Monday, May 07, 2007

Don't Worry, Your Bottle Will Always Be Full...

Backdated postings galore this weekend, hahaha!

Anyway, lately (ok, it started about a month ago already), Cairo has taken to feeding her own milk to the soft toys. Fearing that Cairo giving all her toys milk mustaches would be the straw that broke the camel's back for Grandma (let's just say Cairo has been most inventive with her playing sessions lately, enough said), I went to Toys R' Us and got her 2 bottles of fake juice and milk. You know, the kind that will "magically"disappear when tip over, only to reappear immediately when you put them back to the original standing position.

So, basically I paid four over bucks so that my little girl may learn a precious value in life; don't worry when the food's gone from your plate, they will reappear when you want them to, dont' sweat it. What, the, hxxx?!

Somebody asked why didn't I get her the whole baby doll set instead. Well, the reason is plain and simple. Since watching "Chucky", I have had this phobia of dolls. I mean Barbie, I like, but dolls with big round eyes and long eyelashes just gives me the creeps! Cairo may stick to feeding and "oh-oiing" her Bunny-Bunny & Wou-Wou to sleep, thank you very much. I am sure her future would not be compromised too greatly if she lacked dolls in her childhood. A fair price to pay to ensure Mommy a good night's sleep.

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