Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cairo Turned 18! (Months :p)

Another overdue post :p

We celebrated Cairo turning 18 months old last weekend.

I bought a party pack some time ago at Toy's R Us so it was no problem whipping up a last minute "party". The economical pack consisted of disposable table cloth (which of course the Grandma insisted on cleaning and keeping after use), 8 sets of paper plates, cups and napkins (these she needed no persuasion in throwing away after the party, luckily).

I also got 3 mini cakes from Polar after work and they came packed in the cutest Hello Kitty carrier box!

These midway-til-the-next-birthday party thingy was sort of a tradition I started last year. It was such a relieve to finally see her turned 6 months old then, I couldn't wait another 6 months and decided to celebrate there and then. It was also actually meant to sort of give us, her carers, a pat in the back for the back breaking job, hahaha.

It seems pretty cute to do it again this year. After all, Cairo would get to blow the candle, we'd get to eat some cakes and I get pretty photos for my scrapping, hehehe. However, I've got 2 policies for these parties though.

One: I never get her a big cake. After all, it is not a real birthday. I bought 6 pieces of mini cakes last year but halved the number this year cos I'm "supposed" to be on diet :p

Two: I don't invite anyone not already in the house as I am morbidly afraid of being laughed at by my friends and relatives as being "silly and ridiculous".

What I did to make the party less empty was to include all her favourite soft toys (Bunny-Bunny, Bun Bun, Wou-Wou, Koko & Junior)! Cairo loved it! She even tried to feed her little guests while I snapped away at the camera. Meanwhile, her Daddy and Grandma stayed on guard in case she tried to grab more cake or pull the table cloth away!

It was an overall success except for a minor hiccup. The cakes were just too darn sweet! Cairo asked for water to rinse them down every now and then!!! In the end, we only managed to eat less than 50% of them cake... lucky I didn't get the cuter, bigger ones :p


jazzmint said...

oo those cakes look so cute!!!

wah she looks vy happy and contended hehe

chinnee said...

happy belated birthday, cairo :P

Will be celebrating qiqi's in 2 weeks time, now in the midst of searching for nice cake. no big party this time, only family which i believe is best.

mom2ashley said...

wow..what a lucky gal eh? get to celebrate her 18 months milestone :)

Cheryl Leong said...

wow, another 6 month birthday celebration for Cairo. Hmm, you are spoiling her already :p

Wokking Mum said...

The last pic of Cairo looks sooo cute!!

grace said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! your little girl is so adorable. Belated happy birthday to her!

peimun said...

wow...the Hello Kitty carrier is nice.....and happy belated 18 mths b'day for cairo.

blur_mommy said...

happy belated birthday Cairo!

Wow, the cake carrier is really very cute.

Leelwan AtanMaya said...

any reason for a party is a good reason!!! must try and persuade my mummy to have loads for me too!!! tee hee hee.

chooi peng said...

is a good idea to celebrate at 18th mth huh!!!

cairo's mommy said...

Jazz: the cakes are good to look at only :s

Chinnee: Good luck with the cake searching! I photoshopped Cairo's 1 year old party theme and printed it on the figure 1 cake cos i couldn't find any that i like :D

mom2ashley, cheryl, leelwan & chooi peng: it was nothing difficult or expensive to execute... i think we should do it more often cos the kids sure like it :D

wokkiing mom, grace, peimun, blur mommy: thank you girls!

Malaika's mummy said...

wow... so nice one, got 18th month birthday cake as well.

You are a lucky girl, Cairo.

karenyiau said...

Happy belated 1.5 years old birthday to Cairo, Dillon didi will be there in another 2 weeks time :) Maybe I'll buy him something just to "bodek" him before the new baby arrives, hehe.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Happy belated bday Cairo.
Wah, u r one cool mum, even celebrate 18-mth old b'day.

papajoneh said...

Happy Belated B'day!
From PapaJosh at Kota Kinabalu Sabah ;)
Thanks for checking my blog recently.