Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cairo's First Swim

We have never brought Cairo to a pool before.

Somehow or rather, something always crop up and we'd postpone the trip. For example, her contracting chicken pox and mumps, her being vaccinated (grandmas think her "chi" will be "weakened" by each jab, so must stay away from pool and other chilly places for a period of time to recuperate :s)

In order not to fully deny her the experience of playing in water, we bought 2 inflatable pools for her to "dip in" at home though. One in baby size, which she has since outgrown I think, and a new one measuring 1.5m in diameter, something bigger which we can use in our wide corridor or cram into the common bathroom :D

Anyway, we decided to finally brave the pool on 22nd April (yeah, 2 weeks ago, another belated post hehe), what with her excema dormant and all (crossing fingers now). And it turned out to be a good bet cos nothing beats FLOATING in so much water! Can you see from above picture how wonderfully delighted she is by the whole experience?

I guess the previous dippings at home sort of helped to prevent water phobia... The so called home practice was limitted to a total of 3 times only cos we're lazy to pump the thing. That and a more powerful reason of me being sick of using her recycled water, which most probably she has peed in, for my baths and toilet washing after each dipping session.

Will try to arrange another floating session for her soon, perhaps at my SIL's place this time :p. It has been a week since Cairo's pneumococcal and MMR jabs though.... but would still need to smuggle her out of the house, cos the Grandmas will draw blood (mine) if they so much as know of my intention :s

Anyway, not forgetting, a big thank you to Uncle WC and Aunt Pat (Cairo calls them that, not me) for the invitation to use the pool at their place :D We loved the emptiness of it, hahaha! And by emptiness, I mean other users, not water, duh!

Oh, and thanks to Aunt Audrey for the cool Baby Gap Bikini! She has much room to grow into it yet, so we'll get more mileage out of the suit, he he.

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Cheryl Leong said...

Seeing the cool scrap, makes me want to scrap on mine as well. It's so hot out there now... You can take another opportunity to bring her out to the pool ;)