Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Power of Deduction

Cairo loves to drink from straws. One fine day, I finally found out why. She saw the cup with a straw jutting out and without touching it or seeing the contents at all, told me,"Kold, kold! Oi, Oi ah!" (Translation: Cold, cold. Want, want!)

So basically, she has associated straws to be used for cold and sweet drinks, which I'd playfully let her sip a mouthful or so every time we eat out, much to her Daddy's chagrin hehehe.

In the same way, bottles to her are for "nen, nen" (milk) and mag mag (brand of her sippy cup with straw) is for plain water or much diluted Vitagen.

My little Sherlock Holmes, not :p


sue said...

Kids are very god at deduction nowadays LOL, hard to trick them :P Thanks for dropping by my blog, was great having you!

Zara's Mama said...

Then start giving her straws to drink a cup of plain water. :P

cairo's mommy said...

hi girls, just wanna let u know grandma's reaction when i sugested using straw at home:

"wah, so tedious, giving me more work! no no no!" hahaha