Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tag: Meet My Fans!

Got tagged by Health Freak Mommy on who my "fan-see" (fans) are :p

Well, hard to judge by this new blog actually. I just migrated from my Multiply account not too long ago, and only started to get active recently, you see.

However, I am very glad to have "met" a few fellow mommy bloggers. I thank them for their visits and comments. Very encouraging for newbies like me, indeed. As for the visitors who prefers not to leave their footprints behind, well, I thank you guys for your silent support too. In fact, I have been a ghost reader for more than a year myself.

Though I would certainly appreciate a comment or two from time to time. Blogging without some form of feedback is kinda like running on empty, don't you think so?

Now to get back to the tag, my fans.

I can't say I've got any fans yet but I guess I must mention the people who went through the trouble of signing in (cos restricted) to check on Cairo's blog in Multiply back then...

They are non other than my closest chums left in KL now, Cheryl and Jazzmint! In fact, they are the ones who gave me most tips and guidance in setting up this blog too. A big thank you to you girls!!! Would not have bothered with the migration without your continuous support :D Now dunno who is whose fans oredi, hahaha!

Not forgetting to mention, Jaslym, my MSN pal and fellow mommy (& newbie blogger too). Thank you for keeping me on my toes by hounding me for constant updates on Cairo, hahaha. Had it not been for you, I would not have posted my monthly photo albums on Multiply so diligently :p

OK, now to pass on the baton, I tag (who else?)

Alex (one hot chick!!!)


Cheryl Leong said...

Hmm, will do it tomolo. Just got back from shopping spree. It's more tired than work...

Health Freak Mommy said...

Tks Cairo's mom for doing this tag. Shall tag u again... in future... :wink: