Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cairo Loves Her Room

I am gladdened by the fact that Cairo likes her room very much even though we didn't splash on designer nursery furnitures or decorations for her. Everything is very DIY.

Perhaps it's a sense of belonging (as in the room belongs to her, hahaha)... she is always dragging us back into her room for milk drinking, card games (the flashing type, not the poker type, OK!), book reading... you name it.

Maybe it's cos she can lay around anywhere, anytime what with the super single bed, her cot, the toddler bed AND a very portable mattress all within a feet or two of each other, hahaha! I thought of moving her Ikea table and chair set into the room too but she likes them at the Living Room too, where she could do her colouring activities and eat her snacks while watching VCDs. Seems a waste of money to buy another set though... dilemma.

Anybody actually installed a TV set in the kid's room? Advisable to? Cairo is hogging the TV all the time and poor grandma refuses to use the set in the Master Room, sigh, more dilemmas...


jazzmint said...

wah so nice got own room i oso wanna chill out there can ah :P.

i wish faythe does that, then i won't have so much headache during sleeping time

Health Freak Mommy said...

I would second putting a TV either in the kid's room or the masterbedroom. You can let the tv bbsit Cairo whilst u do ur own stuff, of course let her watch educational VCDs/programs. I do that all the time and the gals learnt a lot from these programs.

BTW, did u happen to conceive Cairo whilst u & DH were holidaying in Cairo, he he...? Very unique name!

chinneeq said...

according to feng sui, placing electronic items such as tv, computer sleepin same room as our sleeping area not very good ler...dono how true is that.

cairo's mommy said...

jazz: i tot u gonna do up the attic for the kids? good idea u know, having their own space

health freak mommy: yeah, totally agree that educational vcds r darn helpful, i spent a bomb on those :p

also trying to shift cairo's tv-game playing (leap frog grow-with-me series) to my room now. she doesn't like it though... smaller screen hahaha

chinneeq: hmm.. sil did mention dat too though more on the scientific reason side. so most prob might postpone that idea for time being.

blur_mommy said...

Lil' C loves her own room too. I dun put a TV in her room 'cos if I do, she will be watching TV all day long since she knows how to turn on the TV. Normally for TV time, she will watch in the living room or I will put a portable DVD in her room so that I know what she's watching! : )