Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cairo: Brand Loyalty Or Plain Blur?

As I am not a SAHM, I have not much say on certain things about Cairo's upbringing. Her vocabulary for one. For example, when Grandma teaches Cairo to ask for water by calling for "Mag Mag", after the brand range of Cairo's first training cup, all Hubby and I could do was look on and try not to roll our eyes.

After all, one should never look a gift horse in the mouth and I have been told (on countless occasions and usually laced with a hint of envy :p) how lucky I am to have Cairo's Grandma staying with us and looking after Cairo while we're at work.

So "Mag Mag" it is, even though Cairo is already drinking from Nuk, Avent & Srawberry Shortcake training cups now, she'll survive the confusion. I think.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary, Today

Daisypath Ticker

"Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary, dear!" (Yeah, today!)

Thanks for being my official comfort zone for the past 5 years... am looking forward to the next 5 already...

Cos I get those eye-blinding solitaire earrings at the 10th Anniversary, right? :P

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Great Singapore Sale!

This must be the first time I bought something (OK, a lot of things) on the 1st and 2nd day of the GSS (which started on the 18th of May 2007, FYI).

For that 1 hour or so I plead temporary insanity :p ... but they sere such a STEAL!!! The good folks at Fox Baby even threw in a free teddy bear (not photographed) for Cairo!!! Only one more round at Fox's (70% hic), I promise. How many hours would that "round" last, nobody knows...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Making It Fun: Teeth Brushing

The one trend I observed from the numerous parenting blogs and books alike is that gone are the days when you can just tell a child to do something. Nowadays, it is a mandatory parental duty to make it FUN!

Yup, you heard me right. We gotta turn every simple day-to-day activity or chore into a game before the kids will participate willingly. If they're not enjoying it and we make them do it nontheless, we're considered somewhere down there in the ranks of monsters and traitors.

I suspect that this is one of the major reasons why our grandparents "coped so well" with a dozen kids while we're huffing and puffing by the time we reach the 2nd.

Anyway, kiasu mommy that I am, I embraced this trend with nary a complaint (OK , lying. I grumble to hubby every night about the little brat getting brattier :p)

For example, bathing is called "water playing session" in our house, to help coax a willing participant into her bath tub. Any form of mild dragging is considered semi child abuse :p

To make life easier, I have therefore resorted to brain washing, as early as possible.

For teeth brushing, I got her a cloth Bedtime Elmo book. One of the pages came with a mini dangling cloth toothbrush and a star with a mouth full of teeth. While Cairo supplied the action, I would patiently provide the sound effects (shh shh shh, gargle garle garle, shh shhs hh...) and do the Jim Carrey and Mr Bean faces, all the while exclaiming "Clever Girl" & "Oh, what fun!". Duh!

But boy, am I glad when my efforts finally paid off. She took to the real McCoy like a fish to water! No protests whatsoever when we introduced the brush. Eventually the tooth paste came 2 months after she turned 1. Not long after that (ok la, also another 1 or 2 months la), she started to grab the brush from us, wanting to DIY instead, phew!

Although it seems so much more work to have to point out to her the missed spots and wait for her to S-L-O-W-L-Y brush her teeth only to do it all over again ourselves, this time with the old finger brush (nobody touches her toothbrush and remains alive), the books assured me that it is a fair price to pay. After all, teeth brushing is the first step towards getting Cairo to be self-dependent (translation: move out of my house before she turns 30) :p

By the way, did I mention that I have a Potty Training book also? Yup, this book has got rhymes and pretty pictures and requires Jim Carrey and Mr Bean facial expressions during recital. Too.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beat First, Talk Later

I came across 2 posts recently whose topic is something I feel deeply about.
First, there was Mama Tang's bus ride encouter where one mom (not her) lost it when her kids misbehaved and caused much more drama I suspect, than what was on the Mobile TV in the bus.
Then there's The New Parent's post on an "almost scolding" episode, resulted by his daughter's spilt milk and how he managed to pull his handbrake in time and turn the whole thing into a learning experience for both adult and kid (interesting piece, go read it).
As Cairo slowly inches towards her terrible twos, I can no longer postpone acquiring some serious skills in child "misbehavior management" (dunno what the pros call it, I haven't hit the library yet) . I call it that because:
1) "Misbehavior" is in inverted commas as every kid has got rights & they should all be treated as innocent until proven otherwise. How many times have we found ourselves shooting strings of reprimanding, hurtful words and (god forbid) curses at them before we realised that we've jumped to the wrong conclusion? Or how about seeing who the real victim is after all the dusts settled?
2) "Management" is a word I bring home from work. I believe that as parents, we should be gently steering our kids towards the right path and not pull them by the nose. As Managers, it is up to us to provide them with the training, advice and opportunities to realise their full potential. None of us wants to work for managers who screams their heads off at the slightest of mistakes without offering constructive opinions. Then why are we doing it to our closest and dearest, who are "just kids"?!
Come to think of it, I do have the foundations on "Misbehavior Management". After all, I saw plenty examples while growing up. My parents, being old school (figuratively only as they got very little formal education) Chinese, would do the following:
1) requests to meet my form teacher (only twice in my life) = must have done something wrong = beat first, then ask teacher why. (My parents have a deep respect and trust towards teachers' judgment. And back then, teachers don't practice seeing parents every other week just to get to know their charges better.)
2) came home with a bleeding knee / sprained ankle = asked for it by being careless or naughty = scold and smack while applying medicine. (They were trying to mask their fear that I could have been dead or handicapped for life and the only way to vent the build up worry cum frustration would be the aforesaid methods, I guess :p)
3) some elders or adults in the street accusing me of having done something "notty" = scold louder than the accuser and add beatings if necessary. (Many chinese parents do this to "save face". Their theory is that if they scold louder and beat the kids harder, the accusers would eventually feel appeased, stop making more complaints and walk away, hence saving the parents from having to apologise in public any longer.)
There you have it. My parents' generation are firm believers of the saying "spare the rod and spoil the child". In fact, my only childhood exercise consisted of running around the house and threw our half a dozen or so canes out of the windows whenever I sensed something was stirring, as my dad would beat first, talk later, or beat while talking.
And part of the reason I took up fencing in school was so that I could tell people my "tiger stripes" were the markings from my dueling partner's blade :p
Anyway, what do I do now that I am armed with these knowledge? I will mirror my parents of course. Oh relax... Cairo is not in any mortal danger of being in the clutches of a serial abuser (my neighbours would call the police, I just know). By mirroing, I mean to do the opposite (Van Gogh's self portrait with its' wrong injured ear would make a very good example if you're so dense as still not get what I mean by now).
I would use my negative experience in a positive manner.
Hah, easier said than done. After all, no parent would willingly set out to harm their kids. "Even the cruel tigress would not eat its' own cub," so a popular chinese saying goes.
Perhaps what we really need to do is to take a closer look at our other problems in life. Perhaps that would spare the kid (aka the innocent straw that just happened to break the camel's back that day) from any wronged and undeserved abuses, physically or mentally.
So, my first stop now.... a book by Jo Frost (The Super Nanny) perhaps? And a $400 an hour psychiatrist to tell me that I can finally let of of my "childhood demons" and no, I must not "pass-it-forward", hahaha!
Have a wonderfully nostalgic weekend everyone. May your memory bring you much new knowledge, as did mine :p

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All In One Pot: Part 2

Remember the mini rice cooker add-on which I mentioned yesterday? OK, verdict's out. And since so many of you asked for my opinion after using it, here goes...

But before that, a confession. Erm, I just got home from work, so no, I didn't manage to actually use the can or snap any photos of it being in the rice cooker or even taste the rice it cooked. I'll just have to rely on my better half's opinion....

Grandma gave it an A+!

Performance Report:

1) though not as fine as rice cooked using a slow cooker, rice cooked in can is soft and smooth, just right for toddlers learning to eat rice.

2) no sign of rice crust sticking to the sides or bottom of can at all.

3) can will be snugly nestled in the midst of cooked rice from main cooker, just like in the photo, and not wobble or topple over as feared initially.

4) 2 scoops of rice measured using the spoon provided yielded almost one bowl of cooked rice. capacity of can is 6 scoops (hurrah! no worries of starving for the bigger eater)!

I just love it when I win my moms over with my modern gadgets. Especially so when they first deemed them frivolous and unnecessary when I show off my proud purchases enthusiastically at the main door :p

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Soft Grain, Hard Grain, All In One Pot!

Bought this during lunch break today (yes, I loooove working in town again!!!). Do you know what does it do? Well, exactly what the title says!

Grandma has been complaining about my eating habits since Cairo turned one and started to ask for a few grains of rice, now and then. Grandma thinks that the rice we're having now is just too hard for Cairo's tender little stomach to digest. Well too bad cos I've always hated mushy rice except if they come in sushi or handrolls. No way am I giving in!

However, Grandma's words can break bones, and not wanting to be hurled at with the title of "Selfish Mother" day in day out, I've forked out a ridiculous sum (SGD 25.90) for this simple stainless steel can set.

Grandma thinks that her old collection of Zebra brand stainless steel mugs in our KL house' could have done the same for a fraction of the price! Didn't see her coming out with this brilliant idea earlier though :p

Anyway, I pointed out to her what this gadget could do that her Zebra brand could not:

1) there are engraved markings on the tin to indicate water level suitable for 3 toddler stages, each with its' own different water level marking.

2) there's a rubber cap for safe & effortless lifting of the steaming hot cup out of the rice cooker.

3) there's also a sieve (wrong angle in photo, so sieve can't be seen there) and plastic cup for refining of mushy rice to porridge if need be.

4) the spoon works as a rice measuring spoon, mashing grinder and ah... spoon!

5) not to mention, they could all stack together like Lego, into a cute little cup, perfect for "balik kampung" and stay-overs at the other Grandma's house!

All I need to do is to put the stainless steel cup containing Cairo's portion (a bit of grain, plenty of water) right in after the rice cooker has been filled with adults' portion of rice and water (never directly into an empty rice cooker).

If i wanna add in some chopped meat or vegetables for taste, that's fine too! When it's cooked, it looks like this:

See the porridge in the middle and the nice hard grains surrounding it? Best of both worlds, all in one pot :D

Monday, May 21, 2007

Cairo's Celebrity Look-alikes

I saw this cute thingy on the Friendster websites of a colleague (Ms Too) and an ex-classmate (Marisa) and decided that I must get one for Cairo too. Most entertaining, no? The theory is to load a few photos and see how many matches you get of the same celebrities, then you truly look like them :p hehehe

Too bad I've not even heard of some of the Japanese Celebrities whom Cairo supposedly looked like! Or maybe it's just due to my ignorance. I don't watch Japanese serial dramas, you see :p

Anyway, try it for yourself or your little darlings here. I think it works better on adults though...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cairo Turned 18! (Months :p)

Another overdue post :p

We celebrated Cairo turning 18 months old last weekend.

I bought a party pack some time ago at Toy's R Us so it was no problem whipping up a last minute "party". The economical pack consisted of disposable table cloth (which of course the Grandma insisted on cleaning and keeping after use), 8 sets of paper plates, cups and napkins (these she needed no persuasion in throwing away after the party, luckily).

I also got 3 mini cakes from Polar after work and they came packed in the cutest Hello Kitty carrier box!

These midway-til-the-next-birthday party thingy was sort of a tradition I started last year. It was such a relieve to finally see her turned 6 months old then, I couldn't wait another 6 months and decided to celebrate there and then. It was also actually meant to sort of give us, her carers, a pat in the back for the back breaking job, hahaha.

It seems pretty cute to do it again this year. After all, Cairo would get to blow the candle, we'd get to eat some cakes and I get pretty photos for my scrapping, hehehe. However, I've got 2 policies for these parties though.

One: I never get her a big cake. After all, it is not a real birthday. I bought 6 pieces of mini cakes last year but halved the number this year cos I'm "supposed" to be on diet :p

Two: I don't invite anyone not already in the house as I am morbidly afraid of being laughed at by my friends and relatives as being "silly and ridiculous".

What I did to make the party less empty was to include all her favourite soft toys (Bunny-Bunny, Bun Bun, Wou-Wou, Koko & Junior)! Cairo loved it! She even tried to feed her little guests while I snapped away at the camera. Meanwhile, her Daddy and Grandma stayed on guard in case she tried to grab more cake or pull the table cloth away!

It was an overall success except for a minor hiccup. The cakes were just too darn sweet! Cairo asked for water to rinse them down every now and then!!! In the end, we only managed to eat less than 50% of them cake... lucky I didn't get the cuter, bigger ones :p

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kumon Worksheets For Cairo

This is NOT a sponsored post, though it might seem so.

I have long ago heard of the benefits of sending a kid to Kumon Learning Centres. I gotta admit that while I was aware of the method's popularity, I have never bothered to Google it for further information before. After all, I don't need to send Cairo to the centre so soon, why bother? They're for Primary School kids stressing over PSLE (UPSR equivalent), no?

So imagine my surprise when I chanced upon some Kumon worksheet booklets near my office day before yesterday, during lunch. Books for as young as 2 year olds! Ah-ha, the kiasu mommy in me started to gyrate towards the display like a predator closing on its' prey. No harm exploring, eh?

So I started flipping through the booklets. For the age of 2 and up, there are 3 topics, 2 books per topic. "Let's Cut Paper", "Let's Colour", and "Let's Sticker & Paste". In beautifully illustrated and good quality prints, these worksheets are meant to help build a child's fine motor skills through exercises of increasing difficulty.

I really didn't wanna get them at first. Really.

I mean, come on, stickers and colouring books are a dime a dozen at pasar malams, right? Oh, noooooo...... Once I started flipping through, I went, "Ah-hah! Oooo. I see." Totally not the same as those books at all.

Take for example; colouring. Instead of getting the toddler to colour one whole object or page, the worksheets are 97% colour printed. The toddler is supposed to apply reasoning and look for the right colour to "fill in the blank" and complete the picture. Don't forget, we are talking about exercises for 2 year olds here so that's pretty tough already. From one empty spot, the exercise graduates to 3 and so on. I can actually imagine Cairo learning and improving as she goes through the exercise. Perhaps there is a reason behind the hype of Kumon after all.

Anyway, I went back the day after but I bought only 3 books. Not exactly cheap you know. One full set would've set me back 60 bucks though the salesperson would have also given me somemore discount. Anyway, one of each title is good enough for testing of the syllabus, the scrooge in me was thinking.

While I haven't started Cairo on the worksheets, she does enjoy flipping through the books (so do I), all the while "talking" and pointing out the beautiful objects and animals to me. Of course, I also took the opportunity to teach her the proper words to the pictures la :p Killing two birds with one stone, cost instantly lowered, hehehe.

Hmmm... maybe I will consider Kumon in a few years' time after all...

Meanwhile, I might need to start colouring all her pasar malam books and leave the size of a 50 cent coin in each picture for her to work on later. Imagine the money I can save from not having to purchase the remaining 3 books while maximizing Cairo's practice sessions , hahaha!!!!

Tag: Meet My Fans!

Got tagged by Health Freak Mommy on who my "fan-see" (fans) are :p

Well, hard to judge by this new blog actually. I just migrated from my Multiply account not too long ago, and only started to get active recently, you see.

However, I am very glad to have "met" a few fellow mommy bloggers. I thank them for their visits and comments. Very encouraging for newbies like me, indeed. As for the visitors who prefers not to leave their footprints behind, well, I thank you guys for your silent support too. In fact, I have been a ghost reader for more than a year myself.

Though I would certainly appreciate a comment or two from time to time. Blogging without some form of feedback is kinda like running on empty, don't you think so?

Now to get back to the tag, my fans.

I can't say I've got any fans yet but I guess I must mention the people who went through the trouble of signing in (cos restricted) to check on Cairo's blog in Multiply back then...

They are non other than my closest chums left in KL now, Cheryl and Jazzmint! In fact, they are the ones who gave me most tips and guidance in setting up this blog too. A big thank you to you girls!!! Would not have bothered with the migration without your continuous support :D Now dunno who is whose fans oredi, hahaha!

Not forgetting to mention, Jaslym, my MSN pal and fellow mommy (& newbie blogger too). Thank you for keeping me on my toes by hounding me for constant updates on Cairo, hahaha. Had it not been for you, I would not have posted my monthly photo albums on Multiply so diligently :p

OK, now to pass on the baton, I tag (who else?)

Alex (one hot chick!!!)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Cairo on Bank Notes :p

Read Karen's post the other day and told her that I would be trying it out too. Just too darn cute not to :p

I don't have photoshop with me at the office so I can't add in the word "Sample", as required for all reproductions of currency. Then again, if any idiot does mistaken these notes for real, he or she should be fined and sent to jail, not me, isn't it?

Click here to try it out on your darlings too (come on, I know You want to :p)

Tag: Meaning of Cairo

I looove this tag, thanks Jazzmint. After all, which mom doesn't like to tell people about the meaning of their kid's name? Especially crazy moms like me, who spent a few months choosing and picking (yeah, right after I know the gender), not to mention the numerous changes (name, not gender) hehehe.

Name in Birth certificate - DYLIS FOON CAIRO

1) Pronunciation:
- English = Dee-lease (not die-liss) Foon Kai Roe
- Mandarin = Pan1 Kai3 Rou2
- Cantonese = Poon1 Hoi2 Yau3

2) Meaning:
- Dylis is welsh for dependable & can be trusted.
- Foon is the surname / last name.
- Cairo is the shortened version of her chinese name, "Kai" means thriumphant victory and "Rou" mean gentle.
- As a whole, the name should mean "A person who is dependable and can be trusted, who will achieve thriumphant victory while maintaining a gentle disposition".

3) Note:
- As opposed to popular believe, Cairo is not her second ang moh name and she wasn't conceived in Cairo (I wish!)

- I hated the idea of giving away my naming rights much to the horrors of the old folks (who wanted a professional to do it instead). But look, I took a slash across my abdomen, the least I get is to name the child! So I got to choose both chinese and english name instead (all the while "consulting" hubby la).

- I can't read or write Chinese so I had to look for each shortlisted word's exact meaning online, see if there's a better way to write it and then, to calculate the number of strokes and overall "weight" of the name (very complicated process).

- I also checked for potential rude nicknames (very traumatising for kids, trust me) and gave up on a very nice chinese name cos it sounds ridiculous when written in english.

- For those who is interested on a more loh soh (long winded) take on the name choosing, you may wanna read Cairo's version of the "meaning of her name" also (erm, written by Cairo la, hehe) :D

I tag :
Hayward's Mommy
Mommy Yiau

Oh, no more mommies to tag lor, all kena oredi :p

Additional (22nd May 2007):

- Got tagged by The New Parent too!

**Start Copy**

Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid’s name?
Requirements: write about what or how or why you giving the name to your kids.
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
Tag Mode:1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

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Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cairo Loves Her Room

I am gladdened by the fact that Cairo likes her room very much even though we didn't splash on designer nursery furnitures or decorations for her. Everything is very DIY.

Perhaps it's a sense of belonging (as in the room belongs to her, hahaha)... she is always dragging us back into her room for milk drinking, card games (the flashing type, not the poker type, OK!), book reading... you name it.

Maybe it's cos she can lay around anywhere, anytime what with the super single bed, her cot, the toddler bed AND a very portable mattress all within a feet or two of each other, hahaha! I thought of moving her Ikea table and chair set into the room too but she likes them at the Living Room too, where she could do her colouring activities and eat her snacks while watching VCDs. Seems a waste of money to buy another set though... dilemma.

Anybody actually installed a TV set in the kid's room? Advisable to? Cairo is hogging the TV all the time and poor grandma refuses to use the set in the Master Room, sigh, more dilemmas...

18th Month Milestone

Overdue posting.

Since I am confined at home due to a lack of mobility (wouldn't exactly call myself a cripple :p), I took the opportunity to record down Cairo's 18th month developments. While her grandma insists that Cairo knows much more words than those listed below, I have decided to draw the line and eliminated unsure answers or words which she couldn't repeat to me on both days. Some words might sound like baby babble but they made it to the list because we taught her to say them, hahaha...

Vital statistics:
- weight = 10 kg (we now call her "the sack of rice")
- height = 75 cm (didn't even grow a bit for the past 3 months?!!)
- teeth = 9 (only one more - molar - since 3 months ago!!!)

(in addition to the list in her 15th month milestone)
- beat = dah!!!
- carry = bau
- give = bei!!!
- going out = kai-kai
- open = hoi
- sit = chor-chor
- sleep = oi-oi
- bear= bear-bear
- bee = bee
- bird = bur-bird
- butterfly = popeye
- cat = mel-mel
- caterpillar = chung-chung
- cow = kau / muuu
- dog = wouh-wouh
- duck = aahpp
- fox = fog
- frog = fock
- goat = gutch
- horse = horch
- iguana = eeeee
- kangaroo = roo
- monkey = man-key
- mouse - maus
- pig = pee-gee
- spider = pie-der
- banana = nana
- cheese = cheese
- hello = ha-low
- boy = boy
- girl = ger
- ears = yi jai
- eyes = ngan
- ball = boh-boh
- balloon = boh / bah-luun
- bolster = che-chow
- book = book
- bunny soft toy - ba-neh
- bus - bas
- car = car-car
- flash cards = kad!!!
- flower - fah-wer
- star - tarr
- pain - yor-yor
- spicy - la-lah
- handful of ABCs and 123s (as claimed by Grandma though I've not heard any)

Recent Developments:
- likes to sit on Mommy's lap while at the study's PC because she likes to see her own photos (will say her own name loudly while pointing to her photos excitedly)
- likes to play catch with adults, speeding off after committing a crime or taken forbidden stuff
- will play with house phones n mobile phones at every opportunity, talking a lot during her make believe chat sessions but zips up when someone does call her to talk on the phone.
- throw a lot of tantrums, strong expression of likes and dislikes
- will climb up the console and try to choose own vcd when grandma is about to play her programme (will object if the wrong one is chosen *slap head*)
- will remove person (be it whole body, hand or leg) from her mammut ikea chair by way of forced pushing, all the while saying "ng-moi ah!"
- will run to me showing injuries big or small, while saying "yor-yor", her way of asking to be hugged and fussed over
- carries her small, low ikea stool around trying to see if she can reach other forbidden stuff
- climbed over the rubbery handle and into her own stroller seat as way of telling us she wants to go out (we're still trying to figure out how she did it... the wheels were not locked :s)
- will forcefully drag Daddy or Mommy into her room to play flash cards or read books but only when she wants to (she never wants to do those activities with grandma)
- enjoys floating in the adults' pool, from time to time will show us the breaststroke's "kick-kick" to indicate she wants to go swimming again :s
- quite the dramatic tattle-tale; when grandma asked her "How did grandma beat beat you?", she will clap both her hands together forcefully and say "dahh!!! dahh!!!" (Lucky both hubby and I trust grandma completely, imagine what will happen if it's a poor new maid instead :s)

Hubby should also be complemented on his diligence in playing flash cards with Cairo. I must admit that it improved her vocab dramatically. Besides those mentioned above, there are a few more things, animals and vege / fruits which she could pick out from the stack as and when we name them, but still unable to pronounce the name yet.

It's OK Sweety, Mommy thinks you're a very fast learner already and Daddy, keep up the good work, Kampatei!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Johor Shopping Spree

We went to Johor Bahru on Mother's Day. Besides having 3 meals at City Square, we also managed to buy some clothes for Cairo. Her present wardrobe is getting kinda form fitting so it's about time to hunt for the next batch anyway.

Notice that they're mostly tops? Don't worry, I don't intend to make Cairo go around in a diapered bottom This round is just a warming up exercise. I am hoping that I might get much more at Foxx's Great Singapore Sale. I spent a bomb there last year during their 50% & 70% sale :p

This year, I have been tasked to buy for others too :p

Soon, soon...

Injured at Work

Very bad luck this few days. I tripped over the company printer's cable and sprained my ankle just before lunch yesterday. The cable was taped to the floor but the tape got loosen over time. Well, can't expect much from a site office. Though I do wonder if I am eligible for Workmen Compensation, hehehe.

Based on my vast experience of sprained ankles, this one is but a mere 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. Meaning to say, with proper care, it will recover on it's own in a week or so. Proper care here means I have to apply plenty of medical oil + spray + correct massage technique. Lucky for me, my mom is DARN good at massaging! She could've gone into business, she could!

A note to all parents; please take good care of your kids, cos once you pop it, the ankle would be super easy to sprain again and again, year in year out! Living example here. Unless you're good at treating them (the injured ankle, not the kids), like my mom is, then do as you deem fit :p

The photo above shows the kinda stuff I am using now. The bottle of oil with a Horse on it is from Thailand. My aunts won't go anywhere without a bottle tucked safely in the luggage.

The 2 more modern looking cans of sprays next to the oil are from China, courtesy of my moms' very good buddy cum ex-neighbour (thanks AGAIN, Fung Jeh) :D I spray them on my ankle (a very convenient method and suitable for application at office too) every 2 hours or so (I can't read the instructions on the box, so base on gut instinct la :p) and I could walk again this morning (it got worse yesterday night cos I didn't treat it IMMEDIATELY when I got home, not to mention that one hour of standing in the bus from office to home!)

Anyway, I hate going to the Sinseh's here cos I have yet to find one to rival my childhood favourite joint, "Yu Yat Lum" @ Pudu, KL. I think that guy has most probably retired by now...

Anyway, the huge downpour outside quickly helped me to make up my mind to stay at home today even though I'm all bathed and dressed. I do not fancy my medicated ankle to be in contact with jeans or socks soaked in rain water, yucks! And I absolutely hate the feeling of wet slippers, double yuck! MC it is!

Not that I wanna take MC so often but I only have a total of 7 days' leave per annum (yeah, and we're one of the big boys in construction industry! Go figure!) So all you HRs out there, you might wanna consider dishing out more leaves (21 seems more humane) cos honestly speaking, I wouldn't mind saving the company some money by not going to the doc when I can self medicate. But no way am I going to sacrifice the precious 7 or take unpaid leave when I got injured at work!

Now, the next predicament. Do I go to my GP and get an MC for this? They certainly don't recognise the MCs from Sinsehs.... :p

The Power of Deduction

Cairo loves to drink from straws. One fine day, I finally found out why. She saw the cup with a straw jutting out and without touching it or seeing the contents at all, told me,"Kold, kold! Oi, Oi ah!" (Translation: Cold, cold. Want, want!)

So basically, she has associated straws to be used for cold and sweet drinks, which I'd playfully let her sip a mouthful or so every time we eat out, much to her Daddy's chagrin hehehe.

In the same way, bottles to her are for "nen, nen" (milk) and mag mag (brand of her sippy cup with straw) is for plain water or much diluted Vitagen.

My little Sherlock Holmes, not :p

Monday, May 14, 2007

Tag: 10 Things I Hate About My Hubby

Got tagged by Karen!

This particular tag is not so easy to do cos I gotta be tactful without betraying the spirit of the topic :p


Hate One
He is the direct opposite of a Shopaholic. He doesn't buy ANYTHING at all. No PS3 (non gamer), cigarettes (non smoker), wine (non drinker), own clothing (non fashionista), electronic gadgets (non techkie), nothing at all!!!
Impact on me: Makes me look very bad comparatively. Like I'm some shopping addict freak or what!

Hate Two
His one serious hobby is TV watching and he can get so engrossed he won't notice anything happening around him. He also likes to keep changing channels just when I start to get interested in the show (chosen by him in the first place).
Impact on me: Cairo could be dancing on top of our dining table and he wouldn't notice. I'll only leave Cairo alone with him if I can find a way to spoil the TV. And I don't get to finish watching any show if I don't wrestle the remote away from him.

Hate Three
His self denial is pretty serious. He can insist that if only I would put back all the stuff nicely after use, there would be no need for any house cleaning AT ALL!
Impact on me: In a way he is saying that since he puts them back, he should not be blamed for his lack of interest in household chores. Duh!

Hate Four
He is the most unkiasu Singaporean I know.
Impact on me: For the good of the family, I'll then have to be Kiasu on HIS behalf and that sucks!

Hate Five
He is also non confrontational 95% of the time.
Impact on me: Same as item four. Just substitute the word Kiasu to B*tchy

Hate Six
His goody 2 shoes image is known far and wide among our family and circle of friends.
Impact on me: Whenever we do go for "arbitration", they'll all pre-judge and pin the blame on me without even hearing the case first.

Hate Seven
He is a home body and abhors social activities. So his network of friends are also very very small. And they are all family men who stays at home too, hahaha
Impact on me: Whenever we need any form of help, big or small, I would have to bug MY friends, all the time then!

Hate Eight
He is a semi automatic hubby model. No initiative at all when it comes to non work issues. And don't even dream about surprises
Impact on me: He will participate on housework and do grocery shopping with me. However, I never waste time dreaming that he will be "Mr. Home Improvement" or buy that sack of rice if I don't tell him to.

Hate Nine
He has a 5-day-work-week job (I know you're all going "Huh?".... just read on, OK)
Impact on me: I work 5.5 or 6 days a week with plenty of late nights. Enuf said. Just hate it that he always reaches home earlier than me, not to mention getting an office so near to our home!

Hate Ten
He is very diciplined when it comes to his daily food consumption.
Impact on me: He recently went on a "sympathetic diet" and managed to lose 6.5 kgs in a few weeks' time. Sympathetic as in he diets with me so that I will be more motivated and less tempted to cheat (he doesn't need it actually, his BMI was only 22). Problem is, I only lost 2kgs (cos I cheated, still) *curses*

There you all have it. What could be more heinous than obvious sins? Well-intentioned but irritating "blessed" traits that drives one up the wall, that's what!

OK, I shall tag the following people to blab about their hubby's stuff now kekeke:

Jazzmint (don't remember seeing her write about this tag)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Self-Feeding + Messy Eater

We have been letting Cairo self-feed for quite some time now. And we hate every minute of it. Well, it's not that we are not encouraging independence and development of fine motor skills, it's just that there's so much more work involved in NOT haviong to feed her.

After all her meals, we'd have to scour every nook and corner of the high chair and the surrounding 3 miles (ok, exaggerated :p) for runaway pieces. Yeah, since I'm on diet, I'm starving the ants in our household too.

I mean, 20% of the food will inevitably end up anywhere but in her stomach! I can feed a starving nation with the food Cairo drops everyday! *frustration*

One day, I just couldn't bear it anymore and rushed out to buy this bib during my lunch break. I have heard of moms who could bring up a dozen and a half kids w/o spending on all these frivolities. I am not one of them.

Hence I must work harder & PPP more to compensate my maternal short-coming :p

Oh, what do we do with the food caught in the bib's scupper trench? Multiple choice question time:

A) Drop em right back into Cairo's bowl
B) We eat them up
C) We throw them away at the end of the meal, still
D) All of the above, depending on our mood that day :p

Happy guessing.

Friday, May 11, 2007

First Visit To The Library

I lied. We brought Cairo to the library more than a month ago and got her her own library card then. All the friendly librarian asked for was her birth certificate number and my IC. No fees, no photocopy of this or that needed, no waiting 3 weeks for the card to be mailed to us. Fantastic service!

We let her borrow 2 flimsy kiddy books (what was I thinking?), one of which she torn soon after we reached home. Her Daddy, not wanting me to scold Cairo (he knows how upset I get when somebody spoils a book) quickly mended it in a hush hush manner and I only found out about it much later. Well, he shouldn't have. Book mending was not one of his stronger skills.

We have since returned the books and are now living in fear that we would be banned from the library soon.

This morning I had this head-splitting migraine (which robbed me off much sleep the whole night) and decided to play truant. After seeing the doctor and getting my dose of medicine for the headache and insomnia, I decided to bring Cairo to the library (well too sick to churn out reports at work but well enough for R&R in a quiet library, OK?). After all, it should be pretty empty on a working day. Wrong. Soooo many SAHMs were there with their kids (envy, envy!) Anyway, still way emptier than weekends.

This time round, Cairo actually had room to run around without being knocked over by older kids and to explore the toddler book bins at her own pace. As you can see, I managed to take some photos of her there and that alone should give you an idea exactly how not crowded the library was. Imagine trying to do that with hordes of kiddies and parents all over the place, hah, mission impossible! The last time we tried to get her on the yacht-shaped reading corner, we had to fight for a seat as though it was a saving boat when the Titanic sank!

Now why did I say it's Cairo's FIRST visit to the library instead of second? Simple explanation. I didn't bring my camera the first time round and it seems sooo uneventful to scrap about her SECOND visit to the library :p

Sins of The Mother

Hot new topic among my circle of blogger friends; "copycatting". Jazzmint & Cheryl've both written about it on their blogs. Well, this is my take.

What started out as a blog about one's pride and joy turned into a nightmare when one incurs the wrath of the blogging community by committing the gravest sin of all; infringing the copyright of others. It is called a nightmare because everyone will be immortalising the heinous act in black and white on their blogs.

Yup, apparently, there's a Mommy out there who copies and paste other's posts onto her own blog and then just change the names!!! And word on the street has it that this woman is not one bit sorry of her actions. Apologies were veiled thick beneath accusations and pushing of responsibilities. She has since brushed it aside and continued blogging as though nothing had happened.

I've not gotten into the nitty gritty bits and I don't have time nor the intention to. The thing is, have we forgotten one crucial fact? That it is not our names and photos that are plastered all over our blogs but that of our kids! Does Copycat Mama ever go to bed guilty with the fact that she has tarnished the name of an innocent, who is most probably oblivious to what Mommy dearest has done?

I've read about a similar case not too long ago and the offender has since removed her blog.

Now, anyone who has ever owned a blog would know that said action is akin to cutting off one's hand or leg. All those precious words and memories, who took months and years to build, gone at the push of a button, just like that. A more than fair penalty, I should say. Even bordering on the extreme actually. That mother, however bad her actions in stealing others' work, has one redeeming quality. She cares and worries about the reputation of her child and hopes for an atonement in her extreme apology.

Don't mistaken, I am not calling for the new culprit to follow her predecessor's action. Merely a word of advice from one Mom to another. The good of the child ALWAYS comes before our own.

Shucks, now I've gotta comb through my blog and see if I have unwittingly infringed others' creative rights :p

And not forgetting, an early Happy Mother's Day greeting to all you mommies out there. You deserve that pat on the back for all the sacrifices you've made "for the kids" :D

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chasing Bubbles

Out of the blue, I had this idea that Cairo should chase bubbles. Don't ask me why. It just so happened to be in my "Little Girls' Things-To-Chase" list. Also in said list are butterflies, rainbows and well-to-do men (ok, just kidding about the last part :p).

Back to the bubbles then. Obviously Cairo can't be allowed to handle the solution cos she might think they're drinkable, or worse, pour them all away in a minute flat (these aren't cheap solutions we're talking about, OK? hehehe) Though I think no harm should come out of bursting a bubble or two...

I was right. She enjoyed every minute of it and spent much time chasing the bubbles every other direction (cos the wind was quite fickle minded) that she fell asleep the minute we reached home.

Money well spent. So said Grandma, who could finally have a peaceful evening (hey, not my fault that Grandma's the flavour of the month now. How else did you think I could blog so much? :p)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hello! Hello!

Cairo seems to have abandoned her old favourites (our tv and hi-fi remote controls) for mobile phones. Or rather, my mobile phone alone.

What is it with kids and their obsession with expensive electronic gadgets anyway? I mean I've got a half dozen or so calculators at home and I tried to chuck one to her just so she'll stop trying to climb on top of the study table and type on the keyboard, like Mommy (the typing, not the climbing). But does it work after 3 minutes? Noooooooooo.... Why? Cos she got it without a fight, that's why!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

It was our neighbour's little girl's 1st birthday last Sunday and our whole family was invited to the party next door.

Now I am not very sure if there is a set of blogging etiquette in existence and one of them happens to be "Thou shalt not post thy neighbour's photos online". Anyway, they are good neighbours so let's not push it :p

I snapped this photo of Cairo while we were feeding her cake. Seeing her oh-so-haughty look made me think of a phrase; "Let them eat cake." For those of you not familiar with the origins of that line, I have thoughtfully found you the explanation. As for those of you who think they know, it'll do you good to check it out too as there's a little twist in the end....

In line with my very educational and informative way of blogging, I shall teach you all how to kill, I mean cut up Barney next. It is a technique every parent should master as most kids will insist on a 3D figurine cake at least once in his or her life. Knowing how to serve it to your guests is a most important point for consideration BEFORE you order the cake.

I will also post the photos I snapped at the party since I don't think my neighbours would mind me showing you guys her hands (only). Besides, they paid big bucks ($180?) for the cake, it would be such a shame to deny it its' 10 minutes of fame online :p

Basically, the only way to cut the thing up is to lop off its head, remove, then carve the rest of the body up layer by layer. Notice how it's head and body is actually pinned together by several sticks ala backbone style? That is how it is put up and that is the only way it shall come down! One is advised to have a big platter nearby to receive the erm, parts . One may then arrange the pieces onto the platter in a pattern similar to the sprawl of roasted suckling pigs. Ready to serve.

Oh, if you don't wanna get stained by the colouring of the cream (like this Birthday Girl's Mommy did), you might wanna wear surgical gloves prior to going near the cake!

One last thing. I do not recommend letting young guests witness aforesaid procedures though. We might just have a Barney fan or two among them. Trust me, you don't want word to spread like wildfire among the whole school that so and so's Mommy / Daddy killed Barney! Guaranteed to make the kid famous overnight though the word may not be synonymous as popular.

For that reason alone, I recommend we limit the figurine cakes to 1st or 2nd birthdays where the adult to kid ratio is much higher. Not to mention consisting mostly of Daddy and Mommy's friends, relatives and er... neighbours only. Very immaterial to one's popularity poll :p

The Better Way To Use Tears, Cairo Shows You How

On the 25th of April, 2007, we brought Cairo to get vaccinated. I had waited and waited until it was her doctor's turn to do night shift, even though it meant her jabs were delayed a few days. OK, weeks :p

It was raining cats and dogs that evening. I would have postponed it (again) had I known that the rain would come so suddenly. But Grandma has already left the house with a large formidable umbrella and Cairo in tow. Unfortunately, Grandma was not (and still isn't) a firm believer of mobile phones. Anyway, Hubby and I left our office on the dot, met them at the doc's and found a pretty much dry Cairo (kudos to Grandma). 2 seconds after I scooped her into my arms, Cairo confessed,"Keng-keng ah (scared)", while patting the area near her heart. Yeah, the lightning at our area is pretty notorious, I agree. Although, come to think of it, her tone was more suited to that of a soldier recounting his war stories, rather than an account of her fear though...

Cairo was a rock that day, with that toughness further manifesting itself in the doc's room. She took 2 injections, one after another with just one tiny little squeek. And that also she immediately recovered her composure and asked us to pass her the little teddy sitting on doc's table, as if nothing had happened.

I expected her not to cry actually.

You see, her tears are most precious and are specially reserved for forbidden stuff. Huge droplets would appear on demand whenever we so much as deny her food not suitable for todddlers (while the whole family was munching on it in front of her, of course) or when I refused to give up my TV for her to watch her vcds (yep, only me, cos her Daddy and Grandma have long surrendered to her tyranny).

Anyway, we rewarded her with a cool little bag (for being so tough, not the tyranny part!). Come to think of it, that was just my excuse. I would have bought it for her with nary a reason :p

After all, what's the point of being a FTWM if I'm not allowed to buy the occasional trinket for my little precious?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Don't Worry, Your Bottle Will Always Be Full...

Backdated postings galore this weekend, hahaha!

Anyway, lately (ok, it started about a month ago already), Cairo has taken to feeding her own milk to the soft toys. Fearing that Cairo giving all her toys milk mustaches would be the straw that broke the camel's back for Grandma (let's just say Cairo has been most inventive with her playing sessions lately, enough said), I went to Toys R' Us and got her 2 bottles of fake juice and milk. You know, the kind that will "magically"disappear when tip over, only to reappear immediately when you put them back to the original standing position.

So, basically I paid four over bucks so that my little girl may learn a precious value in life; don't worry when the food's gone from your plate, they will reappear when you want them to, dont' sweat it. What, the, hxxx?!

Somebody asked why didn't I get her the whole baby doll set instead. Well, the reason is plain and simple. Since watching "Chucky", I have had this phobia of dolls. I mean Barbie, I like, but dolls with big round eyes and long eyelashes just gives me the creeps! Cairo may stick to feeding and "oh-oiing" her Bunny-Bunny & Wou-Wou to sleep, thank you very much. I am sure her future would not be compromised too greatly if she lacked dolls in her childhood. A fair price to pay to ensure Mommy a good night's sleep.

First Time At The Zoo

Another long overdue post :p

We brought Cairo to the Singapore Zoo on the 6th of April, 2007 cos it was a public holiday. Big mistake.

Every parent under the sun must have had the same idea as us cos by the time we reached the zoo, it was packed! Didn't help that every one of them had a kid or 2 in a gigantic stroller. If somebody forgot to bring it (the stroller, not the kidS), they can always rent it from the good folks at the zoo.

Going out with her royal highness is anything but easy. We woke up at 7am but with all the packing and all (she has just started to brush her teeth on her own and likes to take her own sweet time doing it), we only reached the zoo at 10am.

A typical 15 minutes block of our day there would be like this,"Cairo, Cairo, look here, see the bear bear... oh shucks, it went into hiding already. Never mind, take a photo of the rock then....Daddy ah! Carry her and stand over here quick...."

So that is why we ended up taking photos of Cairo with posters or figurines of the animals instead. Less people jostling for the spot and I can take my own time snapping away until I get a non-blurry photo :p

Halfway through, we reached Kiddyland. That's where Cairo started to perked up actually. They have got all sorts of playground facilities there.... slide and all, only bigger and better. Then there is the water park. Well, a miniature one anyway. We found that too rigorous for Cairo (too rigorous as in the other kids, not the water features) so we packed up and moved her over to the farm animal section.

Some how or rather, little kids (or maybe it's just Cairo) tend to prefer those instead of the stars of the zoo like orang utan and polar bear. Perhaps it is due to the fact that less people come here and we have a chance to get up close to them :p Or maybe its because I ahve only started her on the flashcards for farm animals....

Aniway, we found a fake stream not far away from there and since it was 1pm and we're tired (no, can't stop for food again as we'd eaten at noon and I was supposed to be on diet, shucks!), we decided to let her play in the shaded stream. It was a big success! So much so that Cairo refused to leave the place even after 45 minutes there hahaha.

Anyway, we continued with the rest of the animals, skipping the creepy crawlies just cause I said so. We must have left at 2pm odd.... the zoo is surprisingly small after all (or maybe I just skipped too many places :p).

And I was afraid that we could not finish covering the grounds before it closes at 6pm, hah!

Many people told us to bring Cairo to the zoo often. Thing is, it costs $15 per adult and the food inside is not cheap (KFC is NOT an option, it is perpetually packed). Anyone got free tickets let me know, ya?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cairo's First Swim

We have never brought Cairo to a pool before.

Somehow or rather, something always crop up and we'd postpone the trip. For example, her contracting chicken pox and mumps, her being vaccinated (grandmas think her "chi" will be "weakened" by each jab, so must stay away from pool and other chilly places for a period of time to recuperate :s)

In order not to fully deny her the experience of playing in water, we bought 2 inflatable pools for her to "dip in" at home though. One in baby size, which she has since outgrown I think, and a new one measuring 1.5m in diameter, something bigger which we can use in our wide corridor or cram into the common bathroom :D

Anyway, we decided to finally brave the pool on 22nd April (yeah, 2 weeks ago, another belated post hehe), what with her excema dormant and all (crossing fingers now). And it turned out to be a good bet cos nothing beats FLOATING in so much water! Can you see from above picture how wonderfully delighted she is by the whole experience?

I guess the previous dippings at home sort of helped to prevent water phobia... The so called home practice was limitted to a total of 3 times only cos we're lazy to pump the thing. That and a more powerful reason of me being sick of using her recycled water, which most probably she has peed in, for my baths and toilet washing after each dipping session.

Will try to arrange another floating session for her soon, perhaps at my SIL's place this time :p. It has been a week since Cairo's pneumococcal and MMR jabs though.... but would still need to smuggle her out of the house, cos the Grandmas will draw blood (mine) if they so much as know of my intention :s

Anyway, not forgetting, a big thank you to Uncle WC and Aunt Pat (Cairo calls them that, not me) for the invitation to use the pool at their place :D We loved the emptiness of it, hahaha! And by emptiness, I mean other users, not water, duh!

Oh, and thanks to Aunt Audrey for the cool Baby Gap Bikini! She has much room to grow into it yet, so we'll get more mileage out of the suit, he he.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Cairo Says: Self Feed = Better Meal

I have noticed that the food served to me are inevitably more nutritious & way healthier.

However, precious food begged and stolen from the adults' plates and bowls are ALWAYS tastier, I have no idea why.

I have also discovered that if I feed myself, I would have a better meal. My logic? I fling the yucky stuff on the floor and pretend that I dropped them by accident or sheer immaturity of my fine motor skills (yeah, right).

This way, not only do I get away from actually having to SWALLOW them, since I did not consume ALL of my meal (some on the floor already, remember?) Grandma would feel compelled to feed me what I ask for later on (eg. bread, cheese, snacks...).

Neat trick, or what? :D

By the way, anybody wanna guess why the adults in my entourage are always happier when we eat out nowadays but look at the waitresses so sheepishly when we leave?

The one who comes up with the best possible answer gets to have me over for a meal at their place.

Phantom of The Opera Vs Leapfrog

The Phantom of The Opera, my favourite musical, is in town. Performing at The Esplanade for a limited time only (erm, though I did notice they keep extending the last performance's date :p).

After much deliberation (approximately 9.2 minutes) I decided to get the ALMOST best tickets for hubby and I. "Almost" meaning to say there were 2 more groups of tickets costlier than ours'; the box seats ( so good for watching the whole show from ONE angle) and the VIP seats (great for confirming if the leading lady shaves her legs).

If you've read my perfume post, you would suffer some deja vu here, I 'm afraid. But when one gets one's dream realised after 12 years one is entitled to get a little sentimental ("12 years again? What else did she crave for when she was 17, just list them all out for cryin' out loud! Is there really a need to break them up into 300 episodes?", you must be thinking... hehehe)

Now, I suffered the fate of the "neither-nors". That's right. I was neither rich nor ignorantly unaware of the finer things in life. A more cruel fate, I have not heard of.

On one hand, I was well grounded enough to realise that concerts and musicals were not meant for the likes of me. On the other, I have been fortunate (or unfortunate, in this case) to be educated in an environment most conducive for soaking up an appreciation for the better things life has to offer. Depends on how you want to translate it. It could mean we were sitting around reading poetry and enacting Shakespeare's plays. Or, perhaps we were gossiping about who's mother just bought her a new Gucci bag / coat etc, fill in the blank yourself.

So anyway, with so much anticipation built up over the years, it is only NATURAL that the raising of the chandelier (in the first act, right after the auction scene, u Neanderthal you) coupled with its' grand opening score by the dunno-what-philharmonic (I forgot to check the name of orchestra, ok? :p), brought tears to my eyes. I was overwhelmed both by the sheer grandeur of it all and the fact that I could finally afford it (the show, not the grandeur).

Conclusion: The wait was worth every single second. Too bad I was too much of a scrooge to splurge on programmes ($25) and souvenir t-shirts ($40 i think). Hah! I am no longer the wide-eyed teen of 17. Not so easy trying to part me from my money :p Anyway, I think my trusty old sountrack bought years ago (2 cds in the pack) is good enough a souvenir.

Oh, but guess what? I did buy a Leap Frog Grow-With-Me Learning System - game console I call it, ($89, excluding game cartridges) for Cairo that very day. Not a compulsive buy as I've looked at it for at least 3 dozen times oredi, though at different outlets everytime, in case the sale people think I'm some stalker slash nutcase or something.
Built specifically for small little hands learning to push and grip, it (the game console, not the stalker / nutcase, duh!) is a must have for kiasu parents!!! A great excuse for educational experience for the kid, hyuk hyuk hyuk! We saw it at a nearby mall, right after the show. My hubby, just few minutes ago so relieved that I walked away clear-headed from the money trap posing as art, just to land in a bigger one of toys, could only watch in silence as he knew that attempts to talk me out of it would be futile.

The noble part of me imagines that I am denying myself a childhood dream (erm, of owning musical souvenirs??), sacrificing for the better good of my child's future...ahhh, thus is a mother's duty and detiny.
Excuse me, the post has to end now though rather abruptly. I need to puke a little. I don't know why.
Note: Oh, in case you're wondering why I photographed the poster (see above) instead of the stage, that's cos Esplanade is way strict with people violating their rules. They did the bag search (open bag, then poke contents around with a stick, I kid you not!) and even have people who tells you off when you try to take a photo in the auditorium! Ok, just kidding. They approach you in 3 seconds flat and tell you in a very polite but take-no-nonsense-tone, to keep the camera. Please! Not that I'm complaining... after all, I am oh so cultured and refined.... :p

Thursday, May 03, 2007

How Much For Yesteryears' Fancy?

Everybody has a childhood dream or a fancy that "got away". As the sand falls in the hourglass of our lives, the memory of it would eventually be buried and forgotten. Or on the other extreme end, reinforced and immortalised. It was 12 years later when I bumped into mine.

Right there in front of my eyes, sitting most inconspicuously on its spot, as if ashamed of seeing me again. Not quite having achieved the evergreen status of classics like Chanel No 5 and no longer as red hot as it used to be....The years were not kind, I know.

But I remember.

It took the town by storm! Black, white and grey posters and billboards everywhere! Beautiful young models artistically draped all over each other oh-so-carelessly. Each one of the print seems to shout "Attitude" & "Androgynous beauty"! Did I mention that the queen bee herself, Kate Moss, fronted the ad?

Teens, yuppies, uncles-in-denial, everybody who was anybody (or wanted to be one) was getting themselves a bottle or 3. Why wouldn't they? After all, it's light, citrus scent was like a breath of fresh air next to the choking what-nots in the next counter. The fact that it smells wonderful on a he as much as a she, is a big plus point. It is the daddy of all new generation scents if you ask me. The revolution started right there and then.

I could not afford it, needless to say. I was earning $2.60 an hour making sandwiches and washing plates. And saving for college. Looking back, I'm proud that I did not give in to instant gratification and pestered my parents for it. They would not have denied me, I know... but we were poor and guilt would've eventually eroded whatever sense of happiness I could've derived from my ill-gotten gain.

Oh the years of anticipation! The glorious, built-up feeling.... I could finally go to bed accompanied by its' haunting scent and put the ghosts of my mind to rest at long last!

Some people define themselves as having "arrived" based on their careers and the size of their paychecks. Me? Clutching my new bottle of "old" perfume, I have the world under my feet :D

Can you guess the name of the devil that drove me half mad these 12 years?

And the price of my long ago fancy? Very affordable though priceless still, to me.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What The Heck Is PPP?

I am so looped in my fellow bloggers' world that sometimes I tend to forget that my site has non-blogger visitors too. Pardon me. A little explanation is due I guess. Before that, I gotta thank my friend Cheryl for her reminder (ok, so I read her post on the same topic and filched the idea, satisfied? :p)

You guys may notice that I have got some posts whose title goes like this "PPP: ...". It's actually the abbreviation for "PAY PER POST". In simple words, I get a little fee for what I wrote on that piece.

Not the kind of big money which enables me to give up my day job and be a SAHM (Uncle KK, that means Stay At Home Mom) who takes ballroom dance AND Mediterranean cooking lessons but good enough to satisfy my ego :p Friends from school would probably remember that I used to enjoy writing a little piece here and there... and finally I am getting paid for it! Woo hoo!

So, if you wanna help me earn big(ger) money (trust me, it's way convenient to have a rich friend whom you helped to make rich :p), go tell your friends about my blog, hahaha. You see, the fee of the ads depends on the popularity of the blog too!!!

But seriously, if you are interested in PPP, click on the icon below and check it out for yourself! I get a fee for referral too :p

Tag: Food Around The World

Got tagged by Jazzmint to write about food. Great. Just when I am on a diet. Not that I'm complaining cos I do have something I wanna blog about. My latest tea time must-have... Beancurd Tart (yeah, I cheat on my diet, so kick me :p).

Everybody in Malaysia and Singapore has eaten egg tarts before. No big deal. But have you tried Beancurd Tarts? Ah-hah, got your attention didn't I?
Its' filling is softer and smells of beancurd and wobbles a little, slurp! Its' sweetness would please the health-conscious set without betraying it's purpose (a dessert, duh!) Best eaten chilled, it never survived more than a few hours in my home every time I feel generous enough to share my box of 6 with my family, hehehe.

The lady boss of the shop tells me their website will be up soon. Meanwhile, you'll just have to gleam whatever info you can from the photo below, hehehe. Oh, did I mention that the shop is just down the road from where I work now? hahahaha...