Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cairo Says: Little Red Riding "Rude"

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 29th May, 2006 on Multiply)

One minute I am happily climbing over the obstacle course (made of pillows and bolsters and comforter) my Daddy built for me and the next I find myself tumbling down the "slope", but luckily I did not break my crown (unlike poor Jack :p). That's when I finally got a good look of my legs (they were sort of bended over my head, making me look like some chinese acrobat).

Now I understand why Mommy keep flashing me that cheeky grin when she mutters some phrase from Little Red Riding Hood. I was sure she got her lines wrong (me being such an avid reader and all) but on hindsight....
Mommy: My! What great big thighs you have, dear Cairo!

Mommy (still her talking, but pretending to be me, duh!): All the better to kick you with, hahahaha!

There you have it. My first taste of name calling. Did not even have to wait til pre-school! To make it all the more bitter; I had to realise it weeks after it happended.

Moral of the story? Shall wear skirts that reaches my toes to school next time! Hah!

Meanwhile....."What great big tummy you have, dear Mommy...."

Revenge, thy name is Cairo. *mad laughter*

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