Friday, May 18, 2007

Tag: Meaning of Cairo

I looove this tag, thanks Jazzmint. After all, which mom doesn't like to tell people about the meaning of their kid's name? Especially crazy moms like me, who spent a few months choosing and picking (yeah, right after I know the gender), not to mention the numerous changes (name, not gender) hehehe.

Name in Birth certificate - DYLIS FOON CAIRO

1) Pronunciation:
- English = Dee-lease (not die-liss) Foon Kai Roe
- Mandarin = Pan1 Kai3 Rou2
- Cantonese = Poon1 Hoi2 Yau3

2) Meaning:
- Dylis is welsh for dependable & can be trusted.
- Foon is the surname / last name.
- Cairo is the shortened version of her chinese name, "Kai" means thriumphant victory and "Rou" mean gentle.
- As a whole, the name should mean "A person who is dependable and can be trusted, who will achieve thriumphant victory while maintaining a gentle disposition".

3) Note:
- As opposed to popular believe, Cairo is not her second ang moh name and she wasn't conceived in Cairo (I wish!)

- I hated the idea of giving away my naming rights much to the horrors of the old folks (who wanted a professional to do it instead). But look, I took a slash across my abdomen, the least I get is to name the child! So I got to choose both chinese and english name instead (all the while "consulting" hubby la).

- I can't read or write Chinese so I had to look for each shortlisted word's exact meaning online, see if there's a better way to write it and then, to calculate the number of strokes and overall "weight" of the name (very complicated process).

- I also checked for potential rude nicknames (very traumatising for kids, trust me) and gave up on a very nice chinese name cos it sounds ridiculous when written in english.

- For those who is interested on a more loh soh (long winded) take on the name choosing, you may wanna read Cairo's version of the "meaning of her name" also (erm, written by Cairo la, hehe) :D

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Additional (22nd May 2007):

- Got tagged by The New Parent too!

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Jasmine said...

Okay okay!! Let me also explain my son's name at my own blog.

babyfiona said...

Wow! your princess will be very glad to have her name so cool!
i shall pull my hair and start thinking! :P

peimun & kendra said...

I like the mandarin & cantonese pronunciation.

cairo's mommy said...

thanks girls.

i believe that name is one thing we can never waste too much time choosing cos our little precious will be stuck with it for life :D

The New Parent said...

Hey CM--sorry I double tagged you (laugh). Great post on the name, though. Thanks for the very good info!