Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cairo: Brand Loyalty Or Plain Blur?

As I am not a SAHM, I have not much say on certain things about Cairo's upbringing. Her vocabulary for one. For example, when Grandma teaches Cairo to ask for water by calling for "Mag Mag", after the brand range of Cairo's first training cup, all Hubby and I could do was look on and try not to roll our eyes.

After all, one should never look a gift horse in the mouth and I have been told (on countless occasions and usually laced with a hint of envy :p) how lucky I am to have Cairo's Grandma staying with us and looking after Cairo while we're at work.

So "Mag Mag" it is, even though Cairo is already drinking from Nuk, Avent & Srawberry Shortcake training cups now, she'll survive the confusion. I think.


karenyiau said...

I've been telling Dillon to say "water" or "shui" (in mandarin) but guess what, he finally said...... "god god" (baby language) coz my MIL & maid keep repeating this word when givin him water......wat to do?

The New Parent said...

Hi--it tests the will of the parents when the in-laws instill their sensibility (smile)!

But I guess I see it as a balance. If the in-laws bring more good then confusion, well, it's good.

And a toast of "Mag Mag" to you for your patience!

babykhong said... reminded me of something. We also tell Brae 'Mag Mag' since he's been using it since he was 8 months old. Hopefully he will know it's actually the brand!!! :-D

Health Freak Mommy said...

Cant help but laugh coz i've been there b4 & I do feel 4 u.

jazzmint said... when she say mag mag means water :)

cairo's mommy said...

my mom tried saying "kot kot" to cairo too hahaha *high five*

noooo, my own mom :s but i totally agree with u; if the scale tips towards the pro side then it should be fine.

u2? *high five*

but seriously, i keep telling myself that the worst thing that could come out of it is i supply a translation list to cairo's form teacher lor!
1) pls give cairo water when she says mag mag....
2) do bring her to toilet if she says ng ng...

health freak mom:
every parents' initiation rite b4 they can wear the badge of honour n call them self mommy / daddy, eh? hehehe

yes auntie jazz, so when we stay over in dec, u know la wat to brief your maid first, hehehe

i scared she go n buy mc (donald)burger for cairo when she asks for mag mag hahaha