Friday, June 15, 2007

What Are We Singing To Cairo Again?

Whenever being prompted by me to sing to Cairo, Hubby would never fail to choose Mandarin kiddy songs. He knows a total of 2 kiddy songs and he repeats them over and over again until I surrender and take over.
Now don't misunderstand, I have no objection to Mandarin songs, as I feel that Cairo would only benefit from being exposed to more languages and dialects, as early as possible. However... (reason coming soon, be patient).
One day, I overheard Hubby's rendition of "Ke4 Ren2 Lai2" (which I've always liked all these while, though never bothered to really think about the lyrics). Unexplainable but of all days, my brain chose that day to start to breaking down the lyrics and translated them to English. Then it hit me just like that! Check it out.... the lyrics of a popular kiddy song, sung in almost every chinese household:
Guest is here
Looking for papa
Papa's not at home
Invite the guest to (come in and) sit down
And serve (him) tea.
So basically we're slowly brain-washing the kids to invite people who are not immediate family, who claims to be looking for Daddy, to come into our home and serve them tea... when Daddy is not even at home! Are you folks thinking what I am thinking now? Argh!!!
Anyway, I still like the catchy melody and think that it'll be such a waste if Cairo wouldn't get to hear it anymore. Could someone please help to change the lyrics of the last 2 lines for me? Perhaps to the meaning of "telling the guests nicely, to please go away and there's no chance even if Hell freezes over would a little girl open the door for them when she's home alone". In Mandarin, thank you.
Or else, I'll have to blacklist the song and Hubby would be left with no choice but his only other song; Two Tigers (Mandarin song also). Guess what the lyrics say?
2 tigers, 2 tigers
Run very fast, run very fast
One is missing an eye
One is missing an ear
Oh how weird!
Sigh... now we're teaching Cairo to be an insensitive jerk who makes merry about the misfortune of disabled animals / people. Great. It's either that, or one less activity for Daddy-Cairo bonding time, which is already very few to begin with. Which would mean even less me time for me!
Oh I sense a mighty big headache coming my way...
I need to pass on the headache torch (misery loves company, lots of em). Why don't you go look through the lyrics of these 2 popular English kiddy songs, see what you think of em:
Rock-a-bye Baby
3 Blind Mice


jazzmint said... i oso sing oni this 2 songs, but hoh..when i sing the tiger song, my girl say..mommy stop *wah liao eh*

alternative-mom said...

Mom of Cairo, you are so funnnnny!!! I taught my daughter those two Mandarin songs, too, and she can sing them BUT she doesn't understand! Hhahaha ...
I know two good ones that I've learnt from my husband's friend on a trip! "Weng weng weng, xiao mi feng" and "Two Dollies on the Phones"... The former teaches us to be hardowrking, the later is about communication??

And I have not sang those two songs yet!

Hhahaha.. your post is still super funny! Thanks for the laugh!

Health Freak Mommy said...

My suggestion for the last 2 lines of ker ren lai in english:
Tell the guest to go-o home
I can-not open the door.

Haha... sounds silly or not?

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. think so much..

Actually, when you look at all the nursery rhymes, there are some 'evil' content in it.

The woman who lived in the shoe, whipped her kids..

Peter put his wife in a pumpkin b'cos he can't feed her.

What kind of things they want to teach the kids huh?

Ke-ren-lai is good for old days, these days it's too dangerous to follow what that song teaches you.

Aigh.. not easy hor being parent.

kayatan said...

Hi, thank you for dropping by. Your daughter is very cute !
Cheers !
Jamy from sunshine Florida.

chinnee said...

easy, ask hubby to buy new cds and learn more songs lor...hahaha....i like the songs by "4 golden princess" (the olden days one, not sure this is the eng name). My qiqi has a few cds, she pick all the songs from there herself..

cairo's mommy said...

poor faythe told u to stop cos your singing too terrible issit? hahaha :p

alt mom:
hey i remember the bee song... though not much. will go hunt it down, good suggestion. glad u enjoyed the post :D

HF mom:
let me guess... you're a fellow banana like me too right? hehehe

zara's mama:
hm... you're right. it is suitable for the old days. after all, people didnt have to lock their doors and political correctness was unheard of b4 hahaha.

thanks for dropping by too :D

hubby got difficulty learning kiddy songs hahaha. but i got solution oredi. see next post :D