Monday, June 04, 2007

She Said What?! - 4th June 07

When Cairo was 1 year, 6 months, 3 weeks & 2 days old...

Scene 1
Cairo force-pushed our small foldable table and it fell with a loud thud (though luckily not on her). When Grandma scooped the crying Cairo into her arms, she saw a shocked little toddler with 2 beads of blood where the skin got scrapped off at the ankle.

Full of drama and emotion, while pointing to her injury, Cairo cried out, somewhat in the tone of someone screaming, "Call ambulance, call ambulance!":

Cairo: Por Por! *Cry* Por Por! Char Yau... char yau ah! Char yau..... *sob sob* char yau ah....(it goes on and on like a broken record)
(Translation: Grandma! *cry* Apply ointment... apply ointment *sobbing*...)

Erm, instead of telling us it's painful, my daughter asked for medication?! And not just any either, oh no ... not plaster, not iodine, nope, she asked for traditional Chinese medicine in oil form, like some hypochondriac old lady, hahaha!

Must have picked it up from me when I sprained my ankle and half screamed, half begged my mom for my bi-hourly medicated oil massage :p

Scene 2
I was eating some cold mangoes and would not give any to Cairo (she ate her small, unchilled portion already). She looked like she was going to cry, so I said to her:

Mommy: You're not gonna look pretty if you cry and get swollen eyes you know...

Cairo stopped for a moment, as though quietly processing what I said to her, then

Cairo: Mommy, bei! Bei mumm mumm! Bei ah!!!!
(Translation: Mommy, give! Give food! Give ah!)

Seeing no reaction from Mommy, she said

Cairo: Hamm! Hamm ah! Ngeh ngeh!
(Translation: Cry! Cry! Ngeh ngeh!)

When I didn't give in to her demand after her "last warning", she actually pretended to cry by SAYING the "cry" word and do the mock crying sound Hubby and I often do to tease her! *slap head*


The New Parent said...

Hi CM--isn't it amazing how they learn how to pretend to cry? That's very funny that she used the word "cry."

Malaika's mummy said...

ha ha... the first scene is soooo dramatic. Call ambulance somemore. smart girl!

jazzmint said...

kakaka she's so cute, i cant wait to play with her :P

cairo's mommy said...

new parent:
haha i was shocked too! most probably she picked up the word from when we told her not to cry. she was also smiling cheekily while pretending to cry *slap head*

malaika's mummy:
drama, yes! erm didnt call ambulance la... using that urgent tone onli hehehe

told u we can leave the kids at home when ur here! cairo can call for medication so no prob la kakaka

jean said...

Hi, I came by via AM's. You have a cute little girl here. And wow! She speaks cantonese with you.. That's very good indeed! Well done.

My little girl understands cantonese and sometimes answers us too but ... she will only speaks in English when she wants to speak.

Health Freak Mommy said...

My Alycia also likes to over-react whenever she hurts herself, albeit nothing serious, pretty nothing at all. She goes "mummmy (yelling)... put plaster, faster put plastic, very pain"
Cairo looks so cute with the 2 front teeth at the bottom.

Lian said...

Hmm... very smart cookie you have there. You wonder where they get their training from eh? Yes, the try-to-manipulate-mommy-daddy training.

mommy of 2 angels said...

it's amazing lil' children's mind! a lot copy cat mommy too la.

mommy of 2 angels said...

it's amazing lil' children's mind! a lot copy cat mommy too la.

Lazymama said...

She is very cute! I like to hear toddler speaking Cantonese.

Cairo had brought back my memory of how YC learnt to talk last time.

kelly said...

She's very adorable. :p

My hubby and I speak Cantonese to each other. Hope Qianyi will pick up the dialect too.

Etcetera~Mommy said...

All these are such sweet memories we cherish, dont u think so. Hmm.. I'm longing for the day Ryan could communicate with us verbally...

cairo's mommy said...

hi, thanks for dropping by. and yeah, i make it and effort to teach her cantonese cos it'll be difficult to pick up when she's all grown up. i am still having trouble learning hokkien now (very important in my line of work, for communicating with the site guys)

as for your little girl, more tvb serials perhaps? :p

health freak mummy:
thanks, i think your girls r v cute too :D
hmm... we may "complain" to each other about how troublesome our kids r, calling for us every 3 minutes or so, but secretly it feels so good to be wanted yeah? all that would go away when they hit their tweens though :(

thanks, i think hahaha. maybe its inborn! anyway, hb n i have started to be more conscious about wat we say or do cos cairo picks em up just like that!

oh ya, no doubt partly no thanks to this drama queen mommy also la hehehe

mixed feelings hor? one minute i was admiring her every new word n d cute high tone of hers and the next i get shocked by wat she's saying :s

hmm... when it comes to languages n dialects, nothing beats exposure n practice. Qianyi will sure pick it up la dun worry :D

etc mommy:
soon soon... u speak dialect to ryan too?

blur_mommy said...

Love the pic of Cairo! So cute!! Yep, nowadays kids learn things very fast. : )

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Ryan is exposed to various dialets at home, english, mandarin, cantonese, hokkien.. :P

Health Freak Mommy said...

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cairo's mommy said...

blur mommy:
thanks and yup they do grow darn fast... if only i have the same result with my plants (given up on those oredi)hahaha

etc mommy:
hei i am glad that ryan is learning so many languages n dialects...msia IS truly asia after all :D

oh spore no problem w paypal at all :D u may wanna ask your bro for help then come by spore n use dat ppp money to sponsor your GSS hahaha, dats wat one popular blogger mommy is gonna do hehehe (i am not mentioning names here :p)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Tks 4 d info! Now let me figure out how to get my brother to help me out.