Friday, April 20, 2007

Cairo Says: 15th Month Milestones

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 13th Feb, 2007 on Multiply)
Unlike other blogger mommies, mine is pretty slack in updating my blog. However, seeing that I have finally turned 15 months old, she's left with not much choice but to grudgingly give up her lunch time to document the following:

Vital statistics:
- weight = 9.2kg (last measured at Doc's on 8th Feb during my 1st Pneumococcal Jab)
- height = 75cm (i am sure i am taller than that but never argue with the guy with a needle in his hands)
- teeth = 4 on top, 4 below (massive drooling started again so another one might be just on the way)
- mumm mumm = food
- nen nen = milk
- bau bau (as in min bau) = bread
- ai ( and nod head vigorously) = want, yes
- nmoi-nmoi-nmoi (accompanied but shaking of head) = dont want
- mow (turn palms up and down) = no more
- neng-neng (accompanied by finger pointing repeatedly to self) = pretty :s
- yai yai, yai yai = naughty
- dahh! = beat
- hiee = hello
- byeee / buy buy (wave hand too) = goodbye
- taann-dih! = thank you (dunno why cant pronouce still)
- beh beh = bear
- oh-anch = orange
- yue = fish (depends on mood, might not say sometimes)
- a'peh = apple (but still very releuctant to say unless got real thing in front of her)
- dad-dy = daddy
- mama / mahmi = mommy
- mar-mar = daddy's mother
- poh-poh = mommy's mothers
- koo koo / khu-jehh (sounds like got phlegm inthroat) = daddy's sisters
- bak bak = daddy's big bro (must have bribe then call)
- yeh-yeh = daddy's father's tablet at altar
- jeh-jeh = little girl next door (or whomever we tell her to call that)
- mei-mei = pretty or another little girl next door (ditto)
- baybee = anyone smaller than her
- kor-kor = Froggy & Junior (officially her 2 brothers in frog toy incarnation)
Can comprehend:
- chow chow = her smelly bolsters
- naughty! = see yai yai above
- pou = carry
- oi oi = go to sleep
- kai kai = going out
- poo poo = poo poo
- bom bom = bath time
- bei = give
- yor yor = pain pain
- bunny bunny = her fav toy bunny
- chong jai = her bed
- loong jai = her playpen (dunno why become mini jail oredi)
- chor chor = sit
- tiu mou = dance
- will point to her body parts when asked (ngan, yee jai, bei koh, hou, nga jai, tau fatt)
- XXX jo kung = XXX at work, not at home
- lei! or come = will stretch out her hands if wants to be carried, or will run away
- Bring book to XXX = will bring the specified book now (toilet book, duck book, etc)
- Bring xxx to XXX = will usually courier the item over unless its food (then kena tax lor)
Dexterity / Emotions:
- can climb up and down from beds and sofas, and from sofa one to another if adjoining
- climbs up to own chair and dining chairs with ease and will proceed immediately to dining table top. latest update: climbs into the baby high chair, using the normal dining chair as a stepping stone
- able to step over large kerbs (while holding onto side walls herself)
- can climb stairs but need people to stand beside her for confidence
- still shaky on sloping surfaces like steep ramps at baby obstacle course but will eventually reach top
- will run into rooms and carefully close doors if adults cant catch up on time
- loves to dance at every opportunity, even when eating
- loves to clap hands after accomplishing even the smallest of tasks
- waves bye bye and gives flying kisses
- drink from bottle and strawed-covered cups w/o helpand with no spillage unless intentionally creating "rain"
- will hug her toys tightly and sway from side to side to express her love for them
- cries if parents are in pain (once daddy stepped on mommy's toes and she rushed in between the two and started crying for no reason after hearing mommy's exaggerated howling)
- will not share with outsiders stuff which she likes but will provide alternative
- moody when parents are not around after normal working hours (according to grandmas)
- out of the blue sits very near to mommy to have unintelligible conversations
- will bring books to adults to be read to (generally preferring mommy)
- drag adults to stroller or door if have not been out of house for a long period of time
- started to drag out the potty when feels like doing IT
- likes to eat all sorts of vegetables, pizza, mash potato, nuggets, diluted vitagen n not so cold iced milo
- not shy when brought to new environment, but will generally act demure
Some of you will note that my vocabulary tends to slant towards the Cantonese dialect or even baby talk. Well, after many months of discussion (started while I was still in the womb), they've all sort of agreed that its better I pick up the correct version fo Cantonese rather then "Air, B, C" and distorted Mandarin from the grands (whom we're all eternally grateful to for looking after me 24/7, much to the envy other parents hahaha).
As to the baby talk part, well, Mommy insists that I talk like one... she got freaked out watching Child's Play where the doll with an innocent baby face talks and plots like some murdering gangster!

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