Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Better Way To Use Tears, Cairo Shows You How

On the 25th of April, 2007, we brought Cairo to get vaccinated. I had waited and waited until it was her doctor's turn to do night shift, even though it meant her jabs were delayed a few days. OK, weeks :p

It was raining cats and dogs that evening. I would have postponed it (again) had I known that the rain would come so suddenly. But Grandma has already left the house with a large formidable umbrella and Cairo in tow. Unfortunately, Grandma was not (and still isn't) a firm believer of mobile phones. Anyway, Hubby and I left our office on the dot, met them at the doc's and found a pretty much dry Cairo (kudos to Grandma). 2 seconds after I scooped her into my arms, Cairo confessed,"Keng-keng ah (scared)", while patting the area near her heart. Yeah, the lightning at our area is pretty notorious, I agree. Although, come to think of it, her tone was more suited to that of a soldier recounting his war stories, rather than an account of her fear though...

Cairo was a rock that day, with that toughness further manifesting itself in the doc's room. She took 2 injections, one after another with just one tiny little squeek. And that also she immediately recovered her composure and asked us to pass her the little teddy sitting on doc's table, as if nothing had happened.

I expected her not to cry actually.

You see, her tears are most precious and are specially reserved for forbidden stuff. Huge droplets would appear on demand whenever we so much as deny her food not suitable for todddlers (while the whole family was munching on it in front of her, of course) or when I refused to give up my TV for her to watch her vcds (yep, only me, cos her Daddy and Grandma have long surrendered to her tyranny).

Anyway, we rewarded her with a cool little bag (for being so tough, not the tyranny part!). Come to think of it, that was just my excuse. I would have bought it for her with nary a reason :p

After all, what's the point of being a FTWM if I'm not allowed to buy the occasional trinket for my little precious?


mom2ashley said...

how brave of her..didnt even shed a tear eh?

Cheryl Leong said...

Cairo is so brave.... I think taking 2 jabs is a bit too much lar.. If for me, I sure cry (more to stomach turns to knots & gastric on d way) BRAVO!

karenyiau said...

Cairo is such a brave lil' gal, btw just realised she is about the same age as Dillon, only 2 weeks different.

karenyiau said...

oops, i mean 3 weeks difference

cairo's mommy said...

hi y'all, thanks for dropping by.

she's not so much brave as having darn tough hide i think, cos she's always saying "keng-keng" nowadays hahaha.