Monday, April 09, 2007

Cairo Says: 1 Country, 2 Policies?

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 21st Dec, 2006 on Multiply)
"Cairo, share, share. You must share, share. Come, good girl, share, share with (whomever that happens to be present at the conversation)!" I shall go crazy if Mommy/Daddy/Grandmas don't stop saying those words to me soon!

What is it with you adults that you make it your life's work to instill goodness in us babies? Impractical and unrealistic ones, while we're at that! Are you not supposed to teach us values that would see us through life? Or are we adopting the China-HK 1 country 2 policy stance, eh? One set of rules for you... one set of rules for me til I am old enough to learn to be bad like you, hahaha!

Donating food to the starving and sheltering the homeless, I can understand.

But would you really give away your PS3 (NOT PS2 hor!) to the kid down the block cos he asked for it? Just when you've faught 300 people in the black market and laid down hard earn money (think OTs way past midnite, think smiling while saying yes to that unreasonable customer who just called your whole clan unreapetable names) for the idiot box (Mommy thinks its even more idiotic than the TV but in this case the PS3 makes a very good example)? I don't think so! That kiddo won't die if he doesnt lay his paws on the game would he?

Or how about letting your youngest cousin twice removed on your great grand uncle side drive your new Porche to his prom nite (he just got his driving license 3 days ago) just so he can look cool? I don't think so!

Or letting your colleague copy that proposal which you've worked day and nite on for the past 3 months and which you know will be used as a yardstick for that promotion which you've both been eyeing? I doubt it!

Then why am I forced to share my beloved bolster / my F&P piggy / my banana puffs with you guys? They may mean naught to you people but right now, they are my only worldly possession, to me they are no less than a Porche, a promotion, a PS3!

I love the smell of my saliva which lingers on my bolster (aka Mr Smelly). Why would I risk it being polluted with another kid's smell? Besides... its really unhygienic.... you go share your pillows and bolster but leave mine out of it!

You guys may touch my F&P piggy but why must I give it up IMMEDIATELY when you ask for it? Is that how it works in the adult world? Dont you guys have to queue or something? Why bother asking if I'm not even given the option to say no? Why say its mine when I have no control over it? Besides, at least I bothered to offer a substitute, though obviously not my favourite or what you asked for, but its the though that counts, no?

And don't get me started on my banana puffs... do you have any idea what I have to do just to get that few small pieces of snack? I think a monkey in the zoo has more access to it than I do! I have to smile and act cute, I have to say "Mumm Mumm", I have to call "Mommy".... and repeat the whole process for every little puff! Would you give away something that is so hard earned and so precious easily? Why am I termed selfish when I hesitate to hand them over when I know perfectly well that you adults dont really like them anyway and the visiting kids will get them w/o having to do all that is required from me?

You guys must be deranged or something... any sane person would not derive so much pleasure from denying someone something so dear to them, just for fun! OR is it just so that you guys can tell society that you've done your part in raising the next generation in the APPROPRIATE and EXPECTED manner? Pah!

Show me a starving baby, and I welcome him to partake in my meals anytime.

Until then, dont bombard me with all your high and mighty moral values anymore and go ponder what I've said!
And leave my goodies alone!

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