Saturday, June 02, 2007

Milk, Chicken Pox & Personality Growth Spurts

One clear sign that Cairo has officially crossed over to her Terrible Twos stage; tantrums!

Take for example, her milk bottles. Cairo used to call us to take it away when she's done with them (so as not to spill the remaining milk, if any, on her lovely bed sheets). Lately, she would just fling her milk bottles out of her crib when she doesn't want them anymore. Lucky her bottles are quite tough and able to withstand her daily assaults.

Suffering the same fate but without the same luck on their side are Cairo's melamine bowls and cups. She has resorted to throwing them from her high chair for no apparent reason at all (as in she likes the food in them)!!! I shall go broke before end of this year if I were to replace her broken bowls and cups every time she breaks one. Shall use the Ikea plastic bowls from now on!

Sigh... I guess I was in denial stage for the past couple of weeks (months perhaps?). After all, I am talking about my little angel, whose combined crying time was less than 15 minutes per week for the first 10 months of her life (really, not exaggerating)! Then Chicken Pox struck!

The fact that I passed it to her made it even more unbearable as the expensive medicines worked wonders on me (I only had a dozen or so token sprouted here and there and was comfortable enough to watch 2 whole seasons of CSI, back to back, during my medical leave :p) while she had to go without anything but paracetamol and lousy calamine lotion that didn't work.

The poor thing cried and cried non stop for that few weeks as her case was considered quite serious. One pox for practically every 1 cm2 or 2 on her body. Red, swollen and weeping, most of them. Not to mention that her whole neck and head was covered in it, making sleep a physical impossibility.

The pox left behind more than the scars on her body (though luckily not too conspicuous on her face). It has taught Cairo the power of crying. Due to her pitiful state then, we were at her beck and call that few weeks, denying her nothing and nothing at all. I guess she now knows that tears are powerful tools for bargaining and has been flexing her skills ever since. They came slowly and at long intervals at first...

The fact that she doesn't cry when hurt but shed huge droplets as negotiation tool is even scarier...

Perhaps it is all in my head, but I do notice that with every special mark on the calendar (turning 6, 12 18 months old....) Cairo goes through a super growth spurt in all aspects of her life. Over night, I can wake up to a whole new little personality, though staring back at me with the same big round eyes! How am I gonna catch up on all these developments and changes? I am afraid...


Sweetpea said...

i am no expert in parenting, but wat is your reaction everytime she does a stint? kids are great at picking up reactions from parents. for ezample aidan said the F word in chinese (thanks to me) and i reacted without thinking, saying loudly 'stop! u can't say that!' and does he listen?

ah ah! he kept saying it in a singsong manner, and i had to keep my mouth shut. eventually, he stopped, getting no reaction from me.

with the bottle throwing, instead of saying no, tell her that it will make you happier if she lets you know she has finished.

always try making a statement in a positive tone. easy for me to say, i am no saint and can't follow the rule everytime, but i try my best.

good luck :)

jazzmint said...

no worries, after a few reminders, she'll get it right...and she'd know mommy means business

alternative-mom said...

Hi mom of cairo, I know what you mean about the growth spurts, which do sort of happen 'overnight'! The trick is to be one step ahead, never mind sometimes when you have a few days inbetween to figure out what she is going through. :) You will catch up! No fear!

Must have been difficult handling a child with chicken pox! I'm keeping all fingers crossed that my daughter won't get it till she is much older!!! She looks beautiful in the picture, so you have done a good job!

So, remember, stay one step ahead and see if it works! :)

mommy of 2 angels said...

give her some time out la..just like works, a lil' woman needs her crying time and some space too!!