Friday, May 11, 2007

Sins of The Mother

Hot new topic among my circle of blogger friends; "copycatting". Jazzmint & Cheryl've both written about it on their blogs. Well, this is my take.

What started out as a blog about one's pride and joy turned into a nightmare when one incurs the wrath of the blogging community by committing the gravest sin of all; infringing the copyright of others. It is called a nightmare because everyone will be immortalising the heinous act in black and white on their blogs.

Yup, apparently, there's a Mommy out there who copies and paste other's posts onto her own blog and then just change the names!!! And word on the street has it that this woman is not one bit sorry of her actions. Apologies were veiled thick beneath accusations and pushing of responsibilities. She has since brushed it aside and continued blogging as though nothing had happened.

I've not gotten into the nitty gritty bits and I don't have time nor the intention to. The thing is, have we forgotten one crucial fact? That it is not our names and photos that are plastered all over our blogs but that of our kids! Does Copycat Mama ever go to bed guilty with the fact that she has tarnished the name of an innocent, who is most probably oblivious to what Mommy dearest has done?

I've read about a similar case not too long ago and the offender has since removed her blog.

Now, anyone who has ever owned a blog would know that said action is akin to cutting off one's hand or leg. All those precious words and memories, who took months and years to build, gone at the push of a button, just like that. A more than fair penalty, I should say. Even bordering on the extreme actually. That mother, however bad her actions in stealing others' work, has one redeeming quality. She cares and worries about the reputation of her child and hopes for an atonement in her extreme apology.

Don't mistaken, I am not calling for the new culprit to follow her predecessor's action. Merely a word of advice from one Mom to another. The good of the child ALWAYS comes before our own.

Shucks, now I've gotta comb through my blog and see if I have unwittingly infringed others' creative rights :p

And not forgetting, an early Happy Mother's Day greeting to all you mommies out there. You deserve that pat on the back for all the sacrifices you've made "for the kids" :D


jazzmint said...

i'm really very sad to see this happen, the child is innocent sighh...

Sasha said...

*nod at jazz's comment*
yeah her kid is REALLY CUTE and innocent.