Wednesday, May 16, 2007

18th Month Milestone

Overdue posting.

Since I am confined at home due to a lack of mobility (wouldn't exactly call myself a cripple :p), I took the opportunity to record down Cairo's 18th month developments. While her grandma insists that Cairo knows much more words than those listed below, I have decided to draw the line and eliminated unsure answers or words which she couldn't repeat to me on both days. Some words might sound like baby babble but they made it to the list because we taught her to say them, hahaha...

Vital statistics:
- weight = 10 kg (we now call her "the sack of rice")
- height = 75 cm (didn't even grow a bit for the past 3 months?!!)
- teeth = 9 (only one more - molar - since 3 months ago!!!)

(in addition to the list in her 15th month milestone)
- beat = dah!!!
- carry = bau
- give = bei!!!
- going out = kai-kai
- open = hoi
- sit = chor-chor
- sleep = oi-oi
- bear= bear-bear
- bee = bee
- bird = bur-bird
- butterfly = popeye
- cat = mel-mel
- caterpillar = chung-chung
- cow = kau / muuu
- dog = wouh-wouh
- duck = aahpp
- fox = fog
- frog = fock
- goat = gutch
- horse = horch
- iguana = eeeee
- kangaroo = roo
- monkey = man-key
- mouse - maus
- pig = pee-gee
- spider = pie-der
- banana = nana
- cheese = cheese
- hello = ha-low
- boy = boy
- girl = ger
- ears = yi jai
- eyes = ngan
- ball = boh-boh
- balloon = boh / bah-luun
- bolster = che-chow
- book = book
- bunny soft toy - ba-neh
- bus - bas
- car = car-car
- flash cards = kad!!!
- flower - fah-wer
- star - tarr
- pain - yor-yor
- spicy - la-lah
- handful of ABCs and 123s (as claimed by Grandma though I've not heard any)

Recent Developments:
- likes to sit on Mommy's lap while at the study's PC because she likes to see her own photos (will say her own name loudly while pointing to her photos excitedly)
- likes to play catch with adults, speeding off after committing a crime or taken forbidden stuff
- will play with house phones n mobile phones at every opportunity, talking a lot during her make believe chat sessions but zips up when someone does call her to talk on the phone.
- throw a lot of tantrums, strong expression of likes and dislikes
- will climb up the console and try to choose own vcd when grandma is about to play her programme (will object if the wrong one is chosen *slap head*)
- will remove person (be it whole body, hand or leg) from her mammut ikea chair by way of forced pushing, all the while saying "ng-moi ah!"
- will run to me showing injuries big or small, while saying "yor-yor", her way of asking to be hugged and fussed over
- carries her small, low ikea stool around trying to see if she can reach other forbidden stuff
- climbed over the rubbery handle and into her own stroller seat as way of telling us she wants to go out (we're still trying to figure out how she did it... the wheels were not locked :s)
- will forcefully drag Daddy or Mommy into her room to play flash cards or read books but only when she wants to (she never wants to do those activities with grandma)
- enjoys floating in the adults' pool, from time to time will show us the breaststroke's "kick-kick" to indicate she wants to go swimming again :s
- quite the dramatic tattle-tale; when grandma asked her "How did grandma beat beat you?", she will clap both her hands together forcefully and say "dahh!!! dahh!!!" (Lucky both hubby and I trust grandma completely, imagine what will happen if it's a poor new maid instead :s)

Hubby should also be complemented on his diligence in playing flash cards with Cairo. I must admit that it improved her vocab dramatically. Besides those mentioned above, there are a few more things, animals and vege / fruits which she could pick out from the stack as and when we name them, but still unable to pronounce the name yet.

It's OK Sweety, Mommy thinks you're a very fast learner already and Daddy, keep up the good work, Kampatei!


chinneeq said...

must be so trill the see the milestone of our lil ones :)
Good work, cairo :)

jazzmint said...

wahh....ur flashcards are working vy well on her. shame on me never use it on faythe, that's why talk so slow LOL

mom2ashley said...

hey happy 18 months cairo!

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Hi.. thanks for dropping by my blog. Phew.. yours is indeed a very detailed milestones. You're right.. very deifficult to track esp as grow older... :P

cairo's mommy said...

thank you everybody!!!

chinneeq: it's troublesome but worth all the worth eh? but the compilation stage really terrible, macam interviewing my girl, hahaha!

jazz: hehe, lucky she like flashcards la... no interest at all with the 10 posters i bought (just like to peel them off n try to eat the blue tack :s) hahaha

mom2ashley: thanks :D will scrap about her 18th mth mini party soon (mini as in only 3 of us atttended, hahaha)

etcetera`mommy: ya lor, so tedious. lucky got excel file. easier, can sort / count / group and all hehe