Sunday, May 13, 2007

Self-Feeding + Messy Eater

We have been letting Cairo self-feed for quite some time now. And we hate every minute of it. Well, it's not that we are not encouraging independence and development of fine motor skills, it's just that there's so much more work involved in NOT haviong to feed her.

After all her meals, we'd have to scour every nook and corner of the high chair and the surrounding 3 miles (ok, exaggerated :p) for runaway pieces. Yeah, since I'm on diet, I'm starving the ants in our household too.

I mean, 20% of the food will inevitably end up anywhere but in her stomach! I can feed a starving nation with the food Cairo drops everyday! *frustration*

One day, I just couldn't bear it anymore and rushed out to buy this bib during my lunch break. I have heard of moms who could bring up a dozen and a half kids w/o spending on all these frivolities. I am not one of them.

Hence I must work harder & PPP more to compensate my maternal short-coming :p

Oh, what do we do with the food caught in the bib's scupper trench? Multiple choice question time:

A) Drop em right back into Cairo's bowl
B) We eat them up
C) We throw them away at the end of the meal, still
D) All of the above, depending on our mood that day :p

Happy guessing.


karenyiau said...

My guess would be (D)... :)

Btw, I've just tag you here:

karenyiau said...

Hi I'm sorry, the tag is actually in another blog of mine:

Cheryl Leong said...

My guess is D as well ....

Health Freak Mommy said...

Hi Cairo's mom (what's ur name btw).. tq 4 dropping by my blog.

I'm in with answer D too coz that's what I do. Oh, i love the pink color of the new bib cairo is wearing. My favourite color.

cairo's mommy said...

hi everybody,

hehehe, yup, D it is :D

health freak mommy,
my name is a little difficult to pronounce, so u guys can call me WJ or cairo's mommy la. easier hehehe.

i love pink for cairo too, most of her stuff's punk :p

jazzmint said...

i can imagine that, the ants are waiting for the big feast