Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Finally...

I woke up an hour earlier than usual. This is the day I have been waiting for since I pre-ordered my book sometime ago. I only hope that it would go according to plan. I cursed myself for choosing last Saturday as my off-day instead of today! Regret comes to late, I guess... sigh...

The Q in front of me, outside the bookstore at 6.55am in the morning

When I reached the bookstore, I was thrilled to discover that I was no 7 in line for the collection of my Harry Potter 7, what a coincidence, hahaha!

Great, no big mob which camped overnight for it, phew! "That means, it would just be a matter of minutes after the shop opens at 7am sharp before I could start reading!!!" was what I said to myself.

And read was what I did!

In the train, while I walk on the pavement (I lifted up my eyes briefly enough to check out the group of students outside borders - no doubt studying at international schools - wearing robes, hogwart ties, and witch pointy hats), while I ate my McDonald's big breakfast set, and even while I grudgingly take the lift up to my office and finally put the book back into it's orangy paper bag before I started work at 8.30am.

I felt like I was being "cruciated" as the book was so near yet it was a full 4 hours away before I could officially lift up the cover again.

My Harry Potter Book 7, finally!!!

Ah.... finally, my book and I will never be separated again til I reach the last page! Not!

Due to the fact that I had to work half day, bumped into an ex colleague on the train on the way home, mother in law dropped by unannounced again AND that I had to play host to a good friend from KL (again :D) which means we chatted on and on while playing with Cairo, I only managed to finish the book very late into the nite (2am plus actually).

I must admit that I am pleased with the ending as after all, it is a children's book! OK, no more spoilers :p


Just Cheryl said...

Enjoyed your book? I did but the plot came as a surprise here & there. Have started round 2 this morning at a leisurely pace

jazzmint said...

wah both of u oso teruk lor haha...shall watch the movie oni lah LOL

Cheryl Leong said...

good for you but KL got price war fare .. well, i will wait until the paperback is out ...

Big Pumpkin said... happy or not? I know someone who pre-ordered book, went all the way to queue up to collect book, then she hasn't finished book. WHAT!? I thot only hard core fans bought books on Day one. Now, I'm curious.....

BTW, I've tagged you :-)

cairo's mommy said...

wah wah, just found out that KL selling super cheap... RM 69.90 onli sob sob! anyway , not like i can wait la :(

just cheryl:
didnt get to start round 2 cos hubby hogging it since sunday. at his speed, it will be weeks before i can read it again :(

u sudah la.... u still got time to read meh?

cheh, bought oredi right after leaving me that comment :p

big pumpkin:
yalah, i am hard core fan lah, hahaha! book is ok la, messy n dragy at certain parts, not super well written but no one will not wanna know the ending just bcos of that.... u should go get it la since now KL got price war hahaha. tag eh? okie, will check it out :D

Zara's Mama said...

walau.. all in a day? You are really a great fan.. and you do speed reading is it?

Cheryl Leong said...

he he.... just happen to stop by tesco during lunch, & they still have stock... so, here I am, HP book in my hand, lying on the bed to read. I m trying my best to read it as slow as i can, but i doubt can hold any longer :S i am already pass half the book today ...

cairo's mommy said...

yeah, i am a fan since launch of book 4. have always been the obsessive must-finish-book-asap type since young anyway, hahaha. didnt speed read la (only do that at work) but read while i walk, eat etc though LOL

i knew you couldn't wait for nov to come n read mine la :p but must buy la cos msia is selling at such a cut-own-throat price!!! :s

Malaika's mummy said...

I am happy at the ending too.