Monday, May 14, 2007

Tag: 10 Things I Hate About My Hubby

Got tagged by Karen!

This particular tag is not so easy to do cos I gotta be tactful without betraying the spirit of the topic :p


Hate One
He is the direct opposite of a Shopaholic. He doesn't buy ANYTHING at all. No PS3 (non gamer), cigarettes (non smoker), wine (non drinker), own clothing (non fashionista), electronic gadgets (non techkie), nothing at all!!!
Impact on me: Makes me look very bad comparatively. Like I'm some shopping addict freak or what!

Hate Two
His one serious hobby is TV watching and he can get so engrossed he won't notice anything happening around him. He also likes to keep changing channels just when I start to get interested in the show (chosen by him in the first place).
Impact on me: Cairo could be dancing on top of our dining table and he wouldn't notice. I'll only leave Cairo alone with him if I can find a way to spoil the TV. And I don't get to finish watching any show if I don't wrestle the remote away from him.

Hate Three
His self denial is pretty serious. He can insist that if only I would put back all the stuff nicely after use, there would be no need for any house cleaning AT ALL!
Impact on me: In a way he is saying that since he puts them back, he should not be blamed for his lack of interest in household chores. Duh!

Hate Four
He is the most unkiasu Singaporean I know.
Impact on me: For the good of the family, I'll then have to be Kiasu on HIS behalf and that sucks!

Hate Five
He is also non confrontational 95% of the time.
Impact on me: Same as item four. Just substitute the word Kiasu to B*tchy

Hate Six
His goody 2 shoes image is known far and wide among our family and circle of friends.
Impact on me: Whenever we do go for "arbitration", they'll all pre-judge and pin the blame on me without even hearing the case first.

Hate Seven
He is a home body and abhors social activities. So his network of friends are also very very small. And they are all family men who stays at home too, hahaha
Impact on me: Whenever we need any form of help, big or small, I would have to bug MY friends, all the time then!

Hate Eight
He is a semi automatic hubby model. No initiative at all when it comes to non work issues. And don't even dream about surprises
Impact on me: He will participate on housework and do grocery shopping with me. However, I never waste time dreaming that he will be "Mr. Home Improvement" or buy that sack of rice if I don't tell him to.

Hate Nine
He has a 5-day-work-week job (I know you're all going "Huh?".... just read on, OK)
Impact on me: I work 5.5 or 6 days a week with plenty of late nights. Enuf said. Just hate it that he always reaches home earlier than me, not to mention getting an office so near to our home!

Hate Ten
He is very diciplined when it comes to his daily food consumption.
Impact on me: He recently went on a "sympathetic diet" and managed to lose 6.5 kgs in a few weeks' time. Sympathetic as in he diets with me so that I will be more motivated and less tempted to cheat (he doesn't need it actually, his BMI was only 22). Problem is, I only lost 2kgs (cos I cheated, still) *curses*

There you all have it. What could be more heinous than obvious sins? Well-intentioned but irritating "blessed" traits that drives one up the wall, that's what!

OK, I shall tag the following people to blab about their hubby's stuff now kekeke:

Jazzmint (don't remember seeing her write about this tag)


jazzmint said...

haha what's with guy and changing channel, i have that problem too..just hide the remote ;)

Cheryl Leong said...

hmm, I think Gerald is the same when there's non tat he interested on the tv. Else, I mati lor.... coz I will be sitting there bored to death (the show he watch is too 'unME' ...