Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chef In The Making?

For the past one week, I've observed that Cairo has almost played her tea cup set (which I got from the Flea Market at 5 bucks) to death.

Yeah, she liked it so much she was operating a mini "Mamak Stall" from our living room. She would pretend to pour us tea and coffee (served to us in a tray that comes with the set, no less!) and then proceed to drink from the jug herself, hahaha! So cute....

It just so happened that I needed to go to the our neighbourhood kiddy shop after work just now to get Cairo her bottle teat replacements when I spied the cutest value-for-money kitchenette toy set sitting at the top of the self, beckoning to me. How could I resist, right?

I was barely 3 steps into the house when she swarmed all over me, asking me to "Hoi, hoi" (translation: open up) the box! See, I knew she'd like it :p So darn cute to see her pottering about pretending and mimicking grandma. Click, click, snap snap. I got what I needed in the camera.

That was 3 hours ago. Seeing that it's been long enough since I've finished assembling it for her and she was still busy cooking and cutting at the counter, I decided to call it a night at 11pm.

Her reaction when I said in Cantonese,"Cairo, come, enough of cooking already. Mommy read you a bedtime story ok..."? A curt and sharp,"Moi! Go 'way!!" (yeah, despite my policy of canto infusion, she'd still picked up some English, shish!)

So there I have it. Prove that toys could lure kids away from books, regardless of how much they liked it before (she refused to let me go to sleep if I don't read to her).

To put a stop to her playing I tried to carry her kitchenette into my room (yeah, I was that naive) and she ran screaming and crying after me!

When I took away her toy...

So now she's cooking in my room while I gave up and blog instead. I can hear her daddy placing random orders to the new chef and I know that he is reading Harry Potter at the same time.

Needless to say, daddy is too absorbed in the plot to realize that her daughter just said no to reading and the magnitude of my blunder for buying the toy in the first place *horrified look on my face* Oh well, whatever he doesn't know won't hurt him... It would just gnaw at me the whole night instead :(


Just Cheryl said...

WJ ... Can u give me Cairo's pictures ah? I wanna put in my room when i'm expecting so my child can be a cutie like Cairo ;-)
Can? Go visit friendster - some gathering coming up

cairo's mommy said...

hahaha, thanks n no prob, but are u sure your mil will be happy to see girl photos on display? :p

eh, wat gathering? in KL kah? dun think i can make it lor, unless use webcam for the spore branch hahaha

Cheryl Leong said...

wah... u really go n buy lots of toys for Cairo now ...

J@n!ce said...

My 2 boys (yes boys...) love to play with the kitchenery set too. They will will pretend to cook some soup or fry chicken for me.... LOL :)

J@n!ce said...

Oh... forgot to mention that I've linked you from my blog. Hope you don't mind? ;)

Give a BIG *hug* to Cairo for me... :)

jean said...

Oh.. every kids just love the kitchen set. Nice! And i can imagine how Cairo is crying for it when u took it away.

eastcoastlife said...

I want to play with the kitchenette set too!

I bought these stuff for my son so we could play 'masak-masak'. My hubby was horrified! hehehe....

That's because my family was very poor when I was a kid and couldn't afford such toys. It makes up for my deprived childhood. duh.

jazzmint said...

aiya...i want i want...i want order abalone and sharks fin...hehehe..and charge to your mommy's big fat acct :p

The New Parent said...

Hi CM--boy, when my little one visits relatives with young children, they heve kitchenette sets.

She also loves to play with them.

I haven't bought one yet because I want to meke sure that her other "routines" are truly in place. Some toys can be so de-stablizing. I guess it's less about the toy and more about our children's level of maturity at that time.

At one time my little one was given a toy that she would smack against some furniture, we put it away until she was a little more mature. Then she dealt with it fine.

Amazing, aren't they (smile)?

Malaika's mummy said...

Yr hubby still reading Harry Potter ah!? I finished mine already :)

Pilgrim Mom said...

Thanks for the comment and this is my first visit to your blog - you are so full of life and character! I loved reading your posts.

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Wow.. S5 bucks?? What steal. Pls tell me where you get that, I wanna go. :P

cairo's mommy said...

hehehe, the perks of being an only child with both parents working , i guess :p but i only splurge on expensive educational toys (puzzles,kid laptop etc) n books. normal stuff like dolls n "let's pretend" gadgets i tend to buy cheaper ones...

we all love guys who can cook, dont we? good to train em since young! check out eastcoastlife's son... he can bake at least 12 kinds of bread a la "breadtalk / bread story kind" *wink*

oh thanks.... ditto :D

yeah, made me feel like some monster for taking it away hahaha. thinking of how to moderate her playing time w that thing now *scrathing head*

hahaha me too, hubby n my mom suspected (correctly) that i got it for myself LOL

wah... can. u buy the raw abalone, i teach cairo to cook for u :p

hmm ya, it's the first time i got cairo something she likes so much til she neglects her other stuff - a lesson for me i guess. but on the good side, she picked up lots of new words for stuff around teh kitchen hahaha, so i guess all is not lost. education can exist in many form, eh? *wink*

malaika's mommy:
wei.... wrong post la:p but yeah, he just finished it onli hahaha

cairo's mommy said...

pilgrim mom:
thanks for dropping and your kind words!!! :D

etc mommy:
wei, u mixed up issit? 5 bucks is for the teacup set (not pictured in the post)... the kitchenette cost me a little below 30 bucks - but got lights n sound for the stove whenever in "use" - so its still quite a decently priced :p

HMom said...

cool kitchen set! i wanted to get one for my girls but afraid it might take up too much space

Zara's Mama said...

Never mind ler.. it's just for a while..

After she's 'yim' already, she'll come back to books.