Sunday, April 22, 2007

My First Tag

I think its a little nonsensical that I am responding to a TAG on my second "fresh" post (as opposed to all my other second hand, migrated posts), but nonetheless, the fella who tagged me (yeah, you, Cheryl!) meant well.... so here goes, an introduction about myself:

Layer 1: On the outside
- you all may call me Cairo's Mom, thank you very much
Date of Birth:
- 14th of June, year of the Horsie
Eye colour:
- Brown (regrettably, no angmoh ancestors in the family tree, hence gotta waste money on coloured lenses when i feel like being "hiau")
Hair colour:
- Naturally black / brownish but am a bottle-aubergine now
Righty or Leftie:
- Righty, my babysitter would beat the life out of me if I so much as dared to poke a pencil with my left hand, get it?!

Layer 2: On the inside
Your Heritage:
- Chinese Cantonese, and not your average banana cos my canto rocks, baby!
- got mushed by a falling brick pallet / bag of cement / excavator (paranoid I know but I bet they're from all those scary safety orientation courses they made me attend)
Your Weakness:
- Not quite tough enough on them baddies when I am not in my MADDDD mode
Your Perfect Pizza:
- cheeeeese.... everything else just makes it complicated.

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first thing when you wake up:
- Why can't I get a 9 to 5 job (I gotta reach office by 8 now) and why must I work so darn far from home every project (1 hour of travelling time)?
Your bedtime:
- erm.... no later than midnite. If I can leave my office by 10pm. And if my nocturnal creature of a baby is not demanding to play. And if my hubby doesn't decide on a little tete-a-tete on Friday nites (cos HE doesn't have to work on saturdays but I do!) oh.... almost forgot, and if I'm not blogging, hehehe
Your most missed moment:
- mamak sessions with the girls back when everyone was in THE SAME country

Layer 4: Your pick
Pepsi or Coke:
- Pepsi Max
McD or BK:
- BK, duh!
Single or Group dates:
- Single. Hello, if it's a group, it's not dating, its an outing oredi!
Adidas or Nike:
- Nike. Always.
Tea or nestea:
- Milo can ah?
Chocolate or Vanilla:
- Chocolate. More chocholate. Most chocolate!!!
Cappucino or coffee:
- Did I also mention that my babysitter smacks me whenever a coffee cup is within 3 metres of my reach? Now that I'm all grown up, I force myself a cup of mocha or so, but only if they're ice blended n preferably paid by others hahaha

Layer 5: Do you
- never
- only when my subcons act real stoopid but always in classy Shakespearean english, thank you very much
Take a shower:
- Erm, I work in a construction environment... can you imagine me not bathing at least 2 times a day?
Have a crush:
- Yes... I like to think of my hubby as my crush still...
Think that you’ve been in love:
- Yes and still very much in love ..... with my family
Go to school:
- Toying with the idea of starting in Dec...
Want to get married:
- Redundant question. Already married
Believe in yourself:
- Depends.... when it comes to work, always. Other matters... can be persuaded to try alternative ideas offered
Think you’re a health freak:
- Hahahaha, if only!

Layer Six: In the past month
Drank alcohol:
- Yes, but preferably foc ones please
Gone to the mall:
- Another stooopid question. Hello, even mountain side settlements have got malls now, how can I not have been in one for a month?!
Been on stage:
- Yeah, building one
Eaten sushi:
- Just this afternoon hehe
Dyed your hair:
- Not required yet

Layer Seven: Have you ever
Played a stripping game:
- Whatever for?
Changed who you were to fit in:
- Yeah and not ashamed of it one bit. We live in a society where everyone has a set mentality of "rights" and "wrongs"... even the most hardened of non-conformists would have to bend a little at times...

Layer Eight: Age
You are hoping to be married:
- isn't every girl secretly hoping to marry just before they turn 30? Anything below is unchic (that would be me, I guess, hahaha) and anything above would invite too many brainless, repetitive questions from well meaning but gossipy relatives & friends

Layer Nine: In a Guy
Best Eye Colour:
- duh, wasn't thinking of marrying "ang moh" so have to be brown la!
Hair Colour:
- so long as not more eye-cathing or more colours than my hair, I am fine with it
Short Hair or Long Hair:
- hahaha, got hair ok lor :p

Layer Ten: What were you doing
1 Min ago:
- ridiculing some questions above
1 Hour ago:
- building my website + chatting online
1 Month ago:
- erm its either working or sleeping
1 Year ago: :
- siau long ago still remember, must be the "eat oredi nothing better to do" kind :p

Layer Eleven: Finish the sentence
I Love:
- be paid (other than by my hubby, duh!) to be a SAHM
I Hate:
- it when I have to work when my hubby is not (eg Saturdays)
I Feel:
- tired cos its 2.30am in the morning oredi (I must be crazy to be blogging still)
I Hide:
- my feelings at work cos I have to be professional even though I deal with thugs sometimes
I Need:
- a revamp

Layer Twelve: Tag 5 people
- no one I know has not been tagged for this oredi LOL

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