Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cairo Says: Potty Training? Give This Donkey Her Carrot

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 12th Feb, 2006 on Multiply)
At my tender age of just 15 months old, I observed 3 kinds of people.

There are those who cares not and does nought. There are those who are just doin it for themselves, heck care what the whole world thinks of it. Then there is the 3rd type, the ones who thrives on acknowledgement and encouragement. Much to Mommy's dismay, I belong to this last category and therefore, according to her, very much lacking in personality and character :(

Take for example the new things that I learn. Close family members will not hesitate to point out that a clap of hands n a round of praise will get me going to the ends of the world for you, let alone a mini dance recital or learning of simple tricks. What can I say, this prima donna must have her fans!

Maybe I can consider a career in performing arts or something... I mean its courtesy to clap at the end of every performance, right? Maybe not so enthusiasticcally if the show sucks but you're bound to clap nontheless. However, I have yet to see people giving a standing ovation to the accountant who just saved them millions of tax money or even the gynae who literally brought their firstborn into this world! Ok, maybe at the poor guy's promotion or retirement party lah....

Anyway, lets talk about one very good example of how I can be motivated through the sheer force of my grandmas' encouragement. I can now add this to my list of accomplishments for boasting purposes:
I am partially potty trained. Ta-dah!!! After I found out that my Grandmas get all excited and generous with their praises, that is hehehe :D

Well actually, it goes like this. Whenever I feel the urge to "do-it" and we happen to be at home, I will rush to the common bathroon as fast as my stubby little legs can carry me, where my red potty is kept (the bathroom, not my stubby little legs). I will then drag it out to the living room and gesture to whoever that's around of my intention to be divested of pants and diaper (no particular actions fixed for this but then again I dont live with idiots either, lucky me, so normally I get reactions from them pretty fast).

Unfortunately, our toilet is not exactly very near to the living room so a little "it" will always end up on my diaper. Mommy is not happy that I'm still too slow in dragging the potty so everytime, 19 cents (the cost of each piece of diaper, which we got during sales) are hence wasted. Born-impressor and proactive baby that I am, I've tried telling them to just put a darn potty in every room to cut down on my travelling time, but is anybody listening to me? Nooo....

Then there is the other problem of what I am going to do when the applause and the hoo ha dies down. Shall I go back to shitting in my pants then?

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