Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tag: 8 Random Facts About Moi

Got tagged by the The New Parent, someone whose posts and comments I always look forward to reading (and you would too, once you've dropped by his blog)!

I am to list 8 Random Facts About Myself.

Now this would be quite contrary to my usual stand. As I was just telling one of my best friends yesterday, this blog is all about Cairo. I hesitate to post my own photos or even divulge so much about myself. This is due to the fact that my work calls for a certain image / authority, which would otherwise be blown if everyone is privy to the fact that I am very much like Bridget Jones to a certain degree, hahaha!

That said, I will let on a little so that you will understand me more when I make a certain odd or eccentric remark in my post or when I comment in your blog. We all think or act like we do due to what we have been through, yes? Anyway, so long as I don't post my photos, they (as in my subcons and suppliers, whom I wear my mask for) can't tell who I am eh?

Before that, however, I have to post about the rules. Too lazy to write la, will copy his instead :p

*start copying*
  • I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
  • Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
*end of copying*

So here goes:

Tidbit 1: My family is "TWO" of a kind
My parents separated when I was very young but my father's two wives stayed together to raise me up. I was given so much love by both mothers I couldn't tell which was the biological one. I didn't bother to find out either till I had to fill out some forms at school. That revelation made no difference to the way I feel towards either of the moms. In fact, growing up in such a special family has forever changed my perception towards the idea of evil stepmothers and adoptive relationships being not as close (nonsense, both of it!)

Tidbit 2: Why I can't drive
I had a near death accident while I was 17, trying to ride a mountain bike. Lucky for me, all the other cars had good drivers who swerved or braked, but me and the bike ended up in a large drain instead. I still have the scars to remind me of my misadventure. On hindsight, I should've adjusted the too-high seat and I might've wanted to start out on a less steep slope. That, and never try something like that on the week leading up to SPM (Malay O' levels). That experience scared me away from taking my driving license at 17, like everyone else in Malaysia, and one thing led to another I found myself in Singapore, where it is ridiculously expensive (not to mention difficult) to get one now, sob sob!

Tidbit 3: I don't take criticism lightly
An uncle once remarked that I should have gone on to Form 6 (Malay A' levels) instead, since I had the choice and it was free education. I immediately took on 3 jobs (during the holidays) to pay for my own college fees, just to prove that I wasn't wasting my moms' money, while still being able to study what I wanted. So there you go, I am stubborn and I react drastically to criticism, though hopefully in a positive manner.

Tidbit 4: How I learned to respect the domestic helps
To further supplement my fast dwindling stash, I took a job at a relative's disco. I would run off to cashier there after my evening lectures and wake up early to clean the premises in the morning. Nothing instills more appreciation towards the domestic help's contribution than a personal experience of washing toilet bowls coated with overnight puke and whatnots. And to all you crazy teenagers and yuppies, food fight is NEVER cool! Think of the poor fella who has to brush them off the carpets after you all saunter home in your drunken stupor!

Tidbit 5: Where I learned to hold my liquor
Working in a disco also means that after all the free booze (which was whenever the bartender made a mistake and chug it my way), I became quite a good drinker. Yet the scrooge in me shudders at the thought of having to pay for clubbing or buying my own drinks. Hence, I can go months or even years without getting near any alcohol. Especially so after I got pregnant. I am mildly pleased that I can still down 5 glasses of wine and some champagne without feeling anything at the recent company dinner though :p

Tidbit 6: I'm a "just do it" kinda person
Right after I sat for my college exam and before I even got my results, I came to Singapore to look for a job. After 2 whole days of deliberation. 19 and a half then, I had nothing but my luggage and SGD200 on me. I found a job within days while bunking at a distant relative's living room. I moved out after cashing out my first paycheck, having first expressed my gratitude with many thanks and a token rent, of course.

Tidbit 7: How I ended up in Singapore
I was supposed to work in Singapore for 6 months, then go back home to continue my diploma course. I liked it so much here I decided to settle down and take night classes while working full time instead. That is what I tell people in leau of the fact that my illiterate moms failed to forward me the college registration letter till AFTER it expired. Sigh...

Tidbit 8: I am an insurance addict
It all started when I attended a work site safety induction course at my first job. I was shown a video of lift decapitating heads, nail guns misfiring, brick pallets falling.... u get the drift. I literally ran out to contact an insurance agent that very day! Up til now, whenever I get a pay increment, I would be itching to get more policies. (Yes, but this is also to inform all you insurance agents out there that I am probably more well covered than you are, so please don't pester me to get more. That and also because I already have 2 very good agents :p)

Wah, story telling time over so soon, hehehe. So tagging time begins!

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Malaika's mummy said...

Hi, got your tag. tonight, I will dedicate my time to blogging. I have too many tags now.

Malaika's mummy said...

haha... you tag me, now I tag Cairo.

7 random facts about Cairo

Big Pumpkin said...

Wah, this tag thing is making me stressed out. Like got homework, like that! LOL.....

On the bright side, I shall treat it like practice to once I start doing sponsored posts *wink*

Thank you for the tag. I am honoured.

jazzmint said...

hehe I know 5 out of the 8 facts bout u that makes me ur buddy buddy but not as close as SP :P.

yeah, we all salute u that u actually made it to SG!!!!

cairo's mommy said...

malaika's mummy:
wah, like that also can ah? ok ok i will write about cairo next hehehe
anyway, thanks for doing the tag so fast :D

big pumpkin:
hahaha i feel that way too!!! so if i have no idea what to write i tend to drag my feet. in fact i still owe my 2 buddies a tag each (nearly forgot about it oredi, die):p

eh, getting mushy oredi... i admire u for wat you've been through and now u salute me :p

btw, which 3 u didnt know? and to be fair, sp does happen to be one of the agents i mentioned in no 8 la so sure she knows more than u la hahaha

Low said...

Ops! Got your tag, i will try to do it asap la!

The New Parent said...

Hi CM--love your post! You really took it to a fun/interesting place. Thanks.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Very interesting facts, like i am reading an autobiography, hahaha....

mommy of 2 angels said...

wah u fated to be stuck in sin-jia-por

very funny read...learnt loads abt hubby thinks its a scam...but i think like YOU!!

MamaTang said...

hehe. thanks for the tag. would try my best to finish the tag. :)

Sweetpea said...

woow, i see that you can really drink :P i used to be my hubby's life saver, and finish up his drinks whenever he was challenged. but due to old age, i find that i'll get a bad headache, not drunk mind u :P and stayed off it.
great life u've got there :)

cairo's mommy said...

thanks but why everytime comment using different nick? hahaha

thanks :D
i have an overdue tag on beauty products... want me to tag u? after all, lucy's growing up real fast, u might as well start researching on that now :p

HF mommy:
aiks, now dat u mentioned.... really like one hahaha!

mommy of 2 angels:
hmmm some palm reading guy once said dat i need to be surrounded by water :p

your hb must be one good investor! as for me, i made peace w the fact that insurance companies r not charities n need to make some profit also, hence i'm ok with it i guess. just wanna sleep easier knowing dat one day if this meat (me) is gone, my top n bottom sandwich bread (dat'll be my moms n cairo) wont crumble so easily.

take your time :D

thanks! gone r the days of 14 straight tequila shots but i do love wine still (dat means i'm really getting old hahaha):p
and yeah, i like to brag to the "youngsters" dat i partimed for my own college fees, not to sponsor some ipod or europe backpacking trip, and they must never ever whined to me how their "jobs" are killing their social life :p

Alex Lee Sin Pei said...

hahaha..... so true i already know all the 8 point leh.... but then again, i already know them for easily 5+ yrs....

point's to ponder: all 8 points are rather outdated leh.... seems like somebody is still very good at putting on a mask. ;p


cairo's mommy said...

sin pei:
dats cos the first 2 decades of my life seems much more exciting la! now its all about cairo, dieting and work :(
and you're so right, once the mask goes on, it never comes off anymore *maniacal laughter*

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. terror woh you.. so independant at such a young age!

And all insurance agent will larp you sum sum.

cairo's mommy said...

awww thanks *big grin + swollen head*
perhaps i should kick cairo out when she turned 19.5 too huh? :p

babyfiona said...

wah..urs are really some story! interesting!

Just Cheryl said...

Seriously didn't know u went thru so much but I am very glad u did succeed where u r now :-)

Cheryl Leong said...

Tagged u on the same tag that Jazz tagged u today coz I got no one to tag already :p

Wenzel 宛仟 said...

Hi hi, have done up ur tag. Thanks!!

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Interesting facts about yourself... Got to know you much better after this post.

Ps: I rmb I still owe you one tag. :P