Friday, May 04, 2007

Cairo Says: Self Feed = Better Meal

I have noticed that the food served to me are inevitably more nutritious & way healthier.

However, precious food begged and stolen from the adults' plates and bowls are ALWAYS tastier, I have no idea why.

I have also discovered that if I feed myself, I would have a better meal. My logic? I fling the yucky stuff on the floor and pretend that I dropped them by accident or sheer immaturity of my fine motor skills (yeah, right).

This way, not only do I get away from actually having to SWALLOW them, since I did not consume ALL of my meal (some on the floor already, remember?) Grandma would feel compelled to feed me what I ask for later on (eg. bread, cheese, snacks...).

Neat trick, or what? :D

By the way, anybody wanna guess why the adults in my entourage are always happier when we eat out nowadays but look at the waitresses so sheepishly when we leave?

The one who comes up with the best possible answer gets to have me over for a meal at their place.

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jazzmint said...

kids love to feed themselve this stage