Friday, April 06, 2007

Cairo Says: Recap

(Previously posted by "Cairo" on 24th Nov, 2006 on Multiply)

Four months and not one single blog. Why, you ask. It all started with Mommy getting lazy (for the first 2 months), then her getting chicken pox, then she passed it to me, then of course I had to recuperate, then my birthday party planning... oh you know a girl's diary can get pretty packed!

Now, just a little update to hush my fellow blog followers (I'm surprised you guys still remember how to get here after my long break, hahaha).

In point form, cos I'm lazy and my typist aka Mommy's lunch time at the office is almost up:
- took my first 3 steps @ 9.5 months old n walked 13 steps @ 10 months old

- didnt cry for more than one minute a day (accumulative!) before I turned 10 months old, then....

- got fake mumps for a week (lots of tiny red spots all over the body), followed by approximately 150 chicken pox polka-dotting my body (with compliments and love from Mommy) and then followed by a string of haze-induced fashionable illnesses (fashinable cos everyone else was having it too). Have since discovered the power of wailing n tears... will make noise when I dont get what I want especially the yummy MSG laden food at the adults' dinner table! Size of tear drop will commensurate with how badly I really want the stuff.

- lost 0.5kg thanks to the above and Aunt Karen even said I look oh so chic now that my chin is pointy and slim :p but the grandmas are (as usual) telling everybody who will listen that Mommy tried to starve me again and it is really not their fault that I am not obese though God knows they tried their best

- got my lower 2 teeth @ 11 months old (more reasons not to gain weight cos it hurts to eat!)

- ran away 2 weeks before my birthday but got caught by Daddy before I reached the lift (he had to cos he lost me in the first place)

- got the top 4 teeth a week after my 1st Birthday

- did I mention that I have milk formula a couple of times a day (never more than 100ml each time cos a lady must graze at her food in order to maintain her small trim waist!), cereal with banana for lunch and porridge with pumpkin, pork & greens for dinner. Of course I snack on rice wafers and cheese too... I am weight conscious, not aneroxic! Lately mommy has taken to diluting 30ml of vitagen (less sugar!) with 60ml of water (just so I wont get addicted and say no to plain water next time) for my daily dosage of acidofilus :D
- known to gulp down curry soaked roti prata (chanai la!) and sambal chicken rice w/o blinking an eyelid (Mommy tried ignoring my cries for "mumm mumm" until I let her have a taste of my pincer grip every 3 seconds until she give in). Has potential to be a "spicy girl".

- my hobbies are dancing (different steps to different tunes), flipping through books to review their authors' lack of flair, biting my bolster, Mr Smelly to death (all 3 of them are called Mr Smelly cos Mommy is lazy to remember different names) and giving my parents and grandmas panic attacks by performing dangerous stunts all the time, eg pulled at our expensive hi-fi system's wires until I gotta watch my "Baby Einsten" series with no music on now (clue: the hi-fi is not feeling so well, so is Daddy's wallet... dunno if there is any connection between the two though)

- I can wave bye-bye when daddy and mommy kick me out of their room at bedtime. I will point at myself when ask who is pretty. But most importantly I know that when ask who is mommy, I will point to the pretty lady in the wedding portrait. The chubbier version who works 8 - 5 to foot my bills.... that's just "mah" when I'm in the mood (I shake my head if she says she is Mommy)! I will also say dadd-dadd if my daddy is holding food that i fancy. But best of all, I know kai kai is when I doll up and go out to get more stuff for my already bulging toy and clothes cabinets while my folks trot about in rags... shameless (them, not me)
- Oh, and I weight 9.5kg as of today... must be the salt in the cheese... causes bloating and water retention, darn!

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