Monday, May 07, 2007

First Time At The Zoo

Another long overdue post :p

We brought Cairo to the Singapore Zoo on the 6th of April, 2007 cos it was a public holiday. Big mistake.

Every parent under the sun must have had the same idea as us cos by the time we reached the zoo, it was packed! Didn't help that every one of them had a kid or 2 in a gigantic stroller. If somebody forgot to bring it (the stroller, not the kidS), they can always rent it from the good folks at the zoo.

Going out with her royal highness is anything but easy. We woke up at 7am but with all the packing and all (she has just started to brush her teeth on her own and likes to take her own sweet time doing it), we only reached the zoo at 10am.

A typical 15 minutes block of our day there would be like this,"Cairo, Cairo, look here, see the bear bear... oh shucks, it went into hiding already. Never mind, take a photo of the rock then....Daddy ah! Carry her and stand over here quick...."

So that is why we ended up taking photos of Cairo with posters or figurines of the animals instead. Less people jostling for the spot and I can take my own time snapping away until I get a non-blurry photo :p

Halfway through, we reached Kiddyland. That's where Cairo started to perked up actually. They have got all sorts of playground facilities there.... slide and all, only bigger and better. Then there is the water park. Well, a miniature one anyway. We found that too rigorous for Cairo (too rigorous as in the other kids, not the water features) so we packed up and moved her over to the farm animal section.

Some how or rather, little kids (or maybe it's just Cairo) tend to prefer those instead of the stars of the zoo like orang utan and polar bear. Perhaps it is due to the fact that less people come here and we have a chance to get up close to them :p Or maybe its because I ahve only started her on the flashcards for farm animals....

Aniway, we found a fake stream not far away from there and since it was 1pm and we're tired (no, can't stop for food again as we'd eaten at noon and I was supposed to be on diet, shucks!), we decided to let her play in the shaded stream. It was a big success! So much so that Cairo refused to leave the place even after 45 minutes there hahaha.

Anyway, we continued with the rest of the animals, skipping the creepy crawlies just cause I said so. We must have left at 2pm odd.... the zoo is surprisingly small after all (or maybe I just skipped too many places :p).

And I was afraid that we could not finish covering the grounds before it closes at 6pm, hah!

Many people told us to bring Cairo to the zoo often. Thing is, it costs $15 per adult and the food inside is not cheap (KFC is NOT an option, it is perpetually packed). Anyone got free tickets let me know, ya?

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