Saturday, June 16, 2007

Alternative To Nonsensical Kiddy Songs!

Further to my last post on exposing Cairo to Kiddy Songs with questionable lyrics, I've since found a solution. I may say that it is my best coup yet, cos I am killing 2 birds with one stone! Hubby gets to sing songs whose lyrics he already knows by heart and Cairo will be one culture vulture when we're done :p

I found some CDs with recordings of the classic Chinese "Three Word Chant"!

Unfortunately my knowledge of the 3 word chant is very limited, all I do know is that it was compulsory for all Chinese students to learn them last time (still do in some parts of China) and these poems, written in 3 short words each line are actually preaching moral values so deep I have difficulty understanding them (the words, not the values :p).

So why am I getting them for my 19 month old daughter, you ask.

Cos the CD has normal reading version (very catchy, sorta like rapping, really!) and a song version with nice melodies!

Cairo actually started to bop along to the tune and that helped me to make up my mind to buy the CDs hahaha!

The best part is, for the super low price of RM 19.90:
  • Hubby gets to show off in front of the whole family (he knows many of the poems, my moms know a few, Cairo and I know none!)
  • Cairo gets to have fun with her Daddy without subconsciously picking up nonsense, and hopefully learn some of the good traditional values, as time goes by.
  • I get to learn as well, as there's a stack of cards with "Han Yu Pin Yin" (chinese phonics hahaha)!
I saw the CDs in Popular Bookshop during my previous trip to Johor Bahru one month ago but thought that they would be too difficult for Cairo. I have since changed my mind. After all, we never know what our kids are capable of till we give them a try, right?

Most importantly, it is not like we're pushing Cairo to learn every word within a certain time frame, so no stress on her at all.

I am not sure if there are better versions out there. If anyone of you have seen or own a copy, please let me know. There is only so much vetting I could do on a product I know so little about.

I am bilingual. Malay is my first language and English, my second (though I hardly ever use Malay Language now). People like me are commonly known as "bananas" as a Chinese who knows not her own language is like one; yellow outside, white inside. That I speak fluent Cantonese like a Hong Konger and Mandarin with a slight China slang (when I choose to) doesn't cover the fact that I can't read menus, newspapers and karaoke lyrics in Chinese. The last being the most pronounced and regretted handicap, I must say :p

I am not proud that I know so little of my race's language and I worry about the growing trend among kids, teenagers and even yuppies thinking of it as "uncool to use among peers". I've had to pass up some great career opportunities which called for Chinese literacy and hope that Cairo would not suffer the same fate next time.

So... "The 300 Tang Poems" CDs for Cairo next, hehehe!

And no, I'm not giving up on the Chinese substitute lyrics for the silly Kiddy Songs I mentioned previously either! Yeah, I am one greedy mom :p


papajoneh said...

I the opposite. I can't even say my native language Kadazan but I can read and sing. hahaha.

Well, my parents never talk with us in this language. they said its gonna spoil our BM in the school. What to do, the damage done already :)

chinnee said...

wow....what a coincidence!!! This is what i am looking for since i also can't read chinese words but would very much like Qiqi to expose to these. Must get one set of this, thank you thank you !!!

The New Parent said...

Hi CM--sounds like a wonderful solution and a fun one too!I wish I was bilingual. I think the fact that you are is great! In America, most are not and it's regrettable.

Thank you for sharing!

HMom said...

Its great that you are introducing new languages at such a young age and singing is always a good way!

Ricket said...

That very good, I'm trying to find the Tang Peoms for my daughters too.

giddy tiger said...

Me me! I'm a *banana* too...but I can tell people in Mandarin that I don't speak mandarin too well.
But of course we ALL want the best for our kids. Let me know how Cairo takes to this method :)

Malaika's mummy said...

wow... Tang poems as well. Can get those 2 CDs from Popular?

Just Cheryl said...

Good for kids & good for us too ;-)
It is amazing how fast kids learn -I am sure Cairo will do well with exposure at an early age. My bro & sis's kids after 2 years of kindy now Stand 1 - they read and write more characters than I have in my lifetime

Zara's Mama said...

I'm also thinking of exposing Zara to this.. but haven't found the right CD yet. This one you have it's good?