Monday, July 16, 2007

Cairo's Going to Two Schools Next Year!

A most hectic 2 days for Cairo.

We attended a birthday luncheon, a baby full-month party and a birthday dinner, all on Sunday!
Today, which is the day I expected Cairo to recharge a little, turned out to be equally eventful, if not more so for her. Why?

It's a jungle out there, Mommy... I'm scared!

Because the principal from her "school" finally called me up (I was left biting my finger nails for a few days when her assistant wasn't sure if there're anymore vacancies left for NEXT July's intake!!!!)

Yay, there is a vacancy. No, we must come down for registration during working hours only, like today or tomorrow. Right, I'll just cancel my pedicure & facial, no problem. I must sound like a wealthy Tai-Tai to her on the phone. Duh! Like I can ask my new boss for an urgent leave 2 weeks after I start my new job!

Luckily, my mom and mother-in-law (I called her up after I finished panicking) came to my rescue. Together, and with me on the phone doing remote coordination, they helped to extract the proper documentations from my many cabinets at home, and successfully registered Cairo for not just one but 2 playgroups. One to commence in Jan 08 and the other, in July 08.

Why 2 u ask? Cos after finding out the first one is only starting a year away, the grands think Cairo is very pitiable (to only be able to go to school when she turns 30 months old, which is the minimum for the government-run centre). You see, "everyone else" they have heard of has started school at or before 18 months old.

To rid myself of the label "child-education-denier" (like there is even such a phrase), I gave in. Thanks to internet and mobile phones, I managed to direct them to another centre (which I must admit, I have also been eyeing for quite sometime now, and that I do know for a fact they will admit Cairo in a full 6 months earlier). It just so happens that they do have vacancy for D group which starts at the least popular 1 pm. Whatever, beggars can't be choosers! To think that I called in just 3 weeks ago and the registration hasn't even opened yet! Welcome to Kiasu Singapore, folks!

Now I know I'm not supposed to swap Cairo's schools so often. The reason I don't just let her stay there for good (the one which starts class earlier) is because we all think the government-run centre is better (more equipped, cleaner, newer, better staffed, 2 hour lesson instead of 90 minutes etc) and waaaay nearer for grandma to drop off and pick Cairo up after class. It's like 4 minutes' walk away from our lift lobby! Did I mention Cairo would also get to stay there for the next 4.5 years (which is all the way to kindergarten)?

I must go to school. Need to learn to fish for myself!

Anyway, don't worry about the captions. I'm just being my usual dramatic self. According to the grandmas, Cairo loved it at both schools!

Well, she'd better. Her parents and their $400 are already parted (deposits!!!) And we've not even purchased the uniforms, her school bag (very important for school going morale, according to the grands) and stuff (cardigans cos the aircon's super cold, according to the grands, again)!!!

Erm, increment please, boss?


jazzmint said...

hehe good that finally u settle this. No more kena ngi ngo :P

Just Cheryl said...

Good for Cairo ;-) Yesterday, my brother also enrolled my niece Raquel for Kuen Cheng kindy ... she's so tiny but she'll be 4 next yr so haveta go already ...

Chocklitmom said...

Finally I have a chance to comment on your blog. Wow! I'm going to have to start thinking of school soon too :(
Good to know that Cairo enjoys both schools!

cairo's mommy said...

yaya, can exhale now :D

just cheryl:
i would enrol cairo in keun cheng too if we're in kl :D

hey, thanks for dropping by! hmmm... ya u gotta start looking into the registration oredi cos the good ones are snapped up pretty fast :s

mom2ashley said...

ashley has also started going to a playgroup....but lately she has been skiving cause she isn't well..

jean said...

Hi.. hope I get it right. Cairo will attend the 1st one in Jan thereafter the one in jul, right?? After jul, she will be attending to one only, right?? :)

The New Parent said...

Hi CM--congrats. Finally settled. My little one will be starting school in the fall. So much to do ...

chooi peng said...

a tag for u

Angeleyes said...

My first time commenting here!

Actually hor, you make me feeling so bad as I have yet to search for any school for Darrius! Sometimes I feel sad for Darrius as we are denying him to mix around (so lonely too) as his daddy is so afraid that by going to school he will contract all kinds of sickness... you should know how hygenic the schools here...

My friend in SG also having the same dilemma as her MIL also been pushing her to get her son in to the childcare as her MIL can't cope caring for so many kids...

oh.. btw, remember to update your link to my site... hehehehe

HMom said...

I should start thinking about Harvynna too but I think i will only send her at 4

cairo's mommy said...

hmmm ya i read about it on your blog... hope she's getting much better oredi

hehehe u know wat, i have actually toyed with the idea of letting her stay on for both but decided one is enuf la... am afraid the 2 centres might give out contradictory instructions n confuse the poor girl :s

thanks! u know i always get mixed up when u guys say stuff like "in the fall" (then i'll have to rack my brain n see which month/year that is, cos we dont have it here u see, hahaha)

hmmm lucy must be v excited about going to school!!!! i know what u mean by so much to do man. i think i better start off by teaching cairo that her name IS cairo hahaha (cos we call her by her nick name at home :p)

chooi peng:
hehehe okie la.... "yau toh mou him la" :p

welcome!!! hmmm i know wat u mean. just the day b4 the principal called up my mil was giving me the eye oredi for not confirming her school.... very stressful hor?

i totally agreed w you rhubby, hence i've postponed sending cairo off to school too early....

dun worry la... the solution will come to u eventually :D

link not updated kah? will check hehe

hmmm my main priority is for cairo to mix around with other kids, not so much on the abc n 123. your little ones has got each other so 4 is ok i think :D

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, cool toy there.
As for Alycia, i've decided to send her back to school in Sept 07 after a 7-mth break to let her body and lungs fully recover from the frequent bouts of colds eversince she started preschool in Jan07.

Mummy to QiQi said...

can see that cairo is enjoying her fishing moments from the picture. Hey, do grab this $1 Million ya..!

Mummy to QiQi said...

can see that cairo is enjoying her fishing moments from the picture. Hey, do grab this $1 Million ya..!

babyfiona said...

2 School a this age?? -____-" i am going to die..

Blur Mommy said...

I also hesitated to send Lil' C to school too early but I finally caved & she'll be going to a 2-day preschool in Sep. But it's more for socialization than learning. Being an only child, she gets so lonely at home. I guess it's the same for Cairo too,ya? I'm sure she's going to have a lot of fun with all her new friends.

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. Singaporeans really sent their children to school so early?

All my neighbours here, children already 3yrs old.. still hanging around in the house.. playing.

I'm also thinking of sending Zara only next year.