Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kumon Worksheets For Cairo

This is NOT a sponsored post, though it might seem so.

I have long ago heard of the benefits of sending a kid to Kumon Learning Centres. I gotta admit that while I was aware of the method's popularity, I have never bothered to Google it for further information before. After all, I don't need to send Cairo to the centre so soon, why bother? They're for Primary School kids stressing over PSLE (UPSR equivalent), no?

So imagine my surprise when I chanced upon some Kumon worksheet booklets near my office day before yesterday, during lunch. Books for as young as 2 year olds! Ah-ha, the kiasu mommy in me started to gyrate towards the display like a predator closing on its' prey. No harm exploring, eh?

So I started flipping through the booklets. For the age of 2 and up, there are 3 topics, 2 books per topic. "Let's Cut Paper", "Let's Colour", and "Let's Sticker & Paste". In beautifully illustrated and good quality prints, these worksheets are meant to help build a child's fine motor skills through exercises of increasing difficulty.

I really didn't wanna get them at first. Really.

I mean, come on, stickers and colouring books are a dime a dozen at pasar malams, right? Oh, noooooo...... Once I started flipping through, I went, "Ah-hah! Oooo. I see." Totally not the same as those books at all.

Take for example; colouring. Instead of getting the toddler to colour one whole object or page, the worksheets are 97% colour printed. The toddler is supposed to apply reasoning and look for the right colour to "fill in the blank" and complete the picture. Don't forget, we are talking about exercises for 2 year olds here so that's pretty tough already. From one empty spot, the exercise graduates to 3 and so on. I can actually imagine Cairo learning and improving as she goes through the exercise. Perhaps there is a reason behind the hype of Kumon after all.

Anyway, I went back the day after but I bought only 3 books. Not exactly cheap you know. One full set would've set me back 60 bucks though the salesperson would have also given me somemore discount. Anyway, one of each title is good enough for testing of the syllabus, the scrooge in me was thinking.

While I haven't started Cairo on the worksheets, she does enjoy flipping through the books (so do I), all the while "talking" and pointing out the beautiful objects and animals to me. Of course, I also took the opportunity to teach her the proper words to the pictures la :p Killing two birds with one stone, cost instantly lowered, hehehe.

Hmmm... maybe I will consider Kumon in a few years' time after all...

Meanwhile, I might need to start colouring all her pasar malam books and leave the size of a 50 cent coin in each picture for her to work on later. Imagine the money I can save from not having to purchase the remaining 3 books while maximizing Cairo's practice sessions , hahaha!!!!


jazzmint said...

wahh i didn't know got such book

Malaika's mummy said...

Not sure whether we can get such books in Msia. Kumon is very popular here too.

The New Parent said...

Hi CM--I have actually had my daughter enjoying Kumon books for a couple of years now (she is 3 1/2) and she has done very well with them. Kumon also has maze books that are 3D and they are wonderful—she loves them.

I can see why you were drawn to them--they look very preofessional!

I started with the maze books and have done a few others. She learned the 3D mazes pretty quickly.

Thank you for putting a link to my blog here. That was so kind. I will be doing the same for you! because they are done so well.

Interesting post and will be back to read more

cairo's mommy said...

jazz & malaika's mom:
i always thought that they are sold exclusively at the kumon centres... maybe the stall i got them from r selling them illegally, dunno :s
but i like the idea of exploring the syllabus w/o the commitment of signing up a course hehe...

the new parent:
thanks.i just looove it when i bump into like-minded parents! i don't believe in pushing all the education responsibility to the teachers either.

and wow, your girl's only 3 1/2 and you've been doing kumon with her for a few years? that's inspiring...

Health Freak Mommy said...

I was also very tempted to send Alycia to Kumon class coz her classmate attends Kumon class but when her classmate's mummy told me that it cost RM120 per subject for only 1/2 hr per week, i almost flipped! Plus there is no guarantee that she'll turn out to be a genuis & scoring 20A1s in future, haha!