor hahaha!

In my Mommy's opinion, DYLIS FOON KAI ROU is too long. And not quite balanced. DYLIS FOON CAIRO on the other hand is just right (meaning to say she can't shorten it further :p). Notice how the first and third name each has 5 letters? Besides, Mommy has always been rather weird and eccentric. She wants me to have a name which is one of a kind yet not so difficult that I'll end up spending 1/4 of my waking moments educating others on its spelling or pronunciation :p

Some people asked why bother to have a Chinese name then make it look totally unchinese like. Well, in the first place, ABCs are already totally non Chinese :p Besides, what classifies as normal Chinese name or not is merely the current population's perception. And that is ever changing as the sea! Mommy assured me that while CAIRO may raise an eyebrow or 2 here, the folks from other countries would know how to pronounce it at first glance.

To summarise it all, I think my parents are hoping that I could be "a person who can be trusted to achieve greatness in a man's world while enjoying all the fun of being a woman, to fly to great heights but never forsaking those below."

What more could a baby ask for :D

With such lofty ambitions, why didn't they just name me "The Great Dragon-Riding, Flame-Throwing Phoenix" instead? Could’ve saved them a lot of work! Oh, forgot.... we're not Red Indians, otherwise, they really would :s

Friday, April 06, 2007

Cairo Says: Poetry vs Nursery Rhymes

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 13th Jul, 2006 on Multiply)
Dear all,

Having spent one month's absence from this blog to comtemplate on the important matters in life, I am back with a Bang! What have I been busy on, some of you may ask. Well let's see...mainly i reflected on the meaning of existence and the importance of " and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings, and whether pigs have wings".

Why? You ask. Everybody knows that babies are like the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. No, not the goofy and idiotic part. The high absorbency part! Yep, so what the good folks at home exposed me with, I take and store in my brain for future regurgitation.

Just so happens that of late, Mommy has been reciting poetry to me. Not your ol' Jack n Jill or Humpty Dumpty....oh no, not HER. Her old school's poetry culture would better suit my palate, said dear Mommy, what with me being the 3rd generation BBGS girl and all. Actually, I would've been one save for the mere fact that BBGS is not around anymore (but that's a whole other topic altogether)! So most nites, this annointed torch carrier (me!) gets a dose of Mommy's 'Walrus and the Carpenter' recital, Choral Speaking style! Mommy said she would go easy on me for now....whatever that means!

Naturally, I complied since all I had to do was sit around and pretend to look interested. It is only challenging to do so when Daddy whip out the big book of nursery ryhme with all the cute and colourful pictures in it. That's when Mommy gives him the Evil Eye for luring her customer away, hehehe.

My Daddy knows me well. He knows that I love the picture book most. What he doesn't know however, is that I like it for its high bite-ability quotient! And it is oh so new and cushiony! So glossy the vibrant hue of its coloured contents, pages after thick pages, perfect for my pudgy little fingers to turn. Trust me, no one in his right (or left :p) mind would wanna bite Mommy's dinasaur 'Junior Anthropology Book of Poems', yuck!

Moral of the story? The parents, they think they know us, and with luck, they do stumble on the answers from time to time but for all the wrong reasons *shake head*......

NOTE FROM MOMMY (In hereafter, 'I' would refer to Mommy, not me, ok!):

Honestly speaking, why would I wanna sing the traditional rhymes to my Baby? Pay attention to the words and you'll discover that you are foolishly exposing and brainwashing the leaders of our future to negative elements:
"Rock a bye Baby" = when the bough breaks, what happens next? the baby crashes from the tree to the ground and........

"Hush Little Baby don't you cry....Mommy will buy you a diamond ring..." = cry and we will shower you with gifts! Each one more exciting and expensive than the other!
"Old woman who lives in a shoe" = she whacks her kids and send them to bed w/o food.... hello people, are you telling the kids that child abuse is all right?
"Three blind mice" = not only are we laughing at others' misfortune (the blindness), we are encouraging animal cruelty (the farmer's wife cuts off the mice' tails!)?
I guess you guys see what i mean....

On the other hand, Walrus and The Carpenter, by Lewis Carroll (for the not so avid readers, HE wrote Alice In Wonderland, duh!) happens to be a highly suitable piece for babies, toddlers and naive adults. It teaches us the following:

Go anywhere without a trusted, loved one and you'd get eaten. Those that appears to care will eat us up all the more faster, while shedding huge crocodile tears! :p

Next I will teach Cairo the poem 'Matilda'. It is about a naughty girl who keeps crying wolf to the fire brigade and end up as charcoal one day. Now that's what I call educational. With a touch of class :p

Cairo Says: Recap

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 24th Nov, 2006 on Multiply)

Four months and not one single blog. Why, you ask. It all started with Mommy getting lazy (for the first 2 months), then her getting chicken pox, then she passed it to me, then of course I had to recuperate, then my birthday party planning... oh you know a girl's diary can get pretty packed!

Now, just a little update to hush my fellow blog followers (I'm surprised you guys still remember how to get here after my long break, hahaha).

In point form, cos I'm lazy and my typist aka Mommy's lunch time at the office is almost up:
- took my first 3 steps @ 9.5 months old n walked 13 steps @ 10 months old

- didnt cry for more than one minute a day (accumulative!) before I turned 10 months old, then....

- got fake mumps for a week (lots of tiny red spots all over the body), followed by approximately 150 chicken pox polka-dotting my body (with compliments and love from Mommy) and then followed by a string of haze-induced fashionable illnesses (fashinable cos everyone else was having it too). Have since discovered the power of wailing n tears... will make noise when I dont get what I want especially the yummy MSG laden food at the adults' dinner table! Size of tear drop will commensurate with how badly I really want the stuff.

- lost 0.5kg thanks to the above and Aunt Karen even said I look oh so chic now that my chin is pointy and slim :p but the grandmas are (as usual) telling everybody who will listen that Mommy tried to starve me again and it is really not their fault that I am not obese though God knows they tried their best

- got my lower 2 teeth @ 11 months old (more reasons not to gain weight cos it hurts to eat!)

- ran away 2 weeks before my birthday but got caught by Daddy before I reached the lift (he had to cos he lost me in the first place)

- got the top 4 teeth a week after my 1st Birthday

- did I mention that I have milk formula a couple of times a day (never more than 100ml each time cos a lady must graze at her food in order to maintain her small trim waist!), cereal with banana for lunch and porridge with pumpkin, pork & greens for dinner. Of course I snack on rice wafers and cheese too... I am weight conscious, not aneroxic! Lately mommy has taken to diluting 30ml of vitagen (less sugar!) with 60ml of water (just so I wont get addicted and say no to plain water next time) for my daily dosage of acidofilus :D
- known to gulp down curry soaked roti prata (chanai la!) and sambal chicken rice w/o blinking an eyelid (Mommy tried ignoring my cries for "mumm mumm" until I let her have a taste of my pincer grip every 3 seconds until she give in). Has potential to be a "spicy girl".

- my hobbies are dancing (different steps to different tunes), flipping through books to review their authors' lack of flair, biting my bolster, Mr Smelly to death (all 3 of them are called Mr Smelly cos Mommy is lazy to remember different names) and giving my parents and grandmas panic attacks by performing dangerous stunts all the time, eg pulled at our expensive hi-fi system's wires until I gotta watch my "Baby Einsten" series with no music on now (clue: the hi-fi is not feeling so well, so is Daddy's wallet... dunno if there is any connection between the two though)

- I can wave bye-bye when daddy and mommy kick me out of their room at bedtime. I will point at myself when ask who is pretty. But most importantly I know that when ask who is mommy, I will point to the pretty lady in the wedding portrait. The chubbier version who works 8 - 5 to foot my bills.... that's just "mah" when I'm in the mood (I shake my head if she says she is Mommy)! I will also say dadd-dadd if my daddy is holding food that i fancy. But best of all, I know kai kai is when I doll up and go out to get more stuff for my already bulging toy and clothes cabinets while my folks trot about in rags... shameless (them, not me)
- Oh, and I weight 9.5kg as of today... must be the salt in the cheese... causes bloating and water retention, darn!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cairo Says: Little Red Riding "Rude"

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 29th May, 2006 on Multiply)

One minute I am happily climbing over the obstacle course (made of pillows and bolsters and comforter) my Daddy built for me and the next I find myself tumbling down the "slope", but luckily I did not break my crown (unlike poor Jack :p). That's when I finally got a good look of my legs (they were sort of bended over my head, making me look like some chinese acrobat).

Now I understand why Mommy keep flashing me that cheeky grin when she mutters some phrase from Little Red Riding Hood. I was sure she got her lines wrong (me being such an avid reader and all) but on hindsight....
Mommy: My! What great big thighs you have, dear Cairo!

Mommy (still her talking, but pretending to be me, duh!): All the better to kick you with, hahahaha!

There you have it. My first taste of name calling. Did not even have to wait til pre-school! To make it all the more bitter; I had to realise it weeks after it happended.

Moral of the story? Shall wear skirts that reaches my toes to school next time! Hah!

Meanwhile....."What great big tummy you have, dear Mommy...."

Revenge, thy name is Cairo. *mad laughter*