Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All In One Pot: Part 2

Remember the mini rice cooker add-on which I mentioned yesterday? OK, verdict's out. And since so many of you asked for my opinion after using it, here goes...

But before that, a confession. Erm, I just got home from work, so no, I didn't manage to actually use the can or snap any photos of it being in the rice cooker or even taste the rice it cooked. I'll just have to rely on my better half's opinion....

Grandma gave it an A+!

Performance Report:

1) though not as fine as rice cooked using a slow cooker, rice cooked in can is soft and smooth, just right for toddlers learning to eat rice.

2) no sign of rice crust sticking to the sides or bottom of can at all.

3) can will be snugly nestled in the midst of cooked rice from main cooker, just like in the photo, and not wobble or topple over as feared initially.

4) 2 scoops of rice measured using the spoon provided yielded almost one bowl of cooked rice. capacity of can is 6 scoops (hurrah! no worries of starving for the bigger eater)!

I just love it when I win my moms over with my modern gadgets. Especially so when they first deemed them frivolous and unnecessary when I show off my proud purchases enthusiastically at the main door :p


Raymmmondo said...

Interesting blog!
And I dunno how to play (this kind of) "tag"
but I got here from a recommendation on:
The New Parent

jazzmint said...

wahh...ok where can buy? u make me so tempted to buy for v to try

cairo's mommy said...

welcome and thanks from dropping by :D

eh u try first at my place when u come for the spore trip... if ok we actively hunt it down! i grabbed the one n only piece at OG hahaha!

Anggie's journel said...

hooo, seem very interesting, hopefully M'sia got , will be ard RM58-RM60 i guess !!

Fannie said...

Nice blog and nice scrapbooking :)

Thank u for visiting my blog :)

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Dropping by to say OLLAH!! Your girl is so CUTE!!!

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Dont think can find in MY. :(

cairo's mommy said...

yeah, not cheap. my mom n hb commented can buy a smaller rice cooker just for cairo oredi hahaha!
well, i'm just a sucker for new toy. not to mention my kitchen counter need all the free space i can free up :p

fanny & naatasshea:
thanks for dropping by & your kind compliments (head swelling oredi :p)

try to buy online leh? ada?

peimun said...


This product is available in Malaysia ...i saw it b4 I give birth to my girl years back....Try to look out at the pigeon counter.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Nice cool gadget. Perhaps can check the pigeon website and see if they hv it here in msia?