Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tag : You're Infected!

I have been tagged by Jazzmint and Health Freak Mommy for the same topic... BLOGIVITIS.
(I wonder why they think I have it... most puzzling :p)

I am supposed to list down 10 symptoms that define me as an "infected". Perhaps I should include those displayed by the family members too, as it seems to have a side effect on them :p

  • My home computer is doing overtime work and our unlimited broadband subscription is finally justifiable.
  • Cairo sees me at the computer so often, she now demands to be carried on my lap, while I type. Or she'll climb onto the chair and type nonsense if nobody's looking. So if you see a weird, incomprehensible post, its her doing!
  • I'm now able to wake up immediately when my alarm clock rings in the morning. Cos I'll then have the extra few minutes to check if PPP has any new opps before I head to work.
  • Friends complain that if they missed checking my blog a day or two, they'd have several looooong posts to read.
  • I come back from lunch 30 minutes earlier so that I could read blogs or grab PPP.
  • My window shopping days have been drastically reduced (ditto impulsive buys) since who has time to time loiter about when the computer is calling, eh? So if you see me in rags, outdated bags and shoes, you know why.
  • My friends and I talk about PPP, blogs, scraps and more PPP 80% of the time when we meet each other on MSN.
  • I can be too sick to work or look after Cairo but still bodily able to blog hahaha. To be fair, I can stop and rest anytime I need to when I am blogging (save as draft, hence the weird dates sometimes) but I can't get away from Cairo so easily once I've engaged her into playing or reading with me. Ditto office... we don't have a "Sick Bay" there like we used to in school, so no periodic lying downs for the sick. I suspect I'm not allowed to sleep on the empty meeting rooms' tables either though I can't see why not.
  • My TV now suffers from neglect as I hardly ever pay it any attention nowadays. My books suffer less, as I still read in the bus or train and even when I am waiting at traffic lights or for my lunch to be cooked. Yeah, I am also a certified bookworm :p
  • Hubby is finally able to quit his budding computer games addiction now that I am surgically attached to the computer :p
The 5 persons I'm passing the baton to are:

Malaika's Mommy
Ryan's Mommy of Etcetera Etcetera
Lian of Tips and Tricks to Happy Parenting
Giddy Tiger


Etcetera~Mommy said...

Hahahah.. I'm sure one infected as well. Okay.. will do the homework soon. :D

giddy tiger said...

Thanks for tagging me, but blogivitis already infected me last week...

The next tag's on me, ok?

giddy tiger said...

hehehe...i just realized you already commented on my blogivitis tag and now you tag me back pulak...

Anggie's journel said...

oh... got same tag by chinneeq too.. sure i got this disease also.. will post it soon ...

Lian said...

Are you sure I'm infected? Okaylah, maybe a little. Hehehe.

cairo's mommy said...

girls, yeap, u all got it :p

giddy tiger: u see how badly infected i am? now bad short term memory pulak hahaha. yeah i remember, your's is the one with the cool poem right? hahaha

babyfiona said...

ops! you are really down with blogivitis syndrome :P

The New Parent said...

Hi CM--it does sound like quite an infection! Especially that last one "Hubby is finally able to quit his budding computer games addiction now that I am surgically attached to the computer."

Very funny post!

Cheryl Leong said...

hmmm, i still haven't write this tag yet... so, dunno I can consider infected or not .... Must do the homework from Jazz later tonight...

Health Freak Mommy said...

Tks 4 doing the tag.
Wow.... looks like you & Jazzmint had a real good time in Spore. It's so nice to see Cairo and Faythe playing with each other, holding each other's hands and bonding. Lovely scrap & oh, i see u've got a new heading... great job! I want to add a pic to my heading too but still hvnt found the time yet.