Friday, May 04, 2007

Phantom of The Opera Vs Leapfrog

The Phantom of The Opera, my favourite musical, is in town. Performing at The Esplanade for a limited time only (erm, though I did notice they keep extending the last performance's date :p).

After much deliberation (approximately 9.2 minutes) I decided to get the ALMOST best tickets for hubby and I. "Almost" meaning to say there were 2 more groups of tickets costlier than ours'; the box seats ( so good for watching the whole show from ONE angle) and the VIP seats (great for confirming if the leading lady shaves her legs).

If you've read my perfume post, you would suffer some deja vu here, I 'm afraid. But when one gets one's dream realised after 12 years one is entitled to get a little sentimental ("12 years again? What else did she crave for when she was 17, just list them all out for cryin' out loud! Is there really a need to break them up into 300 episodes?", you must be thinking... hehehe)

Now, I suffered the fate of the "neither-nors". That's right. I was neither rich nor ignorantly unaware of the finer things in life. A more cruel fate, I have not heard of.

On one hand, I was well grounded enough to realise that concerts and musicals were not meant for the likes of me. On the other, I have been fortunate (or unfortunate, in this case) to be educated in an environment most conducive for soaking up an appreciation for the better things life has to offer. Depends on how you want to translate it. It could mean we were sitting around reading poetry and enacting Shakespeare's plays. Or, perhaps we were gossiping about who's mother just bought her a new Gucci bag / coat etc, fill in the blank yourself.

So anyway, with so much anticipation built up over the years, it is only NATURAL that the raising of the chandelier (in the first act, right after the auction scene, u Neanderthal you) coupled with its' grand opening score by the dunno-what-philharmonic (I forgot to check the name of orchestra, ok? :p), brought tears to my eyes. I was overwhelmed both by the sheer grandeur of it all and the fact that I could finally afford it (the show, not the grandeur).

Conclusion: The wait was worth every single second. Too bad I was too much of a scrooge to splurge on programmes ($25) and souvenir t-shirts ($40 i think). Hah! I am no longer the wide-eyed teen of 17. Not so easy trying to part me from my money :p Anyway, I think my trusty old sountrack bought years ago (2 cds in the pack) is good enough a souvenir.

Oh, but guess what? I did buy a Leap Frog Grow-With-Me Learning System - game console I call it, ($89, excluding game cartridges) for Cairo that very day. Not a compulsive buy as I've looked at it for at least 3 dozen times oredi, though at different outlets everytime, in case the sale people think I'm some stalker slash nutcase or something.
Built specifically for small little hands learning to push and grip, it (the game console, not the stalker / nutcase, duh!) is a must have for kiasu parents!!! A great excuse for educational experience for the kid, hyuk hyuk hyuk! We saw it at a nearby mall, right after the show. My hubby, just few minutes ago so relieved that I walked away clear-headed from the money trap posing as art, just to land in a bigger one of toys, could only watch in silence as he knew that attempts to talk me out of it would be futile.

The noble part of me imagines that I am denying myself a childhood dream (erm, of owning musical souvenirs??), sacrificing for the better good of my child's future...ahhh, thus is a mother's duty and detiny.
Excuse me, the post has to end now though rather abruptly. I need to puke a little. I don't know why.
Note: Oh, in case you're wondering why I photographed the poster (see above) instead of the stage, that's cos Esplanade is way strict with people violating their rules. They did the bag search (open bag, then poke contents around with a stick, I kid you not!) and even have people who tells you off when you try to take a photo in the auditorium! Ok, just kidding. They approach you in 3 seconds flat and tell you in a very polite but take-no-nonsense-tone, to keep the camera. Please! Not that I'm complaining... after all, I am oh so cultured and refined.... :p

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wahh.. u went for that, at last!!! hehe..nvm lah, once a while must splurge on yourself, or else work so hard for what