Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

It was our neighbour's little girl's 1st birthday last Sunday and our whole family was invited to the party next door.

Now I am not very sure if there is a set of blogging etiquette in existence and one of them happens to be "Thou shalt not post thy neighbour's photos online". Anyway, they are good neighbours so let's not push it :p

I snapped this photo of Cairo while we were feeding her cake. Seeing her oh-so-haughty look made me think of a phrase; "Let them eat cake." For those of you not familiar with the origins of that line, I have thoughtfully found you the explanation. As for those of you who think they know, it'll do you good to check it out too as there's a little twist in the end....

In line with my very educational and informative way of blogging, I shall teach you all how to kill, I mean cut up Barney next. It is a technique every parent should master as most kids will insist on a 3D figurine cake at least once in his or her life. Knowing how to serve it to your guests is a most important point for consideration BEFORE you order the cake.

I will also post the photos I snapped at the party since I don't think my neighbours would mind me showing you guys her hands (only). Besides, they paid big bucks ($180?) for the cake, it would be such a shame to deny it its' 10 minutes of fame online :p

Basically, the only way to cut the thing up is to lop off its head, remove, then carve the rest of the body up layer by layer. Notice how it's head and body is actually pinned together by several sticks ala backbone style? That is how it is put up and that is the only way it shall come down! One is advised to have a big platter nearby to receive the erm, parts . One may then arrange the pieces onto the platter in a pattern similar to the sprawl of roasted suckling pigs. Ready to serve.

Oh, if you don't wanna get stained by the colouring of the cream (like this Birthday Girl's Mommy did), you might wanna wear surgical gloves prior to going near the cake!

One last thing. I do not recommend letting young guests witness aforesaid procedures though. We might just have a Barney fan or two among them. Trust me, you don't want word to spread like wildfire among the whole school that so and so's Mommy / Daddy killed Barney! Guaranteed to make the kid famous overnight though the word may not be synonymous as popular.

For that reason alone, I recommend we limit the figurine cakes to 1st or 2nd birthdays where the adult to kid ratio is much higher. Not to mention consisting mostly of Daddy and Mommy's friends, relatives and er... neighbours only. Very immaterial to one's popularity poll :p


Leelwan AtanMaya said...

what you can also do is to cut the back half of barney so that his front half remains in tact and so not to cause too much trauma... we did that with my pooh cake!

cairo's mommy said...

good idea. eh but your pooh cake's base seems less likely to topple, dis barney v skinny hahaha.

anyway, after dis i might just buy Cairo a castle cake if she insists on 3D next time la.

will tell her that mommy is good in demolition and rebuilding works so no problem hahaha :p