Monday, April 16, 2007

Cairo Says: Skool Hunting

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 26th Jan, 2006 on Multiply)
Lately my "cari pasal" (translation: looking for trouble) of a mommy has been devoting all her energy towards finding me a skool. No spelling mistake.

A school, according to Mommy, is where I learn to make the millions she didn't make (I dare not ask if she attended the wrong kind, hence no million earned yet). A skool is where i pass time by making merry while waiting for school to start. Its main purpose is of course to prevent my parents from blaming themselves if i dont turn out well (at least they did all they could wor :s)

Anyway, Aunt Karen, who is a pre-school (spelt with a "c" here cos she thinks her students move on to make millions and its all thanks to good fundamentals aka preschool) teacher, told my Mommy that starting skool at 30 months old would be a tad too late. Chinese saying has it that "One's character is fixed at 3 all the way til 80 (they are either assuming that all people die at 80 or those beyond are characterless, hehe)". Would I be beyond salvation?? Oh the horrors! No wonder the education sector is earning big money, just look at the scary stories they churn out! Even customers as little as 18mths old aren't able to escape their clutches!!!

So Mommy and Daddy went skool hunting on 28th Jan 2007 (yup, another belated post). After 45 minutes of trial lesson at My Gym, (basically a childproofed place where kids can play with sets of stuff no normal-incomed, small-housed parents would buy. Kids are also taught to perform some nifty acrobatic tricks guaranteed to impress even the most jaded, jet-setting Mommies or Billion-dollar-deal-closing Daddies, all under the hawked eye supervision of trained instructors, of course) we sorta decided that it would be a more interesting start for me.
After all, I have many many years of ABCs, 123s and doctored history regurgitation ahead, surely some swinging good fun would do me good now. That and the fact that I have amassed an impressive library of educational DVDs and VCDs good enough to give most medium sized preschools a run for their money. U name it, we have it :pMommy (being her usual eccentric self) concluded that my future would not be impaired if I missed another 6 months of Chinese and English lessons.
So after Chinese New Year, off i go to My Gym! Formal schooling will just have to wait til next Jan though Mommy has her eyes set on Apple Tree (they have a branch just opposite our MRT hehehe) already....
Note from Mommy:
Cairo is nearly 18 mths old soon and we've STILL not enrolled her at the Gym yet. We like to tell people its cos we are giving her Grandma more time to adjust and to lessen any withdrawal symptom that she might develop (Grandma, not Cairo) but truth is... THE FEES ARE NOT CHEAP!!! We shall wait for the government's handout to pay for it hehehe :p

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