Thursday, May 03, 2007

How Much For Yesteryears' Fancy?

Everybody has a childhood dream or a fancy that "got away". As the sand falls in the hourglass of our lives, the memory of it would eventually be buried and forgotten. Or on the other extreme end, reinforced and immortalised. It was 12 years later when I bumped into mine.

Right there in front of my eyes, sitting most inconspicuously on its spot, as if ashamed of seeing me again. Not quite having achieved the evergreen status of classics like Chanel No 5 and no longer as red hot as it used to be....The years were not kind, I know.

But I remember.

It took the town by storm! Black, white and grey posters and billboards everywhere! Beautiful young models artistically draped all over each other oh-so-carelessly. Each one of the print seems to shout "Attitude" & "Androgynous beauty"! Did I mention that the queen bee herself, Kate Moss, fronted the ad?

Teens, yuppies, uncles-in-denial, everybody who was anybody (or wanted to be one) was getting themselves a bottle or 3. Why wouldn't they? After all, it's light, citrus scent was like a breath of fresh air next to the choking what-nots in the next counter. The fact that it smells wonderful on a he as much as a she, is a big plus point. It is the daddy of all new generation scents if you ask me. The revolution started right there and then.

I could not afford it, needless to say. I was earning $2.60 an hour making sandwiches and washing plates. And saving for college. Looking back, I'm proud that I did not give in to instant gratification and pestered my parents for it. They would not have denied me, I know... but we were poor and guilt would've eventually eroded whatever sense of happiness I could've derived from my ill-gotten gain.

Oh the years of anticipation! The glorious, built-up feeling.... I could finally go to bed accompanied by its' haunting scent and put the ghosts of my mind to rest at long last!

Some people define themselves as having "arrived" based on their careers and the size of their paychecks. Me? Clutching my new bottle of "old" perfume, I have the world under my feet :D

Can you guess the name of the devil that drove me half mad these 12 years?

And the price of my long ago fancy? Very affordable though priceless still, to me.


jazzmint said... oneperfume kah hehe...

Cheryl Leong said...

Jazzmint, u really superb lar.. can guess... I blurr till see wat u wrote.... Been so long already, really like burried tru the years

WJ : so, is it ah?

cairo's mommy said...


CK ONE is correct! first prize goes to u... erm, u get to smell it on me, all u need to do is come for a visit hehehe :D


Like i said lor, it's half forgotten oredi, so sad right? (half as in only 2 of u comment on my post and one of you forgot about it oredi! see, i am v good in statistics right? kekeke)