Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What The Heck Is PPP?

I am so looped in my fellow bloggers' world that sometimes I tend to forget that my site has non-blogger visitors too. Pardon me. A little explanation is due I guess. Before that, I gotta thank my friend Cheryl for her reminder (ok, so I read her post on the same topic and filched the idea, satisfied? :p)

You guys may notice that I have got some posts whose title goes like this "PPP: ...". It's actually the abbreviation for "PAY PER POST". In simple words, I get a little fee for what I wrote on that piece.

Not the kind of big money which enables me to give up my day job and be a SAHM (Uncle KK, that means Stay At Home Mom) who takes ballroom dance AND Mediterranean cooking lessons but good enough to satisfy my ego :p Friends from school would probably remember that I used to enjoy writing a little piece here and there... and finally I am getting paid for it! Woo hoo!

So, if you wanna help me earn big(ger) money (trust me, it's way convenient to have a rich friend whom you helped to make rich :p), go tell your friends about my blog, hahaha. You see, the fee of the ads depends on the popularity of the blog too!!!

But seriously, if you are interested in PPP, click on the icon below and check it out for yourself! I get a fee for referral too :p


jazzmint said...

wah macam kena blog diarrhea, suddenly so many post kekeke..

welcome onboard PPP, should have asked u to sign up via me, can earn referral

cairo's mommy said...

hehehe, like addicted oredi :p

actually HF asked my to sign up via her and I did, so the referral money not wasted after all hehe, dont worry.

oh, my 1st post approved oredi this morning at 8am, ain't that fast? the people at ppp are realling working hard :D